Thursday, November 30, 2006

4 Angels for SIMPLY THE BEST

Contemporary Action/Adventure romance

4 Angels: Simply The Best is an amazing book that I did not want to put down! Ms. Bridger has created exceptional characters that will touch the reader’s heart. Kaylee and Max are wonderful together as they struggle to make their relationship work. The passion between Max and Kaylee is countered beautifully by the emotional ties pulling them together again and again. I enjoyed that even though Max’s secret life frightened Kaylee, she was unwilling to use that as a reason to end their relationship.

Reviewed by: Tewanda for Fallen Angel Reviews

To read an excerpt: Simply The Best

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Issue One of Romance and Fantasy

The first issue of my monthly Newsletter was posted this morning. Anyone who'd like to receive future issues, please feel free to sign up via email through the subscription box below. This is not a chat group, and you will receive only one mailing every 4-6 weeks. To look at Issue One, you will have to visit the site, however, or send me an email request at:
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Friday, November 24, 2006

Devane 1: OUT OF HELL Review

The Devane Files Book One: OUT OF HELL
Genre: Historical/Victorian Romance/Mystery
Rating: 5 Flags
Reviewed by Cathie for EURO-REVIEWS

Out Of Hell is an astonishing first book in the historical romance mystery series The Devane Files by Denyse Bridger. The book is so smooth, flowing and organized so that the reader can fall into the story in the first pages. The author, Denyse Bridger, gives the reader a hero with a pure tortured soul that will have the reader on an emotional roller coaster along with Devane. There's no way to avoid having empathy with the characters in this book. The uniqueness of this historical romance series is one that the author should be recognized for. Her creating a series that will make readers anticipate each book, and to wish this series is one that will continue on indefinitely telling more of Devane and Bethany's romance, and the mysteries uniquely developed in the books, as well as following their healing from their past and present as well as future. Devane and Bethany's romance within the story was so sensually romantic, with tenderness as well as intensity, that the love between them was beautiful to read. Hours and days after reading this book, readers will continue to have thoughts of Devane and Bethany with a sigh of contentment, joy and anticipation of more to come.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Romance and Fantasy

The new opening page for my website.
An original artwork by the amazing Maggie B. Lawlor

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Rebel Knight 3: Spirit's Edge

Yes, it's finally finished, and posted! So, if you've been waiting, the third installment of Rebel Knight is on the AMC1902 site.

Rebel Knight: Spirit's Edge

Monday, November 20, 2006


Okay, I'm at SEx today, and there's a lot of chatting happening. We're talking historical romances, their appeal, what you like, what you don't... So, please do stop by and put in your two cents worth. There's a nice prize to be won at the end of the day, too!!

SEx: Silver Expressions Blog

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Promo site for Authors and Readers!

Lani Aames has her newsgroup set up as a promotional site for authors who want to post blurbs, announcements and anything else related to promoting their books. So, if you're not already a member, drop over and sign up so you can make use of this great way to reach a lot of new readers who are probably going to love your books!! Readers, sign up and read all about the great new books coming your way!!

Moonlight Fantasy

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Busier than ever...

Well, another week almost done, and I still don’t know where the time is going. The STUDS ‘R US collection is due in a couple of weeks, and the stories are starting to arrive, so now all I have to do is find the time to read everything!

For those of you who aren’t part of the newsgroup, things are jumping there more and more and lots of new things will be popping up over the next month as we all get into the spirit of Christmas and giving. Feel free to join us at any time and offer your suggestions, as well as participate in the giveaways and contests that will be going on.

Book Two of The Devane Files (An Unspoken Betrayal) is due for release on December 11th, and despite my absolute devotion to this character it is at this time unlikely we’ll go further into the series. The sales are abysmal and I love the character too much to struggle further with the series. Victorian England is a period that is close to my heart, but I can’t keep writing what no one wants to read, so it’s on to other things.

The third installment of the American Motorcycle Company’s serial, Rebel Knight, is about ready to go, so if you’ve been following Nick’s story, watch for the announcement that the newest chapter is available after much delay. I’m already working on Chapter Four in hopes that another delay between the segments can be avoided. RK3 is called Spirit’s Edge and takes our hero into that dark place in his soul where he clings to the memory of his wife and tries not to let his spirit die with her. It was a tricky one to write.

Next year my first book with Samhain Publishing will be released. The title of this piece is Another Man’s Wife, and it’s an expanded reprint of my Amber Quill title A Safer Haven. Tentative date is for June, and I’ll keep you posted here and at MySpace, as well as the newsletter and group. I don’t have a date for the vampire thriller that will be released at Forbidden Publications, but it’s called A Whisper of Humanity. Another contemporary Action Thriller with a martial arts flavour is also due out in the coming year, it's a short story called Silent Death and will be published by New Concepts Publishing. My second Samhain submission is pending, but if accepted it's an erotic fantasy about other-world pirates called The Gates of Infinity, and is a novella-length tale of adventure.

Always a lot going on these days so stay tuned!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

SEx tomorrow...

All right, here's the official reminder. The new book will be available in a couple of hours, and tomorrow I'll be blogging at the LSB blog. There will be a draw for two copies of The Domino Effect at the end of the day, so drop in and comment on the topic of the day!! Last release about 2 dozen folks left comments, so let's see if we can beat that one this month!!

As always, thanks for all your interest and support!!

Silver Expressions Blog

The Domino Effect

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Descent Into Darkness review

Title: Descent Into Darkness
Author: Denyse Bridger
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 1-59578-284-2
Reviewer: Morgan Grey,
For Just Erotic Romance Reviews
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Heat level: S

Alexander’s story unfolds over the centuries and settles in during a time in his life when he was most wistful. It is the early 1700’s and Alexander and his “children” have come across an inn where they meet Amberlaine. Forlorn and despondent, Amberlaine wishes to end her existence as the wife of the ruthless and harsh inn owner, Thom. Her greatest desires are about to come true when three strangers appear along with the dark of the night. Her allure to them is unwavering and it is about to be reciprocated.

Alexander is quite the seducer! His powerful and commanding presence had me weak in the knees. But make no mistake, he is a vampire and is therefore characteristically evil. I absolutely loved this about him. He has so many layers. He has a dark side and a seductive side. I couldn’t help the fear growing in my heart as I devoured Amberlaine’s unfaltering devotion for him. Given her current, unforgiving circumstances, I found myself supporting her ultimate surrender to Alexander and it was highly fascinating to witness her personality transformation. Julian and Diana, Alexander’s children, are also riveting characters. They harbor conflicting emotions towards Alexander. They both love and fear their master, and are sometimes weary of his decisions. The plot of this dark and deadly tale had me quivering from head to toe, but unfortunately, the sex in this book left me still. It was seductive and plentiful, but didn’t live up to what I would have expected from characters of this caliber. The ending was a little frustrating with plenty of strings left tangled, leaving me to wonder if there will be a follow-up book. Nevertheless, the characters in this story were fascinating and I was hooked on the haunting, memorable evil that was portrayed. Descent Into Darkness is a twisted look into the dark side of vampires and was nicely executed.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Coming next week...

Genre: Contemporary Action/Suspense
ISBN: 1-59578-285-0
Date: November 13th, 2006
Cover by: April Martinez
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Ex-intelligence operative Martin Fowler is a man with a dangerous past, filled with casual liaisons and complex betrayals. In his old mentor’s daughter, Martin’s found happiness and trust for perhaps the first time in his life. But, that peace is about to be tested when an old enemy kidnaps Martin’s lover and a mutual friend, and to stay alive they must engage is a betrayal of their own…

Read an excerpt:

Christian Baines dropped into the chair that his host indicated and waited. The man walked around the large, mahogany desk that dominated the study and settled into the cushioned seat of the chair behind it.

“My name is Steven Ayers, Doctor Baines, and unless you cooperate with me, you will be responsible for the death of Daniella Renault.”

Christ! Baines thought, that was direct and to the point, wasn’t it? He regulated his expression, careful to keep the depth of his concern from his face. He leaned back and nodded, the gesture speaking for itself.

“You’re a very cautious man, Doctor,” Ayers smiled, no warmth at all in the shift of expression. “And a reasonable one, I hope.”

“Maybe you should just cut to the chase here, and tell me what the hell you want from me and Daniella.”

“From Daniella, nothing,” Steven said, anger settling into his green gaze. “She’s merely the tool I am using.”

“To what end, for Christ’s sake?” Baines demanded, suddenly furious in the face of this eerie calm. He rose only to be immediately pushed back into his chair. He glanced over his shoulder, saw the man who’d been with Ayers when they were picked up, and he made a conscious decision to be more careful. The last thing they needed was for him to get heroic and have them shot for the effort. “She’s just a scared young woman, Ayers. And one of the few truly decent ones I’ve ever met. If you want anything from me, you’d best leave her to hell alone!”

“I merely want you to do what I’m sure you’ve been wanting to do for some time now,” Ayers replied with no trace of Baines’ anger.

“You might want to explain that,” Chris pointed out. “It’s been a rough day, and I seem to be missing something.”

“I simply want you to sleep with Martin Fowler’s lover,” Steven said softly, watching the brown eyes for reaction.

Laughter was the probably last thing the man had anticipated, yet Baines did precisely that; Chris shook his head at the absurdity of the idea and laughed in Ayers face.

“You’re out of your mind if you think I have any intention of touching that girl for your pleasure,” Chris decreed. The disbelief was rapidly being replaced by anger, and he eased back into his seat and waited.

“Would you rather I let one of my men enjoy her company?” Ayers asked, a hint of irritation creeping into his tone.

It didn’t take Chris long to realize that the man was being perfectly serious and he felt a tremor of apprehension working up his spine at the recognition. He’d seen only two other men since their arrival at this house outside the city limits, and he was sure neither of them would hesitate to do whatever Ayers wanted.

“Why?” he asked, sincerely wanting an answer. “What the hell will destroying Daniella accomplish for you.”

“It’s not Daniella’s destruction I want, Baines,” Steven said in a low voice. “I owe her lover a debt of blood—your cooperation will determine whether Fowler pays that price, or if it will be this child you both love so much.”

Chris felt an invisible trap springing shut, and panic lit a flame of urgency within him. There had to be more to it than he was being told, having him make love to Daniella wouldn’t hurt Martin, unless... Jesus! he thought, they were going to take pictures, or something equally appealing. Still, he hadn’t figured any other options available, yet.

“If I agree to this, what the hell makes you think Daniella will? She loves Fowler; she sure as hell won’t betray that willingly.”

“Well,” Steven laughed, satisfaction coloring the sound. “At least we know the idea isn’t altogether unattractive to you. She’s a beautiful woman, though, isn’t she? It would be a pity to have to change that.”

“She won’t go along with this,” Chris repeated, trying to keep the hint of despair from his tone. He could feel the noose tightening and knew he was losing the battle to keep Daniella safe.

“Then you’ll have to persuade her, won’t you?” Ayers told him, ice in the words. “You’re a doctor, Baines, I assume you can administer something that will make her more than willing to share your bed for us.”

“You want me to drug her, then betray her.” Chris closed his eyes and felt the sting of tears amid his rage. If he did this, and there was little choice but to do it, he’d be betraying something very precious to him, Daniella’s trust. It would be a bitter loss.

“The alternative is to give her to Eddie,” Steven said, his nod indicating the man standing at the door. “He really is very anxious to have you decline.”

I’ll bet! Chris thought in a wave of loathing. “I haven’t got anything to give her,” he stalled, knowing it would be futile.

“Tell me what you’ll need, and I’ll see that you have it once we arrange things.”

Baines said nothing, and when he stood up this time, he was allowed to leave the study. A hand on his arm pointed him back toward the room he’d left Daniella in earlier. He walked ahead of Eddie and tried to think of some way to refuse Ayers, a way that wouldn’t get Daniella killed, or raped by the imposing bulk presently following Chris’ every movement. He was stopped at the door. Eddie unlocked it, then flung Baines into the room. The slam of the door registered in the same instant as Daniella’s absence, and Chris launched himself at the closed exit.

He barely suppressed the enraged shout that rose in his throat, but he stumbled back and flopped onto the bed, refusing to voice his panic for their amusement. He shuddered into a tremor of impotent fury as the truth of his predicament sank in for perhaps the first time. He was expected to seduce one of his closest friends, betray everything she held dear, and still hope that Daniella would understand if they both survived the mess.

Then there was Martin.

Chris collapsed on the bed and moaned softly in an agony that was pure emotional turmoil. It wouldn’t matter if he survived this; the reprieve would be brief because if he did what they wanted of him, Fowler was certain to kill him…

Monday, November 06, 2006

MUSIC site

Okay, a really good friend of mine just sent this link to me. Her husband is the Brock Smith on the website page, and his music is really nice!!! So, take a minute, relax, and enjoy some of the samples that are accessible on this page.

Don Siemen's Blues Club

It's jazzy listening music, and feel free to pass the URL if you know anyone else who may be interested.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Good Morning from Hawaii!

Debuting tomorrow is Branscombe Richmond's new TV show, a morning chat fest that is informal and fun from what I've been told! Check out the new website, which will be fully active very soon. Also, coming by the New Year, the site will host a brand-new romance serial written by me, and approved by Branscombe. Chapters will begin appearing on the Hawaii website as soon as all the details are worked out and I have a draft we both like. If you're lucky enough to get this show, let the rest of us know how it is, okay?

Click on the banner to go to the Official Website.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A little smoulder and sex appeal...

My favourite fantasy...

October FREE eBook Winner

Congratulations to this month's winner of a free eBook from my catalogue. October winner is: caity_mack

Thanks for entering, Cathy. I hope you enjoy your book.

Everyone else, feel free to enter any time!! Just pick a title in my eBooks, send me a mail with your choice of title and format, and you're entered!! Contest ends next June.


An image for the Newsletter

Romance and Fantasy

Okay, tell me what it means to you? Image wise that is? I am having a beautiful one-of-a-kind art card done for my Newsletter, Romance and Fantasy, something that will become my logo or the nesletter trademark. The artist needs input and I'm drawing blanks, so if you have anything you'd like to toss into the mix, please let me hear it, okay?!? The person who comes up with an idea that we can use will get the choice of any of my eBooks, and a signed colour print of that book's cover.


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