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EDGE Update on Gaslight Grimoire

Good Morning, Justyn here with a very quick and brief EDGE update. One of our Fall 2008 books, Gaslight Grimoire: Fantastic Tales of Sherlock Holmes, is still going strong on Amazon.com! Gaslight Grimoire is a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories written by some of the best Sherlockians in the world. The fabled tin dispatch box of Dr. John H. Watson opens to reveal eleven all new tales of mystery and dark fantasy.

Sherlock Holmes, master of deductive reasoning, confronts the irrational, the unexpected and the fantastic in the weird worlds of the Gaslight Grimoire. "A wonderful addition to the bookshelf of any fan ofSherlock Holmes or of the supernatural. Terrific stories, great variety, genuine chills: it's all here."- Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of HOMINIDS" This book contains eleven of the most ingenious, imaginative and inspiredexploits yet committed to paper. Wonderful stuff!"- Roger Johnson, BSI, Editor, The Sherlock Holmes Journal


Barbara Hambly
Christopher Sequeira
Barbara Roden
M. J. Elliott
Martin Powell
Chico Kidd & Rick Kennett

I would like to invite everyone to go to Amazon and preorder your copy today! It's a book that you won't want to miss. Or, if you prefer not to preorder your copy, send the link around to all your friends and help spread the word! That's it, that's all folks.

Justyn Perry
Marketing Manager
EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing

Monday, June 23, 2008

New reviews - Bella Signorina

#1 Best-Seller

Sweetheart Romance

$1.50 from The Wild Rose Press

In one of Rome’s trendiest caffè’s, Bianca comes to dance, and escape the loneliness that haunts her world. For many weeks she's been watching a special man, a handsome, charming stranger who dances, flirts, and leaves alone. Bianca is not anxious to fall in love, and yet…. Something about the enigmatic Stefano has captivated her heart, and she is drawn to him in spite of herself. When she finally gathers her courage to ask him to dance, little does she know her entire world is about to change.

Reader Reviews:

FIVE stars: The music by Patrizio Buanne that inspired this story is only part of what is a fabulous tale. Bianca loves to dance; she often makes her way to a particular café to indulge her passion for dancing and music. Although she spends her evenings with myriad dance partners, there is one particular man who has caught her eye. Stefano is a rare man. He is a True Gent. He arrives, dances and leaves. Always alone. When Bianca (finally) summons up the courage to actually talk to Stefano, and then to ask him to dance, the result is amazing. As though they are two halves of the same soul, something special and unique happens between them both on and off the dance floor… Denyse creates characters that are real; the story is enjoyable and has enough romance and fantasy to stir the heartstrings of the most cynical reader. It is tempered with enough realism to make it totally believable. This *really could* happen to you. It is a charming story of romance and the trust that is required between two people embarking on a life changing relationship. A fantastic read, I recommend an hour on the sofa with a latte, and allow yourself to be transported to the magic and romance that is Italia!

02/24/2008 by Lisa Fitzpatrick

FIVE Stars: This is a lovely story inspired by the music of the incredibly talented Patrizio Buanne. Denyse has written a magical romance around Patrizio's song Bella Bella Signorina. She has captured the mood of the song with her excellent narrative which carries you along, breathless, until the final pages when...... well, you'll have to read it yourselves to find out what happens! A beautifully written story. I look forward to many more.

04/14/2008 by Suzanne Hillidge

Purchase your copy HERE

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Love is the beauty and grace of a gentle heart.
The gift of kindness and generosity in a forgiving spirit.

For those who are touched by such real and honest faith,
they know the blessing of a Divine smile.

To hold the gift of a loving and empathic heart,
to know it comes to you only to give itself
can there be a more honest truth?
An offering of any greater worth?

In the eyes of a stranger life can change
with the whisper of a smile,
or the bright joy of shared laughter.

To see you like this,
to watch the warmth of recognition grow
into welcome pleasure as we truly see each other…
to hear the subtle infusion of awakening passion
in the shifting notes of your voice…
and to shiver in the face of my dreams living before me,
touching my skin and teaching me the truth of my existence…

These are the things that remind us what we are meant to be…
of the purpose in our search…
to find the embodiment of our deepest hope…

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

GUEST: Jenny Gilliam

An exciting and sexy new read from author Jenny Gilliam...

AVAILABLE Friday, June 20th from Amira Press


When Lucy Hollister tried to drop-kick her personal computer out her second-story window, she had no idea it would eventually lead to the seduction of her very hot, very yummy best friend, Rory Carlisle.

After all, she’s the queen of passivity, and he’s the reining king of the non-committed relationship. When a sexy online flirtation leads the couple into some steamy situations, Rory realizes that his cute best friend is letting loose—in the best possible way.

Can this couple get past old hurts and guarded hearts to embrace the passionate love that awaits?


“Who did you do it for?” Rory asked.

Lucy’s heart thudded in her chest. She couldn’t quite meet his eyes. His velvety voice, rough yet smooth, caressed nerve endings strung tight like piano wire.

“Lucy,” he said softly. “Who did you wear that dress for?”

Oh, he was good. He knew damn well she’d dressed up for him. In a sudden flash of insight, she realized she wasn’t fooling anyone, especially Rory.

“I know you,” he said, his voice whispering over her. “ScorpioCutie.”

Her breath caught, and her eyes moved to his face. He watched her with the single-minded intensity he saved for naughty co-eds and naughtier computers.

“What did you just call me?”

“You heard me,” he answered huskily.

Silent, her gaze skittered away from his, flying away like a nervous bird before landing on a spot a few feet beyond his shoulder. She considered denying it all. How much could he know, after all? He might be guessing. Then she thought of his heated gaze, those knowing eyes, that flash of insight.

Her skin heated with embarrassment. “How long have you known?”

God! Why couldn’t she just be ScorpioCutie? Why couldn’t she charge over there and throw him down on the grass? What stopped her?

Three words: Lucille Louise Hollister.

“A couple of weeks.”

“How did you find out?”

His heated stare burned her flesh. “You forgot to delete the chat logs.”

Duh! “Why didn’t you say anything sooner?”

“Why didn’t you?”

Good question. She didn’t know if he wanted to hear the truth. So she lied. “It was part of the game.”

He lifted a brow. “So this is just a game?”

Lucy nodded, but she couldn’t look him in the eye. He turned to her with predatory grace; stalking her, closing her in, forcing her to lean against one of the metal beams. The cold seeped in from the steel, saturating her skin as a prickle of goosebumps that spread across her body.
He looked like a large feral animal, and she was his prey.

With nowhere to go.

Rory stopped an inch from her. He was so big, towering over her. His hot breath fanned across her cheek. He lifted a finger and ran it down her neck. She couldn’t control the delicious tremor that ran through her...

To find out more, and to purchase this book, visit Jenny on the web:

Website: http://www.jennygilliam.com/
MySpace: www.myspace.com/jennygilliam
Blog: http://www.jennygilliam.blogspot.com/

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Annette's Winner is....

I did a random draw, and the winner is:
Lela Fox

Thanks again for a great blog - lots of people expressed some nice sentiments. Congrats to Annette on many wonderful titles, too!!

Keep checking back with us, there's more to come with special guests and surprises!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Guest Blogger: Annette Snyder

Joining us once again, it is my pleasure to welcome the talented and generous Annette Snyder. Thanks so much for being my guest again, Annette.

Thanks Denyse, for letting me blog today. It’s a pleasure to be among some of the best writers and readers around.

Since warm weather finally made it to the Midwest, I’ve been doing the regular outside stuff; planting the garden, cleaning the gutters and writing on the new laptop my kids bought me for Mother’s Day. I found that I love writing outside and with the portability of my laptop, I enjoy it even more.

I’m working on a title I’ve named Eureka Springs. The subject is Ruth Seidle, a mid-twenties woman who was in love with a married man. An accident changes her life and she’s forced to start over in another town where she meets a man. John Vickers was married. His wife had an affair. An accident changed his life and he was forced to start over in another town where he meets a woman. Since I write without an outline, even I’m not sure how this book gets to the end but my readers know I love happily ever after. Ruth’s story is an extension of a book that got snagged up by my publisher titled Viveka’s War, releasing soon. Both are set in the Pre- and Post-WW2 era.

Also releasing soon is Intimate Flames, my first contemporary. I wrote Intimate Flames years ago and only lately made time to bring it in line with all the new things I’ve learned since I’ve been published. Personally, I’m in love with the sullen hero, Andrew ‘Amen’ Packard. He has six brothers and sisters and, as I wrote this story, I got scores of new idea lines based on the Packard family.

You can find the information for my newest releases and the essays I write at my website http://annettesnyder.atspace.com/ or at the publisher’s site http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com/

Also on my website are blurbs, reviews and links for all my novels along with anything else you’re curious about including a button to contact me. And feel free. I always answer all my emails--make sure to fill in the subject line.

I love free stuff so, as a thank-you to Denyse for letting me blog, here’s a chance for participants to win a pampering summer prize of one of my releases of your choice and a bottle of Juniper shower gel. Just comment here about which novel you’d like to read from my published list on my website http://annettesnyder.atspace.com/ Denyse will draw a name from the Blog comments and let me know. I’ll contact the winner for mailing info. Just a note, if you choose Whiskey Shots Volume 1, it’ll be a download copy as that’s an e-book from the new line of short stories at Whiskey Creek Press. My two short stories were selected to premier the Whiskey Shots line of novels.

Good luck and read, read, always read!

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Guest Blogger: BRYN COLVIN

I am very happy welcome my guest today, Bryn Colvin... Thanks for joining the party, Bryn!

Fantasy Romance

I’ve been writing both fantasy and erotica for some years now. I hesitate to call my work romance because it doesn’t always obey all the genre rules. Some of my characters have passionate love affairs, but occasionally fall into bed with other people. Some get a ‘best possible outcome’ rather than a happily ever after. Now and then I write romance, but because I don’t do it all the time, I like to think it comes as a nice surprise when things do work out.

In many ways the key thing in a love story is not what draws the characters together, but what keeps them from getting married at the end of page one. Getting people to hook up is actually quite easy. Creating the romantic tension that comes from wanting, but not being able to fully connect, is what makes a really powerful love story work. In our real world culture, there isn’t a great deal to stop two people who fancy each other from doing something about it, which can make romance plots a bit unlikely or strained sometimes.

Fantasy settings are an absolute gift for romance. Not only does the obligatory magic have the potential to divide lovers (sending them across space and time, cursing them if they get it together, making them unable to notice each other – the possibilities are endless) but there are many other avenues to explore as well. In a fantasy setting, your lovers can be divided by cultural taboos, by war, religion, family, even species! All of a sudden, working out how on earth your star crossed pair can be together becomes the challenge, and keeping them apart is easy.

Furthermore, fantasy allows you to move beyond the standard human form. When writing erotica, this can be a lot of fun to play with. Want all your male characters improbably well endowed? In a fantasy world, that can be much more normal. Want breasts that defy gravity? Extra body parts? A third gender? Where sexual fantasy and mainstream fantasy blend, the results can be spectacular.

However, to do justice to both genres, you can’t use them for rabbit out of hat solutions. The love story has to make sense in its own right, you can’t just magic a happily ever after. Those endings are invariably a total let down. Equally, the fantasy aspect of the plot should be more than just a vehicle for the romance, the setting more than just an excuse for your plot devices.

The blend of fantasy and romance/erotica can be fantastic. Charles De Lint springs to mind as an excellent example. Or think of the movie Stardust.

My own forays into fantasy love stories can be found at: http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com/
On Borrowed Wings
The Girl Who Fell
Illyan Daughter
Strange Fruit
Tara’s Honour

Visit Bryn on the web at: http://www.brynneth.org.uk/

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another GREAT New Release!!

Seems some of my dearest friends are releasing wonderful books all at the same time. Today, you get a peek at the newest release from the talented and fabulous Kelly Wallace....

Looking For Mr. Right
by Kelly Wallace
ISBN 978-1-59578-465-0

Brandon Right is a stiff and starchy lawyer who must help footloose and carefree Candy Garland find a husband in three weeks or a Beverly Hills mansion and millions of dollars will fall into the hands of a dead man's undeserving family. Brandon is instantly attracted to Candy, but there's no time for an affair, and he certainly isn't in the market for a wife! Candy's knows that a passionate lover exists beneath the cool surface of her newly appointed mentor, but doesn't have time to melt the glacier around his heart. Will they relinquish Mason's fortune for a night of wild passion? What sexy mystery lies in the hidden garden? Will Fred be forgiven?

Read An Excerpt HERE

Monday, June 09, 2008



"Echoes never end when the night begins to whisper."

Since childhood Annalise has listened to the mystifying songs that float over the Devon Moors to her cottage window. Suddenly its lulling gentleness changes into an urgent plea - a glorious Queen has stepped from the mystical world of the Tarot - showing Annalise the figure of a cloaked man, his head bowed to a crippling despair of loss and regret, blinded to the imminent threat of a blood thirsty enemy. He is her chosen and instantly Annalise understands her destiny is entwined with this tortured Nobleman. Only she can touch him...and warn him.

But how could this be? She is a poor peasant girl with humble dreams of being a lace maker like her Aunt Sadie. Yet when she explains the vision to her aunt, Annalise learns of a dark and powerful Venetian Soothsayer who was rumoured throughout Europe to be immortal, a godless soul, lost to roam the earth without love or hope. His name: Medardo de Vale.

The name alone unlocks her inner passion, produces memories of a past life that are not her own, and a love so profound its echo has survived the centuries. Annalise has no other choice but to find him and warn of an impending evil that draws ever closer, an evil that will stop at nothing to procure the secret elixir of Immortality. Will he believe what she says even though it makes no sense to her? And what perilous path might he take her if he does believe? It is a chance she must make.

Medardo de Vale is The Tarot Prince, and the love of a simple peasant girl is his only hope for survival.

Contest: http://ellenashe.blogspot.com/


Paris 1789
She knew him only as the Soothsayer, recommended by her aristocratic friends to cast a prediction, assure her that her choice of a wealthy husband had been wise. She had presented Medardo de Vale with crimson wine and rich foods in a lavish boudoir, all of which he’d accepted with courtly etiquette.

Her intentions, however, went far beyond an interest in prophecy. She meant to seduce him. He would allow her to do so.

“What will happen?” she asked softly.

Like all those before her, she’d asked the wrong question. She shouldn’t have asked what will happen, but what could happen. Fate’s path was not etched in stone. It flowed like a slim silvery stream, winding past obstacles and taking the path of least resistance. She was not to know this, and the Soothsayer, Medardo de Vale, was far too wearied by the philosophies of life to explain.
He removed the Cards from his jewelled gold casket, spreading out those that revealed her choice of husband had not been wise and foretold the strife that would soon befall those who wallowed in opulence and power. She, too, would suffer its consequence. Escape was possible but not probable. As she watched him with glistening blue eyes he lied about her impending fate as not to frighten on these, her last days of life. “You will reap what is owed,” he said. “Your every desire will be fulfilled.”

Her toe rubbed against his leg beneath the table. Painted lips curled to a wicked smile. “I desire you, monsieur.”

He had told her not what was true but what she wanted to hear. And now she would reward him. For one night, he would be her lover. If there was peril involved in such an indiscretion, Medardo de Vale was not concerned. He was unlike other men. Nearly three centuries of anguish had taught him to be fearless. No blade could sever his life from his body. No poison could afflict his blood. Age could not cripple him. Immortality and its twin eternal loneliness were his curse.

He graciously accepted her offer of an illicit tryst. For its duration he might be released from the pain that infected his timeless soul. Even if only temporarily.

Their first kiss was the last. He went to her bed, took pleasure from her pale flesh, but did not offer what wasn’t there to give—love.

The one woman he had loved was dust now. He was condemned to eternity without her. Fate had been unkind because he had learned far too late that he was arrogant man. The road he now followed was endless and barren. He had given the Dragon—the Beast—his soul in exchange for eternal life. The pain of endless life without love was excruciating. All joy had forsaken him. His Cup was empty. It was a cruel punishment, yet likely a justified one. Still, he could forget his trespasses while in a woman’s arms, while buried into the heat of an attentive body. There were only two avenues of pleasure left for Medardo—the passions of the flesh and inhaling the Dragon’s smoke. This night was for flesh. This night he would forget his curse.

In the predawn hour, he gently rose from her bed and dressed.

“Soothsayer,” she whispered. “Must you go so soon?”

He felt sympathy for the future he had seen in her Cards. The city was on the verge of vile upheaval, the barrier between opulence and paucity too vast. In the distance beyond the open shutters, he already heard angry voices, poverty’s cry, boiling into an inevitable revolution. He sat on the edge of her bed, stroked the shadowed line on her throat where the executioner’s blade would fall.

“I must,” he said softly. “Go back to sleep.”

She sighed and turned, returning to her dreams.

He watched her, refusing to judge the morality of either an individual or the society in which they lived. He had drifted through Europe, venturing far, always on the move. He had seen much, the evil in mans’ heart as well as the virtues. But he was not one who could judge any of what he witnessed. He could judge only himself and his own pitiful weaknesses.

This day he would pass from the city, travel farther north to obey an unspoken urge to seek out London. Evil lurked in those streets as well, but if he kept moving, kept hiding, it would not touch him. Only that within him could. That dark void he could never escape.

He fastened his hair behind his head and shrugged into his velvet coat.

Soundlessly, he crept to the table where he picked up the small gold casket that housed his precious Cards. Clutching it to his chest, he closed his eyes. If he inhaled the Dragon’s breath, rapture would open his mind. With the smoke, he could venture inside the Tarot’s mystical domain, sit with the Queen of Chalices and stare at her beauty while listening to her words of wisdom.

Since learning to unlock the door to the Card’s royal realm, he had always been welcomed and given the freedom to move amongst each picture, conversing with every character, great and small. They were his friends. Of late, however, he was too despondent to seek out any, including royalty. Yet by holding the Cards he sensed the Queen’s presence.

Loneliness was at its deepest during the hour before the dawn.

“Forgive me,” he prayed.

“Dardi, my precious Prince.”

He squeezed the box as though clinging to the last fraying threads of hope. “My Queen, I am not worthy of a royal title. Close your Chalice for I am but a pauper in this world. I am less in yours.”

“Lips that are dry more so need the sweet kiss of wine.”

His breath caught. Her poetry had always touched his heart. She presented an ancient wisdom simply, beautifully and eloquently. He had been an eager student of the unseen long before he discovered the path inside the Tarot. He had sought alchemists, teachers, philosophers, sorcerers, and he had walked a dangerous path with the collection of knowledge gained from each. He understood that secrecy was of the utmost importance and that his charm and good looks opened many doors. As a dedicated student he had heard much, even what was unsaid, and quickly combined all he had learned into powerful concoctions. He had discovered that by chasing the Dragon his mind opened even further, guiding him to the feet of the greatest teacher of all—the embodiment of virtue—his Queen. He had vowed to her then that he was her faithful servant. She had accepted his offer. And she had taught him ancient wisdoms in a voice both musical and pure. Her poetry had filled his spirit and swelled in his heart.

But it could not do so now.

Time had darkened that first purity of enthusiasm. Time and, the greatest burden of all, travelling through each day without his one true love.

He bowed his head in mourning. “Dames de Coeur, la foyer est perdue.”

“No, Dardi. Faith is not lost. And Hope is a cherished friend.”

A streak of anger slashed through his breast. “I have no hope,” he protested. “Love lies buried in a Venetian crypt, and I wish to lie there, as well! I am condemned without her!”

“Love never dies. Its echo goes on.”

“I cannot hold an echo! I cannot kiss an echo! I can no longer trust what is beyond my eyes!”

“Faith does not have eyes.”

“Leave me,” he whispered. He was doomed. Surely she saw his plight.

Instantly a white dove fluttered onto the window’s casement. Its pure colour glowed against the darkness of the dimming night.

“Then open your eyes.”

His anger melted. Yet the stain of anguish remained. Through his tears, he watched the dove.
“What does this mean?”

“Peace is at hand.”

“Death has found a way to take me?”

“No, Dardi. The River of Life can only flow in one direction. It may dip beneath the Earth, for a time, far from the eye’s reach, but it surfaces again farther along its course.”

“I have no patience for riddles. I have no strength for answers.”

“A new day begins. Go, precious Prince. Your heart has been reborn. You still have much to learn.”

The dove spread its wings and vanished.

“My Queen, I can no longer believe,” Dardi whispered, slipping the casket into his velvet coat’s pocket. “Forgive me.”

With that, Medardo de Vale stole silently into the night.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Always and Forever

I'm not a huge fan of daytime television, but I stumbled across this earlier and it was so beautiful, so poetic, that I wanted to share it with everyone. It's from an episode of the ABC show "All My Children" and is lovely....

A series of quotes from Marc Chagall, Germaine De Stael, Victor Hugo and Adam Lang:

In our life there is a single color, as on an artist's palette, which provides the meaning in life and art. It is the color of love. Love is the emblem of eternity. It confounds all notion of time, effaces all memory of a beginning, all fear of an end.

Separated lovers find countless mysterious ways of corresponding. By sending each other the song of birds, the scent of flowers, the laughter of children, the light of the sun, the sighing of the wind, and the gleam of the stars–all the beauties of creation. Love is never-ending, nor is it ever begging.

A man is born. A woman is born for him. In the fight to find each other, the perfect moment awaits its destiny. When they meet they know. That's why love is never-ending, nor begging. It is always and forever.

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Prizes and Fun!!!

Hello everyone!

More fun to share. As many of you know, I'm doing a buy one get one free sale until June 14th, so now's your chance to grab a freebie you might not otherwise purchase, and save yourself some cash, too!

The second offer on tap at the moment is fun, too, I hope. It's simple to participate. Sign my guestbook anytime between now and the end of the month, and you will be entered for a prize package of goodies that includes book marks, pens, a CD that contains the book of your choice, plus a few sneak peeks at works in progress, and a couple of other nice surprises. I'll announce the winner here within the first few days of July.

So, you can visit my website, or just click on that little flashing "Sign my Guestbook" icon to the right here!! I'll look forward to reading your comments, and compiling a special prize pack for at least one lucky winner, maybe two!!

Blessings to all...