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Sexy Historical Western COMING SOON!

Winner Take All
Historical/Western Erotica Novella
Coming in 2011 from Moongypsy Press

When Dylan Coulter rides into Sparkling Springs, he quickly discovers the woman who runs the local saloon is worth the risk of facing the hangman. Things get ugly fast when Dylan is accused of killing the only son of the richest rancher in the area. Unwilling to leave her behind, Dylan takes Maggie with him as he tries to dodge bounty hunters and a determined Pinkerton agent who just happens to be Maggie's old love...

Read what the reviewers are saying...

"5 Cups!...Keeps you glued to your seat, reading until all hours. You will discover what someone will do to protect someone they love. This book takes you to the days of the Wild West and gives a whole new meaning to 'Ride 'Em Cowboy.' If you are a Western Lover, this book is for you."—Sherry, Coffee Time Romance

"4 Angels!...An unvarnished look at the 'live by the gun, die by the gun' mentality of the Old West. Maggie is content in her career as a bartender, but when Dylan needs her, she gives up everything to help him out. She?s my favorite kind of heroine?spirited, sassy, and independent. Dylan is a guy in simply the wrong place at the wrong time, but comes to realize that he wants Maggie for more than the short term. A wonderful novella by Denyse Bridger."—Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews

"5 Moons!...Outstanding! Even though the book begins in a rather typical fashion, it is always interesting. Ms. Bridger is a very good narrator, and she builds a sense of suspense and curiosity about the characters and plot throughout the book. She mixes in some interesting historical facts, and the underlying eroticism between Dylan and Maggie makes the book move quickly and evenly. Everyone who is interested in the post-Civil War era will enjoy this book. There are very well-developed supporting characters in this book as well."—Ruth Moderhak, Mystique Books

Read a short excerpt...

At some point in the evening, Maggie had fallen asleep at her work. She was jarred from slumber by the familiar sound of gunshots, but instead of casual interest, this time the sound made her blood run cold. She rose and went to the door that led onto the balcony above the saloon. She opened it cautiously and looking out. Lights were beginning to spark to life in the buildings across the street from the Spur, and the sound of running feet grew louder. She peered at the shadowy alley across the street from Wilkins' Caf?, the alley that had drawn Dylan's attention so many times the previous night, a voice inside her head reminded her. There was someone there now. She caught the briefest glimpse of white, then it was gone.

Heart pounding in her chest, Maggie ran for the door that would take her down to the saloon. She'd just stepped off the flight when there was a low knock on the rear entrance door. Without thinking of consequences, she went and twisted the lock, then opened the heavy panel of wood. Dylan Coulter slipped past her and closed the door.

"What have you done, Dylan?" she asked before she could choose a more tactful way of making the query.

"Do you have any experience pulling bullets out of men, Miss Watson?"

Maggie's knees suddenly felt inadequate to the task of keeping her standing upright.


He stumbled, and she caught him awkwardly, offering what little support she could as he propelled her into the saloon and back to the stairs. Once they reached the short flight, the lamp on the wall halfway up gave her a clear look at him. He was dressed in dove gray tonight, and the pristine white of his shirt was marred by a horrible, expanding stain of crimson.

"You need a doctor, Dylan," she whispered, feeling the color drain from her face.

"They won't send a doctor, Maggie," he said through clenched teeth. "A lynch mob maybe, but not a doctor."


They'd made it to her rooms and he pushed the door open and went to the bed, where he promptly collapsed into unconsciousness. Before she could think more about what was happening, insistent pounding began on the main floor doors. Her gaze went back to Dylan and she obeyed instinct rather than reason...

Coming in 2011 from
Moongypsy Press

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Today it's my pleasure to welcome author Kate Brady. Kate's given me a short interview and a look at a couple of her excellent novels, so I hope you'll all enjoy meeting this talented writer, and learning a bit more about her!

How long have you been writing?

I wrote my first novel about eighteen years ago. But then I stuffed it in a closet, finished my Ph.D, got a new job, moved cross-country, bought a house, got married, had two kids, and worked at my career for the next several years without giving it (or writing) another thought. Much later, when the kids were in school and I had traded the fulltime work force for part-time, I started dabbling again. I dabbled for a few more years before I decided to get serious and join a writers group, enter some contests, and see if this writing-thing was really for me. Even then, it was years before I got up the courage to seek an agent, and when an agent did ask for a full manuscript I waited another two years before sending it to her! (It’s not a path I recommend…) I just couldn’t get my courage up, or conceive of myself as a writer when my whole career had been as a music educator and conductor.

How long have you been a published author?

I’ve been published now for a couple of years. Once I actually SENT a manuscript to an agent, things started happening!

What titles do you have available?

One Scream Away (Grand Central Publishing, 2009) was my first book. It was a double RITA-award nominee (Best Romantic Suspense and Best First Book) and won Best First Book. It has sold in six countries and five languages.

Last to Die (Grand Central Publishing, 2010) is the second book in the series. It came out in September and has sold in four countries so far.

Do you have any new titles coming soon?

I am writing a new series of three more romantic thrillers for Grand Central Publishing. But I don’t know the pub dates for them yet.

What is your favourite genre and why?

Well, of course I’m a fan of suspense and romantic suspense. I’m a sucker for a good cop-story and like good versus evil – especially when the evil is downright creepy and the good is a kick-butt heroine paired with a hot, protective hero. And, I love historicals. I’m sort of a history nerd.

What, to you, is the most exciting part of the writing process?

For me, the exciting part of writing is discovery. Because I’m not a plotter or planner, writing a new story is like opening a Christmas gift, one fold and one corner, and one ribbon at a time. I never know what I’m going to find. I love coming across characters I didn’t know existed, or plot twists I didn’t anticipate. I know it sounds crazy, but if I knew what was going to happen in a book, I think it would take the fun out of it!

Where can readers find you on the web?

Visit my website at:

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Holiday Shopping....

If you're buying one of those nifty eReaders for someone on your gift list, and you're looking for books to load it with - check out my current catalogue - there's something for every taste....

FAVOLA: an Italian fairytale, retold for a more adult audience. Passion, jealousy, and revenge abound:

An ancient heart on the edge of humanity... what happens when obsession takes what it wants, at any cost... FREE at:

The DARK DREAM has begun, fate is about to create a demonic nightmare.... Fiction with a deadly twist:

Ancient vampire meets modern cop-she reawakens A WHISPER OF HUMANITY in him. Will it mean death or forever? Find out:

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GAMES OF SEDUCTION, a new kind of love story has begun.... let us see if it will be the stuff of dreams after all....

SHADES OF DEATH - A full-length novel, now in Paperback - vampires, with a touch of romance and mystery -

Three stories, one kind of hero, pirates anyone? ROGUES-available from -

ROYAL CONSORT- a destiny, a handsome prince, magick and mayhem - epic fantasy adventure in a short novella:

Vengeance is a lethal thing in RETRIBUTION: Silent Death-sizzling hot erotica: - VIDEO -

A sweet, romance tale of love in Roma, BELLA SIGNORINA: - #1 Best-seller for 6 months!

BLOOD WINE AND PALE ROSES-Finalist for Best Book of the Year 2008 - - vampires, vendettas, and sensual romance...

DESCENT INTO DARKNESS-Historical/Vampire (erotic novel)-

HIDDEN IN THE MIST-step into the intrigue of Venice-Erotic/vampire romance -

Action, steamy passion, and plenty of intrigue-SIMPLY THE BEST - Novel -

Victorian London, memories of Jack The Ripper, and a death that reawakens love: THE DEVANE FILES:

Are cowboys your thing? Journey back to the Old West in this HOT western: ANOTHER MAN'S WIFE -

My PASSIONATE KISSES are from all genres, take a sampling here:

Eppie Award Finalist, discover what lies behind the MIRAGE:

In HEART OF STONE, a skilled mercenary discovers the price of love and the lengths a man will go to keep it!

AS FATE DECREES so must even the Gods of Olympus obey. Nominated for a major fantasy award, discover why here:

THE GATES OF INFINITY lead to a different world, passion and deception may yet destroy 2 universes about to collide:

When THE DOMINO EFFECT is put into motion, what betrayals will be necessary to survive a madman's revenge?

Sperimenta la passione... Visit my world of romance and fantasy....

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GUEST: Sandy Lender

Why Should I Read Sandy Lender’s Stuff?
By Sandy Lender

For my current online book tour, the question was posed, “If I’d never heard of me, would I read my book?” Being a fantasy fan at heart, I have to say “yes” to that. I love to find new fantasy books as much as the next reader!

What Choices We Made, Short Stories from the History of Onweald, Volume II, is a quick read, so it’s not asking the reader to make a huge investment of time with a new-to-someone author. It’s 180 pages of short stories, quick notes from the author introducing some items, and a romance-with-scary-stuff novella. The characters throughout are memorable, likeable (although the bad guys are extremely UNlikeable), relatable, well-written, and the type of characters I like to read about (and write).

What gets me about What Choices We Made is the “moving” bits that stand out and tug at my heart when I read it. I had to re-read the manuscript when editing it, and that was several months after NaNoWriMo 2009 when I’d written it. I’d forgotten where the sorrowful parts were or where the hilarious parts were or where the scary parts were, right? So I had moments where an exhausted mother caught me off guard or poor Hrazon (a wizard) had me giggling at the page or a nasty demon had me jumping out of my skin while trying to edit.

That kind of writing is cool no matter who the author is.

Then there’s the ultimate: dragons. I’m known for my dragons—good ones, bad ones, funny ones. I’m the author with the catchy dragon saying on her website: “Some days, you just want the dragon to win.” I’ve been using that since 2006 because, doggonit, there are some days when the dragon slayer needs to be put in his place. In What Choices We Made, Vol II, a helpful dragon makes a brief appearance in The Influential Love Story of Ella and Rohne. I can’t give away what happens with the other dragon, but let’s just say it was one of those sorrowful parts that was as difficult to write as it was to read while editing.

All that to say, the answer is “yes.” Even if I didn’t know who Sandy Lender is, even if I hadn’t read any of my other novels, even if I’d never visited, I’d still want to read What Choices We Made, Short Stories from the History of Onweald, Volume II...

“Some days, you just want the dragon to win.”

The second short story chapbook supporting Sandy Lender's Choices series includes the troubled love story novella: The Influential Love Story of Ella and Rohne. Rated PG for some violence.
Welcome to a world of dragons, magic, sword and sorcery. Dive into the legends tha tmake up the history of the Choices series from established fantasy author Sandy Lender. Both new and familiar characters will enchant you. From families in peril to youth in scrapes, the men and monsters who shaped Onweald politics left epic tales in their wake for you...

As a special treat for Choices readers, this volume includes the love story of Ella and Rohne. She's a general's daughter with quite modern ideas about growing old at her father's side. He's a moody old god who's used to getting His way. When they clash, she elects to run away with one of His guards. Catching the fugitives would be easier if the evil Julette's minions weren't crashing the party with her poisonous plans.

A stand-alone novella that newcomers to the series can enjoy, The Influential Love Story of Ella and Rohne offers suspense, horror, action, fantasy, and a sweet romance when an opinionated young lady faces her future--and a feisty god.

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Coming soon at XoXo Publishing™

A couple of my older titles are coming back with a brand new look, so I thought I'd revisit some of the older reviews, and you could see what's coming soon from me and XoXo Publishing™ - so here's a chance to have a peek:


3 Cups: Whom Gods Have Favored is a very unique look at Pompeii, with the unexpected twist of vampires. The basic plot is good and when the storyline changes readers are shocked. Xina is an interesting but limited character, since all she has known is servitude. This is depicted well by Ms Bridger, as is Xina’s survival instincts. Lucius is very well developed, more interesting and everything one would expect from a General, with absolutely no clichés. There are few redeeming qualities in the background characters, but they do set up the story well. When the storyline switched I had to check to see if it were written by two authors, but both sections are interesting. The sex was great and perfect for the historical setting. The ending was complete but I would also like to read about the changes the couple goes through as their lives progress.

Anya Khan, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

4 Kisses: As noted, the setting of Whom Gods Have Favored is the book’s strongest selling point. The research is evident, and Bridger’s characters are comfortable in their world. Lucius is immediately a strong, sensual character and his desire leaps off the page. Xina, on the other hand, is a little less well defined. She is introduced as a strong, take no prisoners heroine but seems to undergo a personality change when she enters Lucius’s household. I wanted her to show him that spark, because he seemed like a man who finds it both maddening and desirable, but instead Xina retreats into typical slave-girl mode almost immediately. While this is probably more realistic, it was a little disappointing. The attraction between them feels genuine, however, and though the introduction of the paranormal element is only peripherally connected to the main characters until the epilogue, it provided an interesting resolution to the story.

Reviewed by Melanie Hayden
Romance Divas

4 Stars: Set during the time when Rome ruled the world, Whom Gods Have Favored gives us a glimpse of what life would have been like had we live in Pompeii before Mt. Vesuvius destroyed all. Much as I hated reading about the enslavement of women and the helplessness that ensued, it was definitely a part of life and Ms. Bridger did an excellent job of bringing that to view. I found myself loving Lucius, despite the fact that he was a male that was used to getting whatever female he wanted. I felt for Xina, in the fact that even though she was born into a brothel and subjected to naked men, she was an innocent in the true ways of the male, and she was just trying to survive life as a slave. There is a unique twist that takes the story in a whole new direction, and made for an interesting read. The story was a good love story that spanned the ages.

Stacey Landers
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Angels: Whom Gods Have Favored blends history, myth and fiction together to create a darkly sensual work of blood, lust, and death. Denysé M. Bridger will thrill and chill you with her apt capturing of the utter depravity of absolute power, even as she warms your heart with a tale of a passion that lasts eternally. I was sucked right into this story and it never let me go until the final word. Whom Gods Have Favored is the perfect blend of sex and power, made complete by a love that spans the ages.

Reviewed by: Michelle
Fallen Angel Reviews

In Whom Gods Have Favored Denysé M. Bridger brings her characters and their lifestyles vividly to life. She is able to show the tension of the impending eruption, the grandeur of the times, and the decadence of the society. Her characters are rich, strong, and full of life. Xina is a frightened girl when the story begins who has been thrown into a situation that is beyond her control. As the story moves along, Xina grows into a strong woman who is willing to do what she needs to in order to save the man that she has grown to love.

In the beginning of the story, Lucius seemed to be a hard and selfish man and I wondered if I could like him. As I was reading, I could see that he was changing into a kinder man, even though he was reluctant to see or admit the changes even to himself. Lucius’ family gave a whole new meaning to the term dysfunctional family... every member seemed to be searching for something to make themselves feel better and they did not care who they had to hurt to get it. Whom Gods Have Favored is wrought with love, hate, betrayal, lust, and passion with a killer twist at the end. Denysé M. Bridger rocks!!

Reviewed by Gracie
Joyfully Reviewed


4.5 Ribbons
: Rebel Heart is an emotional story and contains the delicate subject matter of the heroine’s past rape. Francesca is a great heroine who just wants to forget the past, but first she must face it in order to move on. This shows a very vulnerable side to her and the emotional stress that she must endure to finally find happiness. Nick is the sensual man who is willing to do whatever it takes to help Francesca get past her rape. His sensitivity will move and touch the reader, and his determination to keep her safe makes him an awesome hero. Love scenes are passionate, but with a deep emotional quality that readers will feel to their very souls. Denysé Bridger has proved time and again what a terrific author she is; this book is one of her best and sure to be a keeper.

Reviewed by Angel Brewer,
Romance Junkies

4.5 Ribbons: REBEL HEART is an emotionally charged example of the writing talents of Denyse Bridger. Frankie has dealt with the upheaval in her life resulting from the attack the only way she knows how. She sheltered herself from anything or anyone who could hurt her, virtually living in a self-imposed seclusion. Nick unintentionally brings past threats back into Frankie’s life, and although he doubts that she will ever want to see him again, he is determined to see her attacker prosecuted and punished, and needs her cooperation in order to make it happen. Frankie has to face the demons from her past so she can move on with her life and allow herself to have a bright, love-filled future. Nick’s tenderness is touching and sweet; he is patient and kind, passionate in his pursuit of Frankie’s heart. Frankie’s pain and fear is realistically written and her softening under Nick’s gentle attentions is heartening. I recommend this book to those readers who enjoy tender romance, sizzling passion and a touch of suspense.

I feel I should note that there is a somewhat violent rape scene in a flashback that involves the heroine, but not the hero. It is essential to understanding Frankie’s emotional state. I personally did not find the rape scene to be troubling or offensive.

Reviewed by Laurie D.
Romance Junkies

4 Stars: Having read Denysé Bridger before, I was anticipating reading Rebel Heart. I was not disappointed. Ms. Bridger has the ability to create a picture with her words that makes it possible to see the story as she has written it. Nick is one hard bodied, sexy Native American man, and I can see why Frankie let her wall fall because of him. There is just something about him that makes one want to tell him everything and let him take care of you. Frankie is definitely carrying baggage, but it isn’t long before she is falling into bed with him. He was definitely a man that knew his way around a woman’s body, and he quickly had Frankie screaming his name!! (a few times actually). Unfortunately, his employer has an evil link to Frankie and it jeopardizes their future. Beautifully written with enough eroticism to make you squirm, Frankie and Nick’s story will keep you reading until the end.

Stacey Landers
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

5 Flags: I liked this novella because it’s a fast-paced read, with interesting characters who made me want to learn more about them and their personality motivations. Nick is truly sexy, but even more, he’s a sympathetic male character with a lot of depth. Francesca is a damaged woman who learns to turn the dangers of the past upside down and find hope for a beautiful future. The story is optimistic and truly has a happy ending, and I appreciated that. The intimacy is extended but not graphic and there is violence, but also not graphically depicted

Reviewed by Annie

3 Cups: Ms. Bridger gives readers a tightly written page turner with interesting characters that hold your attention from the first page to the last. The dialogue, situation, and the resolution all come together with a satisfying ending. I look forward to seeing more of Ms. Bridger’s work in the future.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

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Jimmy Thomas... all year long....

Well, ladies - so many of you have asked that Jimmy's decided to do the calendar so many wanted... 12 totally stunning, heart-stopping shots of our favourite cover model.... and he's offered to sign the early orders so you'll have them for the Holidays.

Check it out and get that order in! ;)

Here it is "Jimmy Thomas 2011 Calendar" for sale now! :)

Order your calendar(s) by November 30th, 2010 to have your calendar personally autographed by me at no additional cost, and to guarantee Christmas delivery, otherwise chance the busy holiday mailing and... additional charge for personalized autographing ;)

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Guest: Christian McKee

Today my guest is author Christian McKee - and as you can see by these stunning covers, Christian writes beautifully diverse fantasy and erotic tales... So, let's get to know this very talented author - and if you want to see these stunning covers in detail, click on the images and see them full-size!

Christian McKee Interview:

1. How long have you been writing?

I have been writing short stories and dark poetry for a few years now, but only for my personal collection. I have only started writing professionally in the last year.

2. How long have you been a published author?

I will have my debut book coming soon to XoXo Publishing. I have several books coming out with them actually. I may consider publishing my dark poetry one day, haven’t decided yet.

3. What titles do you have available?

I don’t have anything available yet, but I do have one book available for pre-order at the moment. It is called “The Woodlands.”

4. Do you have any new titles coming soon?

I have several paranormal books coming soon:

The Woodlands – The beauty and scenery of the woods, is picture perfect, until the woods get dark. Fear and panic are your new-found friends, so you think…

From The Shadows – They say spirits can become attached to many things, but how attached can a spirit be to one house?

Erotic Para-Normal? – A Collection of short stories. These stories are a Comedic take on thoughts and dreams that people have about sexual encounters with ghosts and spirits. Expect a lot of laughs with this one. I am co-writing this one with several other authors.

From Beyond: The Afterlife – A novel about feelings and emotions about those left behind when someone passes on, but also those surviving, wondering what their loved ones are doing in the ever-after.

5. What is your favourite genre and why?

My favourite genre would have to be the Paranormal, but a close second would be thriller/mystery. I love a good book that will make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and makes me guess out loud what is going to happen next. Books that make me think, yet scare me at the same time is fascinating!

6. What, to you, is the most exciting part of the writing process?

I would have to say that would be the moment I start to get ideas rolling around in my brain for scenes in any of my books. I could be writing on one book, and suddenly ideas for another come into play, so I write them down on a sheet of paper, but if I can work it into the current novel I am working on, I fit it in somewhere.

7. If you could co-author a book with anyone, who would you choose and why?

If I could co-write a book with anyone, I would love to do that with Dean Koontz. I am a big fan of his work, and I like to think of him as my “thriller” inspiration. If I could pick his brain to find out how he does what he does, I would be more than happy to do so.

8. Where can readers find you on the web?

I can be found here:

Here is a small blurb about my up-coming book The Woodlands.

: The story begins in the woods of Northern Ontario. Over the years, many have traveled to the hidden locale, mostly to get away from the monotony of everyday life, only to find that being in the woods, is not always a good idea. The mystery surrounding a particular cabin, hidden well away from the rest of civilization, holds many secrets. Nobody left the cabin alive, not one person to tell the frightening story of what really happens. 20 years later, an avid researcher, interested in myths and scary stories, decides to take it upon herself to find out for real, the true secrets of “The Woodland's". Will she live to tell the scary tale?

Thanks so much for being my guest.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

GUEST: Bronwyn Storm

Why Am I a Writer? Because It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time – Bronwyn Storm

People always ask me why I decided to be a writer. I usually tell them it’s because I love stories and take pleasure in words. While this is all true (and sounds so lovely and artsy), there is a reason that stands above all others: I shouldn’t be allowed out of my house.

It’s true.

Strange things happen to me when I’m in public, and the most innocent errand becomes the stuff of legend (or more precisely, the punch line in any story my friends/family tell). Like the time I went to the store to pick up paper and almost broke into the wrong car (I forgot where I parked and mistook someone else’s car for my own…eek…no wonder my key wouldn’t work). Then there was the time I went to the sub store and ordered a turkey club (forgetting I’m allergic to the stuff).

I know what you’re thinking (well, other than, “How do you forget you’re allergic to turkey and try to break into a car?”): “Bronwyn, this is your own fault for being forgetful.”

Yes, but not always…the truth is, these things seem to start with me and an idea that “seemed like a good idea at the time”…like the time I went out for lunch with a bunch of friends, didn’t realize the buttons on my shirt had popped, and ended up flashing everyone in creation…or the time I met a friend for dinner and had a police chase and arrest happen at the table next to us…

Let’s be honest. When it comes to me, it’s just safer—for everyone—when I stay at home.

To prove this, I submit for your approval, a journey into the Bronwyn Zone.

Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Time: winter

So, there my husband and I are, heading home after a walk with our dogs. I, of course, use the term "walk" in its loosest possible definition. Let's remember, people, I am talking about my dogs and winter-ridden Edmonton.

Yesterday was a balmy -745 degree Celsius, with a wind chill of -8757.

I exaggerate, of course.

It was more like -687.

After bundling up in long johns, snow pants, down jacket, ear muffs, mittens, and scarf, I was ready—well, actually, after bundling up, I realized I had to use the bathroom. So, an hour of undressing, a quick visit to the bathroom, another two hours to get dressed (the kittens had to help). Once I had assured myself that the apparel (all in various shades of purple) did, in fact, make me look like the love child of the Michelin man and a grape, we headed out to the off-leash area.

This doesn't mean that we walked. Of course not.

Next came twenty minutes of negotiations with the dogs. After a firm promise to give them copious amounts of treats, let them have the majority of bed space, and my cup of chai, they got out of the truck. The walk was brisk...ish. Still, they did their business and made some friends, while I managed not to freeze into a lavender fudge-sicle.

So, now we're heading home. We're in various stages of defrosting and some of us (yes, once again) have to pee. Three blocks from the house, I see a little dog jauntily heading down the sidewalk. I look left. I look right. No owner.

“Honey, I think that dog is lost.” Translation: STOP THE CAR.

“Really?” asks my husband in that, I-Kind-Of-Hear-You-But-I'm-Really-Not-Paying-Attention kind of way.

So I try again. “It's awfully cold for a little dog to be out.” Translation: STOP THE CAR!!!!

“Yeah, it is.”

I sigh. I wonder why it is that men are so hard of hearing—any woman could have translated my words. Since I'm in a pinch, I opt to talk Man Language.

“Stop the car. We need to go back and get him.” Y’know, because it seems like a good idea…

He frowns at me, in a “Did I hear you right?” way and says, “I'm sure someone will stop for him.”

I retort with the withering, “Oh. Right. Someone. Let's go and bury the dog right now.” look, which, since I'm giving it, looks less withering and more like “Please, please, don't ask me to leave this dog” pleading.

And my husband, God bless him, who goes along with all my hair-brained schemes and rolls with my “Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time” ideas, smiles, capitulates and turns the truck around.

Now, I want you to imagine this. We are on a busy road. It's rush hour and now, NOW, my darling husband decides to give me directions—me, who can get lost in her own basement.

He says, “I'll drive around.”

I, of course, have no flippin clue what he's talking about, but I nod like “sure, no prob,” namely because I don't want any vehicles to smuck into us. So he pulls away, and I head down the side path, bag of dog treats in hand, looking for this dog.

I find him and he seems friendly, if a little wary. I'm not sure if he's a food-whore like my animals, so I go with the soft-voice, shake the bag of treats, and approach slowly.

The dog backpedals, his eyes wide, and I'm sure he's thinking, “Why is this crazy, over-stuffed grape shaking a bag at me!?”

Since I'm not a total idiot, I stop shaking the bag. I keep up with the slow-movement and blither like an idiot plan of action, which seems to work. He must have decided that anyone who's nutty enough to make kissy noises and coo at him, saying, “Oh, why's the little baby-waby out in the coldy-woldy” must be harmless. It's a proven fact, and I'm sure all living creatures know this, that anyone who rhymes in baby-talk isn't really a danger to anyone but themselves (as in, when those who are forced to listen to them, finally snap and suffocate them with the nearest available pillow).

I walk, he backs away to mark a step or bush, then stops and waits for me. He lets me come near, but just as I reach down, he bolts. And he doesn't just bolt.

He. Bloody. Runs.

So, now I'm chasing a stray dog (say it with me: "It seemed like a good idea at the time") and trying to corral him before he runs out into the road. And all I can say is thank God he couldn't deny his doggy nature. A passing bush was just too tempting and he had to leave his scent. And I, having learned that slow and steady is for turtles, channel the rabbit and grab him.

Now, I have the dog, but no truck. And I have to figure out what the who-ha "go around and I'll meet you" means. Having been lost numerous times in my life, I figure I can't go wrong with the “stay as close as possible to the original location where you got lost.” So I do. I head down the sidewalk, guessing that my husband meant that he would be around the side of the road.

As I'm walking, I'm realizing that this dog may have felt light, but walking with him in the freezing cold, weighed down by enough goose-down to make my own flock, he's not so light anymore. I'm also supremely conscious of the fact that I'm holding on to a dog that isn't mine and all I can do is pray that if his owners happen along, they're not going to arrest me for dog-napping.

I get to the end of the road.

Dog feels more like twenty-pounds than ten.

No husband.

Hang a right and walk an extra block.

Dog now feeling like thirty pounds.

Still no husband.

Walk back to corner of road, holding fifty-pound dog and hoping husband will drive by.

No husband.

The brittle cold that is numbing my ears (ahhh, frostbite, my old friend—why didn't I put up my hood? Oh, right, because I thought this would be a quick, easy rescue. Meanwhile, I'm so afraid of this dog bolting, I don't DARE put him down) is not cold enough to numb the sharp thoughts of hindsight.

Thoughts like: Why do I pick the worst times to forget my cell-phone? Man, I have to pee; where is my husband? Why does he give me directions when he knows I'm incapable of following them? My God, I think this dog is gaining weight with every breath I take.

However, there is a brief, shining, piercing moment of clarity when I realize that my husband must have meant for me to walk to the edge of the pathway, and that's where he'd find me.

So I trudge the three blocks back to the path. Dog now a furry, hundred pound albatross in my arms.

We head down the path, and just where it veers left, I see my husband. Of course (of course) I'm too bloody far away from him to yell and have him hear me, too far away to run and catch up. So all I can do is speed-walk after him, my breath coming in painful, burning gasps and pray, “please, please for the love of my biceps, turn around and look back.”

Does he?


By the time I get to the edge of the path, he's long gone. And I'm so tired, cold and exhausted, all I can do is flop down on some stranger's lawn and catch my breath. I have no idea what to do. And all I can do is what I’ve always done when lost: go back to the last place I saw the loved one and wait.

So, now I'm limping, half-crying-just-want-to-see-my-husband because I'm freezing and my ear is burning. And I'm hanging on to this dog, though, because it's cold and dark and I'd rather lose an ear than let him be hurt, afraid, or alone. He's shivering because he's cold and unsure of why this crazy brown girl is carting him around, and all I can do is mutter that he'll be home soon.

We almost to the corner of the road and I see my husband pull up to the 4-way stop. And because I'm almost crawling now, all I can do is this limp hand flap and whisper in a hoarse-I-think-I'm-going-to-die way, “I'm over here!”

He turns away from me, but I don't care. I know he's looping a route, and all I have to do is stand still at that corner and he'll get to me. My hero, my savior, he whom I will love beyond death and time, is looking for me.

He does a U-turn, and I go from thrilled to elated. HE SAW ME!! HE WAS JUST TURNING AROUND!!!

As soon as he's close enough for me to see his face, I can also see his expression and it's a cross between, “Thank God I found you” and “I'm going to throttle you, I've been so scared.” And I know this look because I know it's the same expression on my face.

He opens the door for me and the first thing he says is, “DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN! I WAS SO SCARED!”

And I say, “You know I have no sense of direction and I can't find my way out of a plastic bag. Why did you leave?”

And he laughs because he knows it's true and because he loves me despite myself, and he says, “Still. You scared me to death. I had visions of this dog being part of a serial-killer's plans, that you'd been hit on the head and were being carted away to some torture chamber.”

To which I reply, “You should be a writer.”

In the end, it all worked out…the dog was returned to his owner, safe and sound (which was worth all the frostbite in the world).

But this crazy episode is one of the many, many reasons why I’m a writer. Because when I’m in my study and writing, and thinking “hmm, this seems like a good idea” nothing can really go wrong…except in my head…

There was only one thing Bronwyn wanted to be when she grew up: a superhero. Sadly, this goal was made moot when she realized that being a klutz was not, in fact, a super power, and her super-weakness for anything bright and shiny meant that a magpie with self-control could easily defeat her in a battle of wills. So, she turned to writing as a way to unleash her inner superhero. She doesn’t get to live on a secret space station orbiting the earth (and thank goodness because she gets motion sick on a merry-go-round), but she still get to wear leotards, a cape and say things like, “STAND ASIDE! THIS IS A JOB FOR WRITING-GIRL!”

Bronwyn’s latest book is Ethan’s Chase.
You can visit her website at

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Things sensual and romantic…

We all define these two terms in ways as diverse and unique as our personalities. For me, one place embodies all of the elements I think of as traditionally romantic: Italy… Sensuality… Food… Romance – if you think about it, they’re all the same in many respects, aren’t they? Each resonates within us on some level…. They appear to go together. And, in truth, I suppose they do. You seldom have one without the other close to the heart. But, what is sensual, and what isn’t? That depends on where you are in this world and what you’re doing.

So, I thought maybe we’d chat about what people term “sensual foods” and see where that takes us! Hey, we all eat, don’t we? So, is it the food that is the magic, or is it the company we share while we go through this necessary to life exercise every day? Repeatedly. It’s as essential to life as the air we breathe.

A lot of foods are labelled as being “aphrodisiac” in nature. How can foods be “love potions” some people wonder? And why do they have such potent response in some, while others feel nothing when these exotic delights are consumed? Perhaps it’s the company and the psychological excitement that might make them wildly exciting for some and totally empty of reaction in others?

In countries like Italy, food is not just something to be eaten so we can get on with life. It’s an art, a social occasion, and an experience to be shared. It’s a well-accepted fact that the people of this amazing country have a zest for life that many of us envy, and their passion for “la dolce vita” is something we can probably all learn from. But, food and festival in Italy is a way of life – if you have any doubts, just look around and see the number of feast and festival days in any year!

We associate this country, in fact all things Italian, with romance. So much of the attitude is sensual and passionate, and very romantic. An entire culture that is built on the foundation that life is to be embraced and enjoyed, that romance and love are the most important things in the world, and the richness of life is to be shared by all. I don’t know about you, but I find that very sexy, very compelling, and very, very alluring…

If your dinner is one on one, chances are it’s a special occasion. Do you actually notice what you eat, or are you feeding off the company you’re in, and sawdust would taste good at that moment? Is it the music, always beautiful and classically romantic, is it the gorgeous countryside, or is it really the food that makes the whole thing such a sensory delight?

And why is this “passion” so different for all of us? It’s not hard to see where my heart lies in all this, but what do YOU find sensual in the foods you eat the dreams you keep close to your heart? I’d love to know!! I write in more genres than I can count, and my books reflect eclectic tastes in all things, so if you’re interested in finding out more, please drop by my website and check out some titles….

My current release is related to Italy, inspired by a fairytale... rewritten for a more adult taste, I hope you'll enjoy it... here’s a peek:

Re-telling a fairytale for an adult audience
Publisher: XoXo Publishing™
Available HERE

Genre: EROTIC romance/fairytale
Book Trailer


In the town of Favola, a prince and a lovely girl imprisoned by her mother's jealousy find passion and love... but will it be enough to outsmart the machinations and fury that their devotion inspires in the beautiful Bella Venezia? An Italian fairytale is re-told for an adult audience....


Late in the night, Francesco rose from the pallet of straw that was his bed at the inn, and he stared out the window at the tower a short distance away. A dim, golden light filtered from a window high in the tower, and he knew she was there. Drawn, he took his traveling cloak and began to make his through the inn to the tower.

Long minutes later, Francesco stepped into the cool night air and walked toward the tower, sheltered by the darkness, unseen even by the glowing moon. There was a door hidden at the very back of the tower, and he tested it. Locked, naturally. He knocked softly, and was surprised to hear a soft voice from the other side moments later.

“Who is there?”

“I am a guest at the Inn, I would like to speak with you, lovely Capricia.”

“You would be wiser to leave me alone, signore.”

“Wisdom and passion are seldom in agreement, cara mia,” Francesco all but purred, trying to lure her trust with only his voice as enticement.

“I have no key to permit you to enter here,” she told him.

“Where will I find the key?”

“I don’t know, my mother keeps it close to her.”

“I will find it.”

Francesco sat, and leaned against the door. “Let us talk, tesoro, I wish to know you.”

And so his quest began. Each day he tried to charm the hard-hearted Bella, but she no longer trusted his motive. Each night he would slip from the Inn and go to the tower’s door where he would woo Capricia with his words.

Almost a week passed before he found his prize and slipped into the night, the key to the tower clutched in his hand. When he opened the door and raced up the stairs, he found Capricia sitting in front of a fire. Her hands rose to cover her mouth as she stared in shock at his sudden appearance. When she was able to speak, her voice was little more than a hoarse whisper.

“Do you know what you risk by coming to me this way?”

It was hardly the welcome he wanted after a week of sleepless nights. She turned away and he went to sit in the chair that faced the fire.

“You should not have come.”

Francesco glared at her. She was seated before him, and the light of the fire caressed her face, softened the already delicate features to angelic sweetness. She was dressed as she had been in the market, a light cotton skirt and peasant blouse. As she prodded the fire, he could clearly see the enticing roundness of her breasts outlined beneath the white shirt. The ache in his loins, an increasingly familiar discomfort, grew to become real pain.

“I risk nothing! Your mother’s greed is nothing to me,” he finally answered her first question. As he watched her, he did become convinced that his presence was a mistake, but not for the reasons she feared. He had recognized her innocence, and was now fighting with himself, hoped his tone would stop what he himself had started, before he tossed aside his control and simply took what he wanted so badly.

For a moment the challenge hung between them. To his shock, Capricia thought seriously on the casual words. He saw the change in her expression, but was not prepared when she looked up into his eyes and nodded solemnly, her dark eyes bright with yearning.

“She will never allow me to leave here, Francesco,” she whispered in a voice husky with tears. “If she does, it will be to sell me to the highest bidder. If I am ruined by your hands, I will be left alone. I would prefer that to being owned by anyone of her choosing.”

“You would sell yourself to me instead?” He was angry, but couldn’t begin to decipher why. He was further disconcerted when she shook her head and gathered his hands in hers.

“I would give myself to you, Francesco,” she promised.


“Because you make me want you as I’ve never wanted any man,” she confessed. “You have made me love you.”

“You’re a fool, girl!”

“Do you not want me?”

Francesco’s vivid blue eyes glittered ominously in the flickering light of the fire’s bright blaze.

“Do not toy with me, Capricia.” Faced with her, and the power of his own emotions, he was angry, not pleased, trapped in his own seduction.

His surprise turned to astonishment when she rose and he watched in stunned silence as she slowly removed every item of clothing she wore. When she stood before him, naked in the glow of the firelight, he thought he’d go quietly mad if he didn’t possess her...

Blessings to all!
Viva la dolce vita!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Cindy Jacks: LEAP

By Cindy Jacks
Publisher: Ellora's Cave


Just when Lila has resigned herself to the fact the most exciting chapters of her life are over, a blast from the past walks into her bakery. Six feet of gorgeousness named Gavin drops by as she’s closing up shop. They were once high-school sweethearts and it’s been more than twenty-five years since they’ve seen each other, but time hasn’t diminished the sweet heat between them. Soon enough the sparks—and the frosting—begin to fly.

As they rediscover each other’s bodies, it’s clear Gavin’s no longer a boy as he shows Lila the man and skillful lover he’s become. Though Lila knows this whirlwind romp could be an act of insanity, his touch unleashes the sensual woman she’s forgotten she could be. And she thinks—maybe—she has one more leap in her.


Most of you know by now that I've become a rather vocal Cindy Jacks fan, so it won't surprise anyone to discover that her latest book is another one that I think is a 5-star winner. This story is short, but has plenty of emotional backbone to carry it. The heroine is not only very likeable, she's accessible to all women, something they see in themselves, or in their lives somewhere. The hero – he's equal parts charming boy-next-door and larger-than-life male... but it works beautifully. Their passion is intense, and sensual – but most of all, it's honest. You believe these people are real, and their future is something you care about.

Cindy's writing is sharp, focused, and flowing... if you like a hot, passionate quickie, uncluttered by excess, this is one you most definitely will love. All in all, a sexy, savvy love story with a lot of heat and happy... Take the LEAP, and check it out! You can get your copy here:


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GUEST: Jacqueline Paige

Today my guest is the very talented Jacqueline Paige. First a quick interview with the lovely author, then you can check out her wonderful book, Salvation:

How long have you been writing?

I have only been seriously writing since 2005. By seriously I mean when I first decided I should try to get something published.

How long have you been a published author?

My first book was published by Amira Press in August of 2009. Since then it has been a world of non-stop editing and writing.

What titles do you have available?

Presently I have three available at Amira Press; Behind the Mask, In Our Dream and From a Dream. I also have Mystic Perceptions at Class Act Books and Salvation at Eternal Press.

Do you have any new titles coming soon?

I’ve just survived the whirlwind of having two books come out in the last two months, so I’m looking forward to a short break before my next one comes out in February. Whiskey Creek Press will be releasing Twice Cursed.

What is your favourite genre and why?

Paranormal is my most favourite. It doesn’t matter if it’s Romance, suspense, dark, fantasy – I just love to step into a world filled with paranormal aspects and to be able to leave the realities of not being able to shift, transform and all the other cool things behind for a few hundred pages at a time.

What, to you, is the most exciting part of the writing process?

For me it’s when the characters that started as names and descriptions come to life. When they start to disagree with my plot and find their own voice, it’s very exciting for me. I never know where they are going to take me.

If you could co-author a book with anyone, who would you choose and why?

Oh, that’s a hard one to narrow down. I would definitely like to work with something that was better in areas of writing then I am. I don’t do long descriptive passages very well, I’m too impatient. I can think of several NYT authors that do that amazingly, Nora Roberts, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Christine Feehan. Although what I could contribute with those writers I have no idea, their creativity is several notches above my own. J

Where can readers find you on the web?

SALVATION: Two centuries of not existing is about to change...


Lost in a place between living and dying, confined to roam endlessly over the same grounds for all eternity and cursed to never be seen again, Jareth wanders through time alone and longing for the sea once more. When he realizes there is one thing he yearns for more than he ever did the sea, he is tossed into a world he is unfamiliar with.

Stuck with a life that never goes her way, Miranda is determined to get at least one thing she wants. When that one thing turns out to be a sexy pirate that lived over two hundred years ago, she finds herself faced with more than one challenge to have him.

Can they break the curse and be together?


He walked with a heavy foot, wishing his boot were real enough to pound on the floor. He was on the other side of the room before he looked back at her. “I have gone on alone and completely adrift for so many years at a time...the loneliness consumed me, leaving me wanting to howl as a wounded beast does.” He waved a hand in frustration. “Now, after all I have suffered through, I find I am able to be heard when I speak, to be seen by other eyes, and I have to fight every breath with the way I burn for you.” He walked in large strides closer to her. “I take notice of your every movement, your every breath, and I cannot even touch you one time!”

Miranda stood there, her eyes huge and locked to his. “I’m...I...I feel the same way, Jareth.” She motioned to the monitor. “I’m trying, really I am.”

He hissed out a breath. “I did not imply otherwise.” He looked down into her brown eyes and wished again he had the strength to turn from them. He could tell untruths to himself for the reasons he was here with her, but he could not tell them to her. “I am sorry, little one. I am not of much assistance when I spend all my moments with you looking and...” He sighed.

“And?” she whispered.

His eyes searched hers. “Longing, wanting, craving...” He looked down her body before moving back to her eyes. “The clothes you wear show me how you are shaped beneath, and yet I am still disturbed to absolute distraction with the images inside of my own head that your appealing shape gives to me.”

She tilted her head and looked up at him, her cheeks flushed and eyes soft. “Would you like to see more?”

“Yes,” he hissed as his mind screamed no. How could he put himself through the torment of seeing what he desired more than life and yet not touch, not taste?

Salvation buy link:
Eternal Press :

Friday, October 29, 2010

Paranormal Intrigue: HIDDEN IN THE MIST

Available now from Ravenous Romance:

Erotic/vampire romance
Price: $1.99


The misty evening air of a winter in Venice cloaks many things, and many people.... Some are passionate lovers meeting secretly, hoping for stolen moments..... others are merely the cutthroats and thieves that plague any city filled with the wealth of visitors and citizens who reside in palaces.....

But what else lies hidden in the mist? Cloaked and dangerous, lethally alluring.... One woman is determined to find out....

Driven half mad by the death of her lover, she is drawn into the night.... The voice of an angel lures.... each perfect note beckons and promises untold pleasures.... until, finally, a broken heart succumbs to desire.... and Fate weaves a new thread into the tapestry that is the mystery of life itself....


He continued to sing, the lyrical, lilting Italian words caressing her spirit and pulling her closer to him. When she finally stepped into the chamber where he was, she stared in wonder. The room was lit with what appeared to be a thousand candles, their soft glow reflecting off the polished wooden floor and throwing frenetic shadows everywhere. Seated at the piano was a slender man, dressed all in black. His hair was dark, and the hands that whispered over the keys of the instrument were long-fingered and elegant. Hands shaped for making love in any form he chose.

He played the last notes of the mesmerizing song and slowly turned to look at her. His dark eyes glittered, flames dancing wildly in their ebony depths, and he held out his hand to draw her forward. She went to him and dropped to her knees, head bowed, tears streaking her face as she let the hood of her cape fall to hide her shame.

“You came to end my life. Why?”

“I cannot bear the pain of not knowing you.”

“But you do know me. I am part of you.”

“You are madness!” She retorted with real anger surging into her being, giving her strength and making her look up at him. “You have taken everything!”

“I took nothing,” he admonished with gentle warmth. “I am part of you.”

“How can that be?”

He smiled. She felt the kiss of his indulgence touch her heart.

“You created me,” he murmured. “The night he died, you gave me life.”

She was confused, and the room was suddenly growing colder with each beat of her heart.

“Why did you let me find you?”

He tilted his head to one side and considered her question.

“Perhaps because it is time for me to return the gift of life to you, tesoro mio?”

“You can’t, my love,” she whispered, the quiet words shaken and harsh. “There is no life for me now.”

“There is always life in death, amore,” he murmured as he leaned closer and pried the blade from her hand beneath the heavy cloak. “Let me show you forever.”

She gasped in fright and pain as he slashed the dagger’s edge across her palm and brought the bleeding hand to his mouth. When his tongue played over her flesh she felt the mists of the night invade her brain, and blackness reached out to pull her into a chasm that exploded into fire racing along her veins… As the world changed around her and within her, she heard his sweet voice whispering to her…

There is always life in death, amore… when I am death… come with me, share our journey…


She heard the word, distant, torn from her soul purely by the power and depth of her need to know him, to know all of him, at whatever price he asked. The ache in her body pulled at her, made her feel light and heavy with conflicting desires.

The dagger flashed again, slowly, gently slicing through the tie that held her cape together at her throat. It slid away and he smiled with satisfaction when he saw the crimson silk she wore, a simple dress that wrapped around her like the arms of a lover… She had been wearing this pretty gown the night they’d first seen each other, choosing it had seem right somehow.

The gleaming stiletto blade moved once more, and candlelight flickered against the shining silver as he delicately cut the tie that held the dress up. He set the knife on the piano and with the backs of his hands barely touching her skin, he smoothed the shape of her collarbones, then retraced them with the sensitive pads of his fingertips. The calluses from hours spent playing the piano added another sensual layer to the rippling sensation that was fanning outward, running though her veins like blood.....


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Contest Winners!

Winner of my two XoXo Publishing releases is:

Winner of all three recent releases is:

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Celebrating with a CONTEST!

In the past couple of months I've had a successful series of new releases, two within a few days of each other. The stories, as usual, are quite diverse, but everyone seems to have embraced the multiple styles yet again - something for which I am eternally grateful.

I thought it was time to celebrate a little and offer a couple of free books to readers who've been taking the time to chase me around as I promote.

Last night I did a really interesting interview, and it's posted here:


To enter this contest, you'll have to drop in and check out the interview and answer a simple question here for me. Contest closes Saturday, 23rd October, at midnight, Eastern US Time. I'll announce the winner on Sunday.

Prizes you say? How about your choice of not one, but two of the following recently released titles:

a best-seller at XoXo Publishing™


a spooky short thriller with a touch of horror, XoXo Publishing™


an action thriller and highly erotic romance from Solstice Publishing

And, if you want ALL three, for every person who leaves a comment here, AND signs up for my newsletter, you'll be eligible for the set of three titles.

QUESTION: Name three of the authors I've spoken about in the interview.

(The newsletter is done every 6-8 weeks, so you only get about 10 emails a year.)

If you want to chat every day, or promo freely if you're an author, my newsgroup is open, as well. You can find us here:

So, let's have some fun!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The DARK DREAM continues....

This is one of those strange stories that came about from an actual dream... it was distrubing, but vivid and intense, so I wrote notes when I woke up and knew there was a story to be told when it felt right.... so, what better time than Halloween? XoXo Publishing™ took a chance on releasing this unusual piece, it's part romance, part horror... but I do hope it's entertaining.

Price: $0.99


She heard the noises that wafted back to her on the breeze, and the scent of blood made her turn away. She threw up in the sand, retching repeatedly. The rhythmic pulsing had now become doubled, two heartbeats, one in each ear–one was growing stronger and the other was dying...slipping into quiescence as she choked and gasped for air to continue breathing.

The night was growing darker. Impossible she knew, but it was happening. Somehow, the light of the moon was fading into a dull steel grey, not the shimmering silver it had been only minutes earlier. When she looked up at it, her mind recoiled in horror as it began to change color again. Scarlet tendrils were seeping downward, the trickle of crimson blood-like, as though the world itself was pouring out gore. Not a gushing sputter, but a slow, leeching kind of death that was going to swallow her sanity before it consumed her life.

Out of the shadows there was once again the sensation of movement. This time she staggered to her feet, poised to run before she died. There was a single moment, between two pulses of madness, when she felt total peace permeate her soul. It was fleeting, but in the span of two heartbeats, she found understanding that she was somehow safer than she had been since she had run, chasing after the handsome boy.

From the murkiness she heard a soft sigh of sound, a whisper that reached into her terrified mind and calmed it.

He’s gone. Let the beast feed and retreat.

It was a voice she’d heard before. She did not know from where.

“He’s dead, isn’t he?” Before there was time for an answer, she bent over, arms crossed over her midriff, the sense of being torn in half an anguish that rose from deep within her. “Why?” It felt like a scream inside her head. In reality, it was barely a whisper.

Because your fate was not his, that’s why I am here. To see that you survive.

The answers were spoken in calm, soothing murmurs that drifted to her on the merest ruffle of air. She sat back on her heels and tried to stand, but she was held fast in the shifting, damp sand. Tentacles rose from out of the tumultuous ground and coiled around her ankles, holding her in place.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

GUEST: Sherry Gloag

Please welcome my special guest today, Author Sherry Gloag:

“Did you hear that! Did you?”

Gina’s fists crashed down on my desk as she screeched to a halt in front of me. One glance at her face told me I’d get little to no writing done until I heard her out.

“No. What are who saying?”

“The people at the shop!” Her hand sliced through the air. “You know, where you have arranged your book signing!” Her glare implied only a fool would not know that.

“So, what are they saying?” I prompted when she failed to follow through.

“They say I am a fantasy! A fantasy! Are they mad? How can I be a fantasy when I am real?” She spun away, scattering my paperwork across the floor as she went. I swallowed my sigh and waited. Gina rarely erupted, but when she did, Mount St Helens would have a hard time competing with her. “And what about Ben?” she spat. “Does that mean he is a figment of my imagination?”

Well, no, I thought, you are both figments of my imagination, but just in time I saw the wisdom of keeping my mouth shut.

“On the contrary,” I soothed, “you became real the moment you turned up on the pages on my story.”

Somewhat mollified, Gina dropped onto the loveseat near the window. “And that makes me real?”

“You exist, but perhaps in another dimension.”

“What are you saying?” Her chin thrust forward and her eyes flashed a warning. “I am some sort of ghost? That everyone in The Brat is a ghost?”

“That’s an unusual way of describing yourselves, but I suppose…” I weighed up my options with care, “…it is one way of putting it. After all, the readers of your story can’t physically touch you. They relate with you emotionally…”

“But there must be more to it than that?”

“Well, yes and no. It depends upon how closely the reader connects with you. If they become so absorbed in the story, they forget their surroundings then you become as real to them as if you are a physical friend.”

“And when they finish the book what then?”

“Again, it depends on the impact you have made upon your reader.” Geese, where was this conversation going?

“Someone else said they couldn’t stop thinking about the characters,” she paused, then smiled, “that’s us!”

“Yes that’s you,” I agreed.

Gina’s smile widened. “So we continue to be their friends even when they finish The Brat?”

“It would be nice to think so,” I agreed cautiously. “Did you mention this to Ben?”

I watched as Gina’s face pinkened when she nodded.

“And what did he say?”

“That I was silly to get so upset. He said no one’s life is problem-free, and together we faced ours and overcame them, and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.”

“Well,” I said. “I tend to agree with Ben.”

For a moment her gaze held mine. She stood, nodded, and headed for the door. With her hand on the knob she glanced back at me, and smiled. “You are right. Both of you, you are right.”

BLURB: Gina Williams is a 35-year-old famous children’s author, who also writes detective mysteries under the name of George Williamson.

She was robbed of her childhood when aged ten by the late mother of the hero, Ben Kouvaris.
When he was ten-years-old his mother sent him to her ex Theo Kouvaris, multi-millionaire, who lives in Greece. When he returns to her funeral he is haunted by the beautiful woman who organised the funeral.

When his father orders him to marry he thinks of Gina Williams.

They have to overcome the horrors of the past and forgive their parents for their betrayals. Will their past destroy their future?

The Brat – Excerpt: Pg 198

“You’re no better than your mother. I was a child when your mother ordered my life, but I’m a grown woman now and won’t be ordered around by you or anyone else. So don’t stand there sanctimoniously telling me it is your right to control my life for the next ten months. And when they end, what then? You drop your control, just like that? I doubt it. There’s not a Kouvaris on this planet that isn’t a control freak.”

She drew in a deep breath, glared at him when she came to a brief stop in front of him. “You’ll keep tabs on me, tell me what to do and when…”

“Why would I do that?” Cold as steel, Ben’s voice cut across her tirade, but it didn’t stop her.

“Because you’ll tell me it will impact on your reputation, or the company profile, or the value of the shares. How would I know? You’ll have a reason and expect me to abide by your ruling.” She spun away from him and back again. “Oh, I nearly forgot. As your ex-wife, someone may use me to get to you. Wasn’t that how you put it when we arrived in Greece?”

Hands fisted on her hips, her hair plastered against her fiery cheeks, she watched the colour climb up his neck and into his face. Until she heard the words hang in the air, she hadn’t known they were there. But she knew they’d hit their target head on.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Party Devil by Lisa FitzPatrick

A couple of days ago I posted a challenge on my newsgroup, the idea was to tell a story in a single page, or at least within a 1000 word limit. Few rose to the challenge, but Lisa was one of the ones who did... I loved her story, so here it is.... enjoy!!

by Dr. Lisa J. FitzPatrick

Parties. How she loathed them.

It wasn't that she was an unsociable person, just that organised gatherings set her teeth on edge. She much preferred those little impromptu affairs that happened after work. They were so much more fun because they were unplanned and spontaneous.

Why had she agreed to attend?

Katie was normally so reserved, but as a friend had said, Halloween is an excuse to be exactly who you aren't. Still, she was seriously regretting the outfit she had decided upon in a fit of madness.

Taking a deep breath for courage, she hooked the long pointed tail of the scarlet, form-fitting devil costume over her left arm and wandered in to the Heaven and Hell Halloween Hootenanny.

Squeals and whoops from her friends cut through the overly loud bass that thrummed from the speakers near the door. She hoped the neighbours had been invited; otherwise it might be a VERY short evening!

Julie, Christine and Meg fought their way through the dancing, coming rapidly toward her. They all looked far too excited for her liking, her eyes narrowed with immediate suspicion. They were Up To Something, and she had a sinking feeling that the something wasn't ANYTHING she was going to like.

Sighing inwardly she plastered an I'm So Happy To Be Here smile to her face, and just hoped that it looked genuine. Her friends meant well, they really did, but Katie wasn't in the mood for whatever they were planning.

Julie looked fit to burst, Christine and Meg seemed agitated beyond belief, and Katie wondered what had caused this. She mentally listed the reasons they turned into giggling schoolgirls at the drop of a hat–and there weren't that many; Pieter from the corner shop, too much wine and… oh dear God!

Her heart leapt into her mouth as the realisation of exactly what had caused this over excitement hit her.

It just wasn't possible… was it? They wouldn't do this to her, not while she was dressed like this!

Katie prayed for The Four Horsemen–she could do with them arriving about now. Wishing for the Apocalypse might seem a little of an overreaction on her part, but if they had done what she thought they had, the End of her World was truly nigh.

Flanked by Julie and Meg, with Christine bringing up the rear, the three girls steered their friend through the largest spaces they could find. Out manoeuvred, and out manned, Katie gave in to the will of the pack. Their excitement was infectious and despite her best intentions, she found herself caught up in the anticipation of the moment.

A second later her personal guard seemed to melt away, leaving her staring at a broad back. Dressed head to toe in bright red PVC, with long dark hair curling over her shoulders, Katie pondered just how ridiculous she must look; a far cry from the Sexy Devil the costume packaging had claimed she would be transformed into.

Sighing heavily, and just a little too loudly she realised; the back moved and started to turn towards her. This was the bit she hated. The Blind Date revealed.

She had been fixed up with the whole scale of men from no chemistry whatsoever threes, to way out of her league nines and above. From the back, this one looked approachable, but a smidge too attractive for her (on a VERY good day) self rated seven. Dressed like this, well, she didn't want to contemplate his reaction.

Hoping for the best, but bracing herself for the inevitable peels of laughter, she slowly raised her head.

Her gaze took in a firm jaw line–things were looking up, she thought–softly curving lips (no moustache - praise be), on and up into eyes as black as coal.

Fear stagnated her blood as she realised exactly who this was and what he wanted.

He had come for her soul – quite literally.