Friday, October 29, 2010

Paranormal Intrigue: HIDDEN IN THE MIST

Available now from Ravenous Romance:

Erotic/vampire romance
Price: $1.99


The misty evening air of a winter in Venice cloaks many things, and many people.... Some are passionate lovers meeting secretly, hoping for stolen moments..... others are merely the cutthroats and thieves that plague any city filled with the wealth of visitors and citizens who reside in palaces.....

But what else lies hidden in the mist? Cloaked and dangerous, lethally alluring.... One woman is determined to find out....

Driven half mad by the death of her lover, she is drawn into the night.... The voice of an angel lures.... each perfect note beckons and promises untold pleasures.... until, finally, a broken heart succumbs to desire.... and Fate weaves a new thread into the tapestry that is the mystery of life itself....


He continued to sing, the lyrical, lilting Italian words caressing her spirit and pulling her closer to him. When she finally stepped into the chamber where he was, she stared in wonder. The room was lit with what appeared to be a thousand candles, their soft glow reflecting off the polished wooden floor and throwing frenetic shadows everywhere. Seated at the piano was a slender man, dressed all in black. His hair was dark, and the hands that whispered over the keys of the instrument were long-fingered and elegant. Hands shaped for making love in any form he chose.

He played the last notes of the mesmerizing song and slowly turned to look at her. His dark eyes glittered, flames dancing wildly in their ebony depths, and he held out his hand to draw her forward. She went to him and dropped to her knees, head bowed, tears streaking her face as she let the hood of her cape fall to hide her shame.

“You came to end my life. Why?”

“I cannot bear the pain of not knowing you.”

“But you do know me. I am part of you.”

“You are madness!” She retorted with real anger surging into her being, giving her strength and making her look up at him. “You have taken everything!”

“I took nothing,” he admonished with gentle warmth. “I am part of you.”

“How can that be?”

He smiled. She felt the kiss of his indulgence touch her heart.

“You created me,” he murmured. “The night he died, you gave me life.”

She was confused, and the room was suddenly growing colder with each beat of her heart.

“Why did you let me find you?”

He tilted his head to one side and considered her question.

“Perhaps because it is time for me to return the gift of life to you, tesoro mio?”

“You can’t, my love,” she whispered, the quiet words shaken and harsh. “There is no life for me now.”

“There is always life in death, amore,” he murmured as he leaned closer and pried the blade from her hand beneath the heavy cloak. “Let me show you forever.”

She gasped in fright and pain as he slashed the dagger’s edge across her palm and brought the bleeding hand to his mouth. When his tongue played over her flesh she felt the mists of the night invade her brain, and blackness reached out to pull her into a chasm that exploded into fire racing along her veins… As the world changed around her and within her, she heard his sweet voice whispering to her…

There is always life in death, amore… when I am death… come with me, share our journey…


She heard the word, distant, torn from her soul purely by the power and depth of her need to know him, to know all of him, at whatever price he asked. The ache in her body pulled at her, made her feel light and heavy with conflicting desires.

The dagger flashed again, slowly, gently slicing through the tie that held her cape together at her throat. It slid away and he smiled with satisfaction when he saw the crimson silk she wore, a simple dress that wrapped around her like the arms of a lover… She had been wearing this pretty gown the night they’d first seen each other, choosing it had seem right somehow.

The gleaming stiletto blade moved once more, and candlelight flickered against the shining silver as he delicately cut the tie that held the dress up. He set the knife on the piano and with the backs of his hands barely touching her skin, he smoothed the shape of her collarbones, then retraced them with the sensitive pads of his fingertips. The calluses from hours spent playing the piano added another sensual layer to the rippling sensation that was fanning outward, running though her veins like blood.....


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Contest Winners!

Winner of my two XoXo Publishing releases is:

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Celebrating with a CONTEST!

In the past couple of months I've had a successful series of new releases, two within a few days of each other. The stories, as usual, are quite diverse, but everyone seems to have embraced the multiple styles yet again - something for which I am eternally grateful.

I thought it was time to celebrate a little and offer a couple of free books to readers who've been taking the time to chase me around as I promote.

Last night I did a really interesting interview, and it's posted here:


To enter this contest, you'll have to drop in and check out the interview and answer a simple question here for me. Contest closes Saturday, 23rd October, at midnight, Eastern US Time. I'll announce the winner on Sunday.

Prizes you say? How about your choice of not one, but two of the following recently released titles:

a best-seller at XoXo Publishing™


a spooky short thriller with a touch of horror, XoXo Publishing™


an action thriller and highly erotic romance from Solstice Publishing

And, if you want ALL three, for every person who leaves a comment here, AND signs up for my newsletter, you'll be eligible for the set of three titles.

QUESTION: Name three of the authors I've spoken about in the interview.

(The newsletter is done every 6-8 weeks, so you only get about 10 emails a year.)

If you want to chat every day, or promo freely if you're an author, my newsgroup is open, as well. You can find us here:

So, let's have some fun!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The DARK DREAM continues....

This is one of those strange stories that came about from an actual dream... it was distrubing, but vivid and intense, so I wrote notes when I woke up and knew there was a story to be told when it felt right.... so, what better time than Halloween? XoXo Publishing™ took a chance on releasing this unusual piece, it's part romance, part horror... but I do hope it's entertaining.

Price: $0.99


She heard the noises that wafted back to her on the breeze, and the scent of blood made her turn away. She threw up in the sand, retching repeatedly. The rhythmic pulsing had now become doubled, two heartbeats, one in each ear–one was growing stronger and the other was dying...slipping into quiescence as she choked and gasped for air to continue breathing.

The night was growing darker. Impossible she knew, but it was happening. Somehow, the light of the moon was fading into a dull steel grey, not the shimmering silver it had been only minutes earlier. When she looked up at it, her mind recoiled in horror as it began to change color again. Scarlet tendrils were seeping downward, the trickle of crimson blood-like, as though the world itself was pouring out gore. Not a gushing sputter, but a slow, leeching kind of death that was going to swallow her sanity before it consumed her life.

Out of the shadows there was once again the sensation of movement. This time she staggered to her feet, poised to run before she died. There was a single moment, between two pulses of madness, when she felt total peace permeate her soul. It was fleeting, but in the span of two heartbeats, she found understanding that she was somehow safer than she had been since she had run, chasing after the handsome boy.

From the murkiness she heard a soft sigh of sound, a whisper that reached into her terrified mind and calmed it.

He’s gone. Let the beast feed and retreat.

It was a voice she’d heard before. She did not know from where.

“He’s dead, isn’t he?” Before there was time for an answer, she bent over, arms crossed over her midriff, the sense of being torn in half an anguish that rose from deep within her. “Why?” It felt like a scream inside her head. In reality, it was barely a whisper.

Because your fate was not his, that’s why I am here. To see that you survive.

The answers were spoken in calm, soothing murmurs that drifted to her on the merest ruffle of air. She sat back on her heels and tried to stand, but she was held fast in the shifting, damp sand. Tentacles rose from out of the tumultuous ground and coiled around her ankles, holding her in place.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

GUEST: Sherry Gloag

Please welcome my special guest today, Author Sherry Gloag:

“Did you hear that! Did you?”

Gina’s fists crashed down on my desk as she screeched to a halt in front of me. One glance at her face told me I’d get little to no writing done until I heard her out.

“No. What are who saying?”

“The people at the shop!” Her hand sliced through the air. “You know, where you have arranged your book signing!” Her glare implied only a fool would not know that.

“So, what are they saying?” I prompted when she failed to follow through.

“They say I am a fantasy! A fantasy! Are they mad? How can I be a fantasy when I am real?” She spun away, scattering my paperwork across the floor as she went. I swallowed my sigh and waited. Gina rarely erupted, but when she did, Mount St Helens would have a hard time competing with her. “And what about Ben?” she spat. “Does that mean he is a figment of my imagination?”

Well, no, I thought, you are both figments of my imagination, but just in time I saw the wisdom of keeping my mouth shut.

“On the contrary,” I soothed, “you became real the moment you turned up on the pages on my story.”

Somewhat mollified, Gina dropped onto the loveseat near the window. “And that makes me real?”

“You exist, but perhaps in another dimension.”

“What are you saying?” Her chin thrust forward and her eyes flashed a warning. “I am some sort of ghost? That everyone in The Brat is a ghost?”

“That’s an unusual way of describing yourselves, but I suppose…” I weighed up my options with care, “…it is one way of putting it. After all, the readers of your story can’t physically touch you. They relate with you emotionally…”

“But there must be more to it than that?”

“Well, yes and no. It depends upon how closely the reader connects with you. If they become so absorbed in the story, they forget their surroundings then you become as real to them as if you are a physical friend.”

“And when they finish the book what then?”

“Again, it depends on the impact you have made upon your reader.” Geese, where was this conversation going?

“Someone else said they couldn’t stop thinking about the characters,” she paused, then smiled, “that’s us!”

“Yes that’s you,” I agreed.

Gina’s smile widened. “So we continue to be their friends even when they finish The Brat?”

“It would be nice to think so,” I agreed cautiously. “Did you mention this to Ben?”

I watched as Gina’s face pinkened when she nodded.

“And what did he say?”

“That I was silly to get so upset. He said no one’s life is problem-free, and together we faced ours and overcame them, and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.”

“Well,” I said. “I tend to agree with Ben.”

For a moment her gaze held mine. She stood, nodded, and headed for the door. With her hand on the knob she glanced back at me, and smiled. “You are right. Both of you, you are right.”

BLURB: Gina Williams is a 35-year-old famous children’s author, who also writes detective mysteries under the name of George Williamson.

She was robbed of her childhood when aged ten by the late mother of the hero, Ben Kouvaris.
When he was ten-years-old his mother sent him to her ex Theo Kouvaris, multi-millionaire, who lives in Greece. When he returns to her funeral he is haunted by the beautiful woman who organised the funeral.

When his father orders him to marry he thinks of Gina Williams.

They have to overcome the horrors of the past and forgive their parents for their betrayals. Will their past destroy their future?

The Brat – Excerpt: Pg 198

“You’re no better than your mother. I was a child when your mother ordered my life, but I’m a grown woman now and won’t be ordered around by you or anyone else. So don’t stand there sanctimoniously telling me it is your right to control my life for the next ten months. And when they end, what then? You drop your control, just like that? I doubt it. There’s not a Kouvaris on this planet that isn’t a control freak.”

She drew in a deep breath, glared at him when she came to a brief stop in front of him. “You’ll keep tabs on me, tell me what to do and when…”

“Why would I do that?” Cold as steel, Ben’s voice cut across her tirade, but it didn’t stop her.

“Because you’ll tell me it will impact on your reputation, or the company profile, or the value of the shares. How would I know? You’ll have a reason and expect me to abide by your ruling.” She spun away from him and back again. “Oh, I nearly forgot. As your ex-wife, someone may use me to get to you. Wasn’t that how you put it when we arrived in Greece?”

Hands fisted on her hips, her hair plastered against her fiery cheeks, she watched the colour climb up his neck and into his face. Until she heard the words hang in the air, she hadn’t known they were there. But she knew they’d hit their target head on.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Party Devil by Lisa FitzPatrick

A couple of days ago I posted a challenge on my newsgroup, the idea was to tell a story in a single page, or at least within a 1000 word limit. Few rose to the challenge, but Lisa was one of the ones who did... I loved her story, so here it is.... enjoy!!

by Dr. Lisa J. FitzPatrick

Parties. How she loathed them.

It wasn't that she was an unsociable person, just that organised gatherings set her teeth on edge. She much preferred those little impromptu affairs that happened after work. They were so much more fun because they were unplanned and spontaneous.

Why had she agreed to attend?

Katie was normally so reserved, but as a friend had said, Halloween is an excuse to be exactly who you aren't. Still, she was seriously regretting the outfit she had decided upon in a fit of madness.

Taking a deep breath for courage, she hooked the long pointed tail of the scarlet, form-fitting devil costume over her left arm and wandered in to the Heaven and Hell Halloween Hootenanny.

Squeals and whoops from her friends cut through the overly loud bass that thrummed from the speakers near the door. She hoped the neighbours had been invited; otherwise it might be a VERY short evening!

Julie, Christine and Meg fought their way through the dancing, coming rapidly toward her. They all looked far too excited for her liking, her eyes narrowed with immediate suspicion. They were Up To Something, and she had a sinking feeling that the something wasn't ANYTHING she was going to like.

Sighing inwardly she plastered an I'm So Happy To Be Here smile to her face, and just hoped that it looked genuine. Her friends meant well, they really did, but Katie wasn't in the mood for whatever they were planning.

Julie looked fit to burst, Christine and Meg seemed agitated beyond belief, and Katie wondered what had caused this. She mentally listed the reasons they turned into giggling schoolgirls at the drop of a hat–and there weren't that many; Pieter from the corner shop, too much wine and… oh dear God!

Her heart leapt into her mouth as the realisation of exactly what had caused this over excitement hit her.

It just wasn't possible… was it? They wouldn't do this to her, not while she was dressed like this!

Katie prayed for The Four Horsemen–she could do with them arriving about now. Wishing for the Apocalypse might seem a little of an overreaction on her part, but if they had done what she thought they had, the End of her World was truly nigh.

Flanked by Julie and Meg, with Christine bringing up the rear, the three girls steered their friend through the largest spaces they could find. Out manoeuvred, and out manned, Katie gave in to the will of the pack. Their excitement was infectious and despite her best intentions, she found herself caught up in the anticipation of the moment.

A second later her personal guard seemed to melt away, leaving her staring at a broad back. Dressed head to toe in bright red PVC, with long dark hair curling over her shoulders, Katie pondered just how ridiculous she must look; a far cry from the Sexy Devil the costume packaging had claimed she would be transformed into.

Sighing heavily, and just a little too loudly she realised; the back moved and started to turn towards her. This was the bit she hated. The Blind Date revealed.

She had been fixed up with the whole scale of men from no chemistry whatsoever threes, to way out of her league nines and above. From the back, this one looked approachable, but a smidge too attractive for her (on a VERY good day) self rated seven. Dressed like this, well, she didn't want to contemplate his reaction.

Hoping for the best, but bracing herself for the inevitable peels of laughter, she slowly raised her head.

Her gaze took in a firm jaw line–things were looking up, she thought–softly curving lips (no moustache - praise be), on and up into eyes as black as coal.

Fear stagnated her blood as she realised exactly who this was and what he wanted.

He had come for her soul – quite literally.

Amore mio....

Because once in a lifetime, love just is...

Thursday, October 07, 2010

A short horror/thriller
Available: October, 2010
FROM: XoXo Publishing
© 2010 Denysé Bridger

A short while later, sitting side by side, watching the moon rise over the water, the sound of growling and barking invaded the false tranquility. He rose and spotted the hulking shape that marred the near-perfect peace of the beach. She knew the death she’d been sensing had just shown itself. There was a scent in the air, inexplicable, but present. Just like the pulse of energy had been there, only it was no longer faint, it was pounding inside her skull like thunder–angry and focused, intent on destruction.

The animal grew in size as they watched it, a blackness that expanded with each guttural, rumbling growl rippling ominously across the expanse of air that separated them. He rose, his motions cautious. The moment he moved, the timpani in her head grew to pain and she knew somehow the creature had come for them. To challenge this handsome young man.

“Don’t leave me!”

He turned and smiled at her. She knew he was easily reading the fear that was turning her pale features ashen in the glow of the moonlight.

“I have to,” he said. “It’ll be all right, I promise. I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”

“I’m afraid for you.” It was true. Whatever waited was not intent on causing her death. At least not yet. It wanted to feed first... She knew that. She shouldn’t know it. But she did.

“Don’t be afraid,” his soft voice purred in comfort.

Before she could object, he turned to the animal looming in the distance, watching them in motionless curiosity. She felt that it somehow understood every word that had been exchanged. A glance at her companion assured her that he had sensed the creature understood them, too.

A bit of fun....

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MATT DUSK - Run for the Cure!

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month - and while most of us are aware, a lot of special people are taking part in Runs for the Cure - all over this world!! Here in Canada tomorrow, a 5K Run will be held in Toronto, and a wonderful friend is going to run - singer/songwriter and all-round special guy MATT DUSK. Doubt his sincerity? He's got this image posted in his Facebook page:

Here's his message:

Let's Raise some money for a GREAT CAUSE!

Look at me on the right! Don't I look rediculous! Well of course I do... but I'd do anything to raise money for the CBFC on October 3!!!

Every year thousands of women are diagnosed with this awful disease. Let's do our best to help find a cure!

I'll be running (litterally) to raise money for the CBFC. Every donation helps... big or small... It can be $5, $10 or 1 MILLION DOLLARS!!!! Choice is yours!

Just click on the button on the right that says "
SUPPORT MATT!" and follow the instructions!

If you want to run with me, click on the button that says "JOIN MATT'S TEAM!" We're running in Toronto...

Let's do it, Let's do it together!!!

So there it is: SUPPORT MATT and THE CURE!!