Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Shopping....

If you're buying one of those nifty eReaders for someone on your gift list, and you're looking for books to load it with - check out my current catalogue - there's something for every taste....

FAVOLA: an Italian fairytale, retold for a more adult audience. Passion, jealousy, and revenge abound:

An ancient heart on the edge of humanity... what happens when obsession takes what it wants, at any cost... FREE at:

The DARK DREAM has begun, fate is about to create a demonic nightmare.... Fiction with a deadly twist:

Ancient vampire meets modern cop-she reawakens A WHISPER OF HUMANITY in him. Will it mean death or forever? Find out:

Sensual Treats Magazine, for readers of romance with a sweetly sexy edge. Always FREE, check archives for all issues:

Mystery, murder, and a legend that pre-dates Christianity, it's all here: in Print: or in eBook:

A #1 best-seller at SOLSTICE AFTER DARK - Drop by and get your copy-you can't ask for a better deal... it's FREE!!

GAMES OF SEDUCTION, a new kind of love story has begun.... let us see if it will be the stuff of dreams after all....

SHADES OF DEATH - A full-length novel, now in Paperback - vampires, with a touch of romance and mystery -

Three stories, one kind of hero, pirates anyone? ROGUES-available from -

ROYAL CONSORT- a destiny, a handsome prince, magick and mayhem - epic fantasy adventure in a short novella:

Vengeance is a lethal thing in RETRIBUTION: Silent Death-sizzling hot erotica: - VIDEO -

A sweet, romance tale of love in Roma, BELLA SIGNORINA: - #1 Best-seller for 6 months!

BLOOD WINE AND PALE ROSES-Finalist for Best Book of the Year 2008 - - vampires, vendettas, and sensual romance...

DESCENT INTO DARKNESS-Historical/Vampire (erotic novel)-

HIDDEN IN THE MIST-step into the intrigue of Venice-Erotic/vampire romance -

Action, steamy passion, and plenty of intrigue-SIMPLY THE BEST - Novel -

Victorian London, memories of Jack The Ripper, and a death that reawakens love: THE DEVANE FILES:

Are cowboys your thing? Journey back to the Old West in this HOT western: ANOTHER MAN'S WIFE -

My PASSIONATE KISSES are from all genres, take a sampling here:

Eppie Award Finalist, discover what lies behind the MIRAGE:

In HEART OF STONE, a skilled mercenary discovers the price of love and the lengths a man will go to keep it!

AS FATE DECREES so must even the Gods of Olympus obey. Nominated for a major fantasy award, discover why here:

THE GATES OF INFINITY lead to a different world, passion and deception may yet destroy 2 universes about to collide:

When THE DOMINO EFFECT is put into motion, what betrayals will be necessary to survive a madman's revenge?

Sperimenta la passione... Visit my world of romance and fantasy....

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