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Sexy Historical Western COMING SOON!

Winner Take All
Historical/Western Erotica Novella
Coming in 2011 from Moongypsy Press

When Dylan Coulter rides into Sparkling Springs, he quickly discovers the woman who runs the local saloon is worth the risk of facing the hangman. Things get ugly fast when Dylan is accused of killing the only son of the richest rancher in the area. Unwilling to leave her behind, Dylan takes Maggie with him as he tries to dodge bounty hunters and a determined Pinkerton agent who just happens to be Maggie's old love...

Read what the reviewers are saying...

"5 Cups!...Keeps you glued to your seat, reading until all hours. You will discover what someone will do to protect someone they love. This book takes you to the days of the Wild West and gives a whole new meaning to 'Ride 'Em Cowboy.' If you are a Western Lover, this book is for you."—Sherry, Coffee Time Romance

"4 Angels!...An unvarnished look at the 'live by the gun, die by the gun' mentality of the Old West. Maggie is content in her career as a bartender, but when Dylan needs her, she gives up everything to help him out. She?s my favorite kind of heroine?spirited, sassy, and independent. Dylan is a guy in simply the wrong place at the wrong time, but comes to realize that he wants Maggie for more than the short term. A wonderful novella by Denyse Bridger."—Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews

"5 Moons!...Outstanding! Even though the book begins in a rather typical fashion, it is always interesting. Ms. Bridger is a very good narrator, and she builds a sense of suspense and curiosity about the characters and plot throughout the book. She mixes in some interesting historical facts, and the underlying eroticism between Dylan and Maggie makes the book move quickly and evenly. Everyone who is interested in the post-Civil War era will enjoy this book. There are very well-developed supporting characters in this book as well."—Ruth Moderhak, Mystique Books

Read a short excerpt...

At some point in the evening, Maggie had fallen asleep at her work. She was jarred from slumber by the familiar sound of gunshots, but instead of casual interest, this time the sound made her blood run cold. She rose and went to the door that led onto the balcony above the saloon. She opened it cautiously and looking out. Lights were beginning to spark to life in the buildings across the street from the Spur, and the sound of running feet grew louder. She peered at the shadowy alley across the street from Wilkins' Caf?, the alley that had drawn Dylan's attention so many times the previous night, a voice inside her head reminded her. There was someone there now. She caught the briefest glimpse of white, then it was gone.

Heart pounding in her chest, Maggie ran for the door that would take her down to the saloon. She'd just stepped off the flight when there was a low knock on the rear entrance door. Without thinking of consequences, she went and twisted the lock, then opened the heavy panel of wood. Dylan Coulter slipped past her and closed the door.

"What have you done, Dylan?" she asked before she could choose a more tactful way of making the query.

"Do you have any experience pulling bullets out of men, Miss Watson?"

Maggie's knees suddenly felt inadequate to the task of keeping her standing upright.


He stumbled, and she caught him awkwardly, offering what little support she could as he propelled her into the saloon and back to the stairs. Once they reached the short flight, the lamp on the wall halfway up gave her a clear look at him. He was dressed in dove gray tonight, and the pristine white of his shirt was marred by a horrible, expanding stain of crimson.

"You need a doctor, Dylan," she whispered, feeling the color drain from her face.

"They won't send a doctor, Maggie," he said through clenched teeth. "A lynch mob maybe, but not a doctor."


They'd made it to her rooms and he pushed the door open and went to the bed, where he promptly collapsed into unconsciousness. Before she could think more about what was happening, insistent pounding began on the main floor doors. Her gaze went back to Dylan and she obeyed instinct rather than reason...

Coming in 2011 from
Moongypsy Press

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Today it's my pleasure to welcome author Kate Brady. Kate's given me a short interview and a look at a couple of her excellent novels, so I hope you'll all enjoy meeting this talented writer, and learning a bit more about her!

How long have you been writing?

I wrote my first novel about eighteen years ago. But then I stuffed it in a closet, finished my Ph.D, got a new job, moved cross-country, bought a house, got married, had two kids, and worked at my career for the next several years without giving it (or writing) another thought. Much later, when the kids were in school and I had traded the fulltime work force for part-time, I started dabbling again. I dabbled for a few more years before I decided to get serious and join a writers group, enter some contests, and see if this writing-thing was really for me. Even then, it was years before I got up the courage to seek an agent, and when an agent did ask for a full manuscript I waited another two years before sending it to her! (It’s not a path I recommend…) I just couldn’t get my courage up, or conceive of myself as a writer when my whole career had been as a music educator and conductor.

How long have you been a published author?

I’ve been published now for a couple of years. Once I actually SENT a manuscript to an agent, things started happening!

What titles do you have available?

One Scream Away (Grand Central Publishing, 2009) was my first book. It was a double RITA-award nominee (Best Romantic Suspense and Best First Book) and won Best First Book. It has sold in six countries and five languages.

Last to Die (Grand Central Publishing, 2010) is the second book in the series. It came out in September and has sold in four countries so far.

Do you have any new titles coming soon?

I am writing a new series of three more romantic thrillers for Grand Central Publishing. But I don’t know the pub dates for them yet.

What is your favourite genre and why?

Well, of course I’m a fan of suspense and romantic suspense. I’m a sucker for a good cop-story and like good versus evil – especially when the evil is downright creepy and the good is a kick-butt heroine paired with a hot, protective hero. And, I love historicals. I’m sort of a history nerd.

What, to you, is the most exciting part of the writing process?

For me, the exciting part of writing is discovery. Because I’m not a plotter or planner, writing a new story is like opening a Christmas gift, one fold and one corner, and one ribbon at a time. I never know what I’m going to find. I love coming across characters I didn’t know existed, or plot twists I didn’t anticipate. I know it sounds crazy, but if I knew what was going to happen in a book, I think it would take the fun out of it!

Where can readers find you on the web?

Visit my website at:

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Holiday Shopping....

If you're buying one of those nifty eReaders for someone on your gift list, and you're looking for books to load it with - check out my current catalogue - there's something for every taste....

FAVOLA: an Italian fairytale, retold for a more adult audience. Passion, jealousy, and revenge abound:

An ancient heart on the edge of humanity... what happens when obsession takes what it wants, at any cost... FREE at:

The DARK DREAM has begun, fate is about to create a demonic nightmare.... Fiction with a deadly twist:

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GAMES OF SEDUCTION, a new kind of love story has begun.... let us see if it will be the stuff of dreams after all....

SHADES OF DEATH - A full-length novel, now in Paperback - vampires, with a touch of romance and mystery -

Three stories, one kind of hero, pirates anyone? ROGUES-available from -

ROYAL CONSORT- a destiny, a handsome prince, magick and mayhem - epic fantasy adventure in a short novella:

Vengeance is a lethal thing in RETRIBUTION: Silent Death-sizzling hot erotica: - VIDEO -

A sweet, romance tale of love in Roma, BELLA SIGNORINA: - #1 Best-seller for 6 months!

BLOOD WINE AND PALE ROSES-Finalist for Best Book of the Year 2008 - - vampires, vendettas, and sensual romance...

DESCENT INTO DARKNESS-Historical/Vampire (erotic novel)-

HIDDEN IN THE MIST-step into the intrigue of Venice-Erotic/vampire romance -

Action, steamy passion, and plenty of intrigue-SIMPLY THE BEST - Novel -

Victorian London, memories of Jack The Ripper, and a death that reawakens love: THE DEVANE FILES:

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My PASSIONATE KISSES are from all genres, take a sampling here:

Eppie Award Finalist, discover what lies behind the MIRAGE:

In HEART OF STONE, a skilled mercenary discovers the price of love and the lengths a man will go to keep it!

AS FATE DECREES so must even the Gods of Olympus obey. Nominated for a major fantasy award, discover why here:

THE GATES OF INFINITY lead to a different world, passion and deception may yet destroy 2 universes about to collide:

When THE DOMINO EFFECT is put into motion, what betrayals will be necessary to survive a madman's revenge?

Sperimenta la passione... Visit my world of romance and fantasy....

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GUEST: Sandy Lender

Why Should I Read Sandy Lender’s Stuff?
By Sandy Lender

For my current online book tour, the question was posed, “If I’d never heard of me, would I read my book?” Being a fantasy fan at heart, I have to say “yes” to that. I love to find new fantasy books as much as the next reader!

What Choices We Made, Short Stories from the History of Onweald, Volume II, is a quick read, so it’s not asking the reader to make a huge investment of time with a new-to-someone author. It’s 180 pages of short stories, quick notes from the author introducing some items, and a romance-with-scary-stuff novella. The characters throughout are memorable, likeable (although the bad guys are extremely UNlikeable), relatable, well-written, and the type of characters I like to read about (and write).

What gets me about What Choices We Made is the “moving” bits that stand out and tug at my heart when I read it. I had to re-read the manuscript when editing it, and that was several months after NaNoWriMo 2009 when I’d written it. I’d forgotten where the sorrowful parts were or where the hilarious parts were or where the scary parts were, right? So I had moments where an exhausted mother caught me off guard or poor Hrazon (a wizard) had me giggling at the page or a nasty demon had me jumping out of my skin while trying to edit.

That kind of writing is cool no matter who the author is.

Then there’s the ultimate: dragons. I’m known for my dragons—good ones, bad ones, funny ones. I’m the author with the catchy dragon saying on her website: “Some days, you just want the dragon to win.” I’ve been using that since 2006 because, doggonit, there are some days when the dragon slayer needs to be put in his place. In What Choices We Made, Vol II, a helpful dragon makes a brief appearance in The Influential Love Story of Ella and Rohne. I can’t give away what happens with the other dragon, but let’s just say it was one of those sorrowful parts that was as difficult to write as it was to read while editing.

All that to say, the answer is “yes.” Even if I didn’t know who Sandy Lender is, even if I hadn’t read any of my other novels, even if I’d never visited, I’d still want to read What Choices We Made, Short Stories from the History of Onweald, Volume II...

“Some days, you just want the dragon to win.”

The second short story chapbook supporting Sandy Lender's Choices series includes the troubled love story novella: The Influential Love Story of Ella and Rohne. Rated PG for some violence.
Welcome to a world of dragons, magic, sword and sorcery. Dive into the legends tha tmake up the history of the Choices series from established fantasy author Sandy Lender. Both new and familiar characters will enchant you. From families in peril to youth in scrapes, the men and monsters who shaped Onweald politics left epic tales in their wake for you...

As a special treat for Choices readers, this volume includes the love story of Ella and Rohne. She's a general's daughter with quite modern ideas about growing old at her father's side. He's a moody old god who's used to getting His way. When they clash, she elects to run away with one of His guards. Catching the fugitives would be easier if the evil Julette's minions weren't crashing the party with her poisonous plans.

A stand-alone novella that newcomers to the series can enjoy, The Influential Love Story of Ella and Rohne offers suspense, horror, action, fantasy, and a sweet romance when an opinionated young lady faces her future--and a feisty god.

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Coming soon at XoXo Publishing™

A couple of my older titles are coming back with a brand new look, so I thought I'd revisit some of the older reviews, and you could see what's coming soon from me and XoXo Publishing™ - so here's a chance to have a peek:


3 Cups: Whom Gods Have Favored is a very unique look at Pompeii, with the unexpected twist of vampires. The basic plot is good and when the storyline changes readers are shocked. Xina is an interesting but limited character, since all she has known is servitude. This is depicted well by Ms Bridger, as is Xina’s survival instincts. Lucius is very well developed, more interesting and everything one would expect from a General, with absolutely no clichés. There are few redeeming qualities in the background characters, but they do set up the story well. When the storyline switched I had to check to see if it were written by two authors, but both sections are interesting. The sex was great and perfect for the historical setting. The ending was complete but I would also like to read about the changes the couple goes through as their lives progress.

Anya Khan, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

4 Kisses: As noted, the setting of Whom Gods Have Favored is the book’s strongest selling point. The research is evident, and Bridger’s characters are comfortable in their world. Lucius is immediately a strong, sensual character and his desire leaps off the page. Xina, on the other hand, is a little less well defined. She is introduced as a strong, take no prisoners heroine but seems to undergo a personality change when she enters Lucius’s household. I wanted her to show him that spark, because he seemed like a man who finds it both maddening and desirable, but instead Xina retreats into typical slave-girl mode almost immediately. While this is probably more realistic, it was a little disappointing. The attraction between them feels genuine, however, and though the introduction of the paranormal element is only peripherally connected to the main characters until the epilogue, it provided an interesting resolution to the story.

Reviewed by Melanie Hayden
Romance Divas

4 Stars: Set during the time when Rome ruled the world, Whom Gods Have Favored gives us a glimpse of what life would have been like had we live in Pompeii before Mt. Vesuvius destroyed all. Much as I hated reading about the enslavement of women and the helplessness that ensued, it was definitely a part of life and Ms. Bridger did an excellent job of bringing that to view. I found myself loving Lucius, despite the fact that he was a male that was used to getting whatever female he wanted. I felt for Xina, in the fact that even though she was born into a brothel and subjected to naked men, she was an innocent in the true ways of the male, and she was just trying to survive life as a slave. There is a unique twist that takes the story in a whole new direction, and made for an interesting read. The story was a good love story that spanned the ages.

Stacey Landers
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Angels: Whom Gods Have Favored blends history, myth and fiction together to create a darkly sensual work of blood, lust, and death. Denysé M. Bridger will thrill and chill you with her apt capturing of the utter depravity of absolute power, even as she warms your heart with a tale of a passion that lasts eternally. I was sucked right into this story and it never let me go until the final word. Whom Gods Have Favored is the perfect blend of sex and power, made complete by a love that spans the ages.

Reviewed by: Michelle
Fallen Angel Reviews

In Whom Gods Have Favored Denysé M. Bridger brings her characters and their lifestyles vividly to life. She is able to show the tension of the impending eruption, the grandeur of the times, and the decadence of the society. Her characters are rich, strong, and full of life. Xina is a frightened girl when the story begins who has been thrown into a situation that is beyond her control. As the story moves along, Xina grows into a strong woman who is willing to do what she needs to in order to save the man that she has grown to love.

In the beginning of the story, Lucius seemed to be a hard and selfish man and I wondered if I could like him. As I was reading, I could see that he was changing into a kinder man, even though he was reluctant to see or admit the changes even to himself. Lucius’ family gave a whole new meaning to the term dysfunctional family... every member seemed to be searching for something to make themselves feel better and they did not care who they had to hurt to get it. Whom Gods Have Favored is wrought with love, hate, betrayal, lust, and passion with a killer twist at the end. Denysé M. Bridger rocks!!

Reviewed by Gracie
Joyfully Reviewed


4.5 Ribbons
: Rebel Heart is an emotional story and contains the delicate subject matter of the heroine’s past rape. Francesca is a great heroine who just wants to forget the past, but first she must face it in order to move on. This shows a very vulnerable side to her and the emotional stress that she must endure to finally find happiness. Nick is the sensual man who is willing to do whatever it takes to help Francesca get past her rape. His sensitivity will move and touch the reader, and his determination to keep her safe makes him an awesome hero. Love scenes are passionate, but with a deep emotional quality that readers will feel to their very souls. Denysé Bridger has proved time and again what a terrific author she is; this book is one of her best and sure to be a keeper.

Reviewed by Angel Brewer,
Romance Junkies

4.5 Ribbons: REBEL HEART is an emotionally charged example of the writing talents of Denyse Bridger. Frankie has dealt with the upheaval in her life resulting from the attack the only way she knows how. She sheltered herself from anything or anyone who could hurt her, virtually living in a self-imposed seclusion. Nick unintentionally brings past threats back into Frankie’s life, and although he doubts that she will ever want to see him again, he is determined to see her attacker prosecuted and punished, and needs her cooperation in order to make it happen. Frankie has to face the demons from her past so she can move on with her life and allow herself to have a bright, love-filled future. Nick’s tenderness is touching and sweet; he is patient and kind, passionate in his pursuit of Frankie’s heart. Frankie’s pain and fear is realistically written and her softening under Nick’s gentle attentions is heartening. I recommend this book to those readers who enjoy tender romance, sizzling passion and a touch of suspense.

I feel I should note that there is a somewhat violent rape scene in a flashback that involves the heroine, but not the hero. It is essential to understanding Frankie’s emotional state. I personally did not find the rape scene to be troubling or offensive.

Reviewed by Laurie D.
Romance Junkies

4 Stars: Having read Denysé Bridger before, I was anticipating reading Rebel Heart. I was not disappointed. Ms. Bridger has the ability to create a picture with her words that makes it possible to see the story as she has written it. Nick is one hard bodied, sexy Native American man, and I can see why Frankie let her wall fall because of him. There is just something about him that makes one want to tell him everything and let him take care of you. Frankie is definitely carrying baggage, but it isn’t long before she is falling into bed with him. He was definitely a man that knew his way around a woman’s body, and he quickly had Frankie screaming his name!! (a few times actually). Unfortunately, his employer has an evil link to Frankie and it jeopardizes their future. Beautifully written with enough eroticism to make you squirm, Frankie and Nick’s story will keep you reading until the end.

Stacey Landers
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

5 Flags: I liked this novella because it’s a fast-paced read, with interesting characters who made me want to learn more about them and their personality motivations. Nick is truly sexy, but even more, he’s a sympathetic male character with a lot of depth. Francesca is a damaged woman who learns to turn the dangers of the past upside down and find hope for a beautiful future. The story is optimistic and truly has a happy ending, and I appreciated that. The intimacy is extended but not graphic and there is violence, but also not graphically depicted

Reviewed by Annie

3 Cups: Ms. Bridger gives readers a tightly written page turner with interesting characters that hold your attention from the first page to the last. The dialogue, situation, and the resolution all come together with a satisfying ending. I look forward to seeing more of Ms. Bridger’s work in the future.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books