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GUEST: Brita Addams

Today, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Romance Author BRITA ADDAMS. We did a brief interview, and I think you'll agree, she's a charming and fun guest! So, meet this talented author and hear about her work....

Denysé: From what I see on your website, you write some very cool and naughty books! ;) Why have you chosen the erotic genre?

Brita: It is simple to answer – sex sells. I wish there was a better answer, but that is it. I enjoy reading erotic romance and I know others do as well. Therefore, I write what people want.

Denysé: A lot of writers take a “seat of their pants” approach to writing, is that the way you approach it, or do you keep the story in your head and write it?

Brita: I develop the beginning of the story completely and have a general idea where the story will go. However, I don't outline but take notes. I have a full main character listing and add as characters appear. I have a full description of the main characters, including their hair and eye color, disposition, and basically what makes them tick.

Denysé: Do your characters dictate plot twists that you just run with, or do you keep them in line?

Brita: They definitely dictate plot twists. I have actually sat down to write one thing and find myself taking the story in a different direction because the characters have decided to take a detour. Truly, I think it makes for a better story.

Denysé: What styles of books do you most enjoy writing?

Brita: Of course, I love a book with a happy ending, whether I am reading or writing. I love historical romance, particularly Regency.

Denysé: If were attempting to "sell" yourself to a new reader, what would you tell them about your work, and why they might enjoy it?

Brita: A reader should know that I write stories with characters who find themselves going about finding love sometimes in rather circuitous routes. My stories are about characters as real as I can make them, with feelings and actions people can identify with. Of course there are things they do that are extraordinary, and that is what gives readers the feeling that they are living in another world.

Brita Addams writes erotic Regency romance, with raucous sex and feisty characters. I use my real name, Tina Ordone when I write sensual but what would be considered more traditional Regencies.

Denysé: In an ideal world, how much time would you devote to your writing, as opposed to how much time you realistically have to devote to it around “real-life” and its demands?

Brita: I am very fortunate to be able to devote as much time as I want to writing. My husband and I are retired and our children are grown, so we have no dictates on our time in that regard. It is an ideal time in my life to write.

Denysé: Which do you prefer, erotic or non-erotic, as a reader, and as an author?

Brita: My preferences vary. I confess, as a reader, I enjoy a solid story with sex woven in. I like erotic or sensual equally as well. As a writer, I like a story with sex that fits the story. For instance, Serenity's Dream takes place at the Sapphire Club, a sex club owned by the hero, Lucien Damrill. The erotic sex that takes place at the club is varied, as dictated by the story.

Denysé: Do you ever push the envelope solely to test yourself, then edit it out of your final draft, or do you challenge your readers to keep up with you?

Brita: I can't say that I have ever done that, but I have certainly written things that I said later, "No I can't put that in there." Never purposely though.

Denysé: What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment thus far as an author, and what is the thing you want most to achieve in future?

Brita: I think my greatest accomplishment as an author is simply to finish writing my first book, which was not Serenity's Dream. I write a novel called, She Wouldn't Be Denied, which is a 120,000 word manuscript that I simply love. Due to its length, it has never seen the light of day. However, since then, I have finished seven novels, four of which have been accepted by Noble Romance. That is quite an accomplishment I'd say.

The thing I most want in the future is to be a respected author of erotic and non-erotic books that readers enjoy reading. When I see my books being recommended by people who have already them, I will feel very good about my craft.

Thanks, Brita, for being my guest today and telling us more about your books, and your experience as a writer.

Brita: Thank you Denyse. I appreciate being your guest. I love hearing from readers and I can be found in various places:


My book Serenity's Dream can be found at:
Noble Romance

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Scandalous Books and other things of interest!

Recently, I was checking out a friend's website - it's always filled with stuff that enchants me - and I came upon one of her new blogs! Scandalous Books - sounded too good to miss, so I clicked and became immersed in yet another of Mirella Sichirollo Patzer's adventures! Apart from the fact that the first discovery was a FREE eBook called A Sicilian Romance - had to have that!! - I began scanning posts only to discover that she has very generously been taking the time to format other fabulous novels - and she charges a nominal fee for the downloads - when was the last time you bought an eBook that was over 500 pages in length, and all it cost you was $1 - yes, you did read that right, only ONE DOLLAR.

So, if you like historical fiction, from many eras, you just might want to stop by this site and the first treat you can get is for free... Can you resist this:

A Sicilian Romance
by Ann Radcliffe


A Sicilian Romance is one of my all time favourite classic novels. It is one of the first, if not the first, gothic novel.

The story is about the the turbulent history of the fallen aristocrats of the house of Mazzini, on the northern shore of Sicily, as related by a tourist who becomes intrigued by the stories of a monk he meets in the ruins of their doomed castle.

The novel explores the "cavernous landscapes and labyrinthine passages of Sicily's castles and convents to reveal the shameful secrets of its all-powerful aristocracy." You can download it for free here: A Sicilian Romance

You can visit Mirella's sites here, she's a talented author, and a keen historian, and I can guarantee you will love exploring her many projects!

Mirella Patzer
Mirella's Website
Historical Novel Review Blog
History and Women Blog

Monday, June 07, 2010

ROGUES: A review...

Author: Denysé Bridger
Publisher: Solstice Publishing
Genre: Historical/Pirates
Publication date: March 2010
Pages: 132
Reviewer: Tina


I really enjoyed all these three pirate tales. They have a sensuality that kept me turning pages and the hint of danger that kept me glued to the pages. In the future, I hope to read many more tales by Ms. Bridger about pirates and the daring women who love them. The high seas will never be the same now that Ms. Bridger has unleashed her pirates.

Read the full review HERE

Sunday, June 06, 2010

A Time To Remember


Sometimes we are given the opportunity to speak about something that is not only important, but vital to other lives. When I asked some friends if there was anything at all I could do to draw attention to the on-going and ever-present need in L'Aquila, Italy - I was told to do what I know best - to write and remind people that despite the passage of a year - the rebuilding of this amazing city is still in the infant stages.

Italy is not a struggling third world country, but that does not mean it hurts less when not only the land itself is torn apart, but the wonderful people of this special country are lost to death. There were small villages destroyed entirely when the 6.3 magnitude quake hit on the 6th of April, 2009 - the losses suffered are heart-breaking. Those still without homes are in the range of 48,000. Even the pets are homeless, so many of them orphans because their people have died, or simply been forced to leave them behind.

Many of you know Riccardo Foresi through me, his music will soon be heard by everyone, I'm sure... I turned to Riccardo when I was asked to do this special article. This was close to his home, and I knew he'd lived that terrible night firsthand. He was gracious, as he always is, and he helped me to write.... if you click on the image above, you will see what he has to say, and what I learned in my research. You will meet the special people who own the site Life In Abruzzo, Abruzzo being the province where L'Aquila is. Read this, it's important - and then tell others. ALL donations, however small, they make a difference - remembering makes a difference because these courageous and beautiful people then know they have not been forgotten by the rest of the world. People have to care...

This is from the Life In Abruzzo site - reposted here with full permission:

The story of L’Aquila should be kept in the news and pressure applied onto both local Abruzzo and Italy’s national governing bodies for restoring or offering serious, viable alternatives in housing for the people whose homes have been completely lost. Drifting & corruption issues haven’t got 48,810 people who were assisted away from their L’Aquila homes still very far in the past year apart from the erection of wall-to-wall scaffolding, whilst 16,641 have been re-housed at this time in temporary accommodation.

You don’t need to be a descendant or have even visited L’Aquila or one of the local villages to support the rebuild; yes it is in a developed country within Europe, but in the same way that we support NGOs rebuilding developing nations the same support & pressure on the Italian government to keep their promise should be applied to L’Aquila.

So, remember, and do what you can to make a difference, however small a thing it may seem.


Slow Food has launched an international fundraising effort to assist the victims of the Abruzzo earthquake.

Progress Reports

Friday, June 04, 2010

Wild week.....

Hello everyone!!

It's been one crazy week here, and I've been MIA all over - I know, probably a massive relief to many, but hey, I'm back!! *LOL* So, to get us all up to speed on the immediate news, here we go....

TODAY I will be hanging out all day at the Coffeetime Romance Blog, we'll be chatting about lots of stuff, throwing a contest or two, and just generally - I hope - having some fun together. So, please, if you have a moment, drop by, let me know what you'd like to talk about, ask a question - whatever is on your mind - ok??

For those of you who have been following the online magazine I do - Sensual Treats - the June issue - one year anniversary! - was posted on June 1st, and it's our biggest issue yet! In keeping with the theme of romance, it's an ALL ITALY feature issue.... the entire backlist if available of course, and it's always FREE! Visit the website, look around there - because the website has stuff different to the magazine itself. ALL issues of the magazine are on the Archives page!

I've had six new releases this year, and I'll be talking about all of them over at Coffeetime today - everything from paranormal to high fantasy, to deeply erotic romance that is based on real-life.... So, lots of fun!!!

Let's rock and roll! I will also have a very important announcement to make a little later today, too.

Be seein' ya soon!

Blessings & Hugs to all....