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Guest Blogger: Liana Laverentz

Today, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to another of the talented and wonderful authors from The Wild Rose Press. They're a great bunch of people, and so many of them have generously made time to be here and say hello. So, today the party belongs to Liana....

Thank you for the invitation to guest blog, Denyse. It’s a pleasure to be here, especially today. I’m also really pleased about how Thin Ice is doing, more than a year after it was released by The Wild Rose Press. I don’t think there’s anything more gratifying, short of being my son’s Mom, than putting your heart and soul into a book and having the people who read it love it as much as you do. Since so many people have asked me the story of how Thin Ice came to be, I’m going to do a little recap, here.

I finished Thin Ice for the first time eighteen(!!) years ago. It made the rounds of the traditional publishing houses, with no luck. After a few years, and after my first novel was published in 1993, I re-wrote Thin Ice from beginning to end, and tried again. This time I got glowing rejection letters, but they were rejection letters all the same. Finally my agent said, “What you need to do is win some awards, get some name recognition. Then they’ll buy it.”

So I put Thin Ice away, and moved on to writing several other manuscripts, one of which became the murder mystery romance Ashton’s Secret, which will be re-released by The Wild Rose Press later this year. Then I had my son, and stopped writing for a while. But Thin Ice was the book of my heart, and I wanted people to read it, so I started passing it around to friends in manuscript form in a three-ring binder.

One friend who read it loved it so much, he insisted I needed to send it out again. And I mean insisted. But it had been nearly ten years since I’d last sent it out, and it needed to be completely revised again. The world had changed. For one thing, nobody had cell phones when I first wrote Thin Ice. I had to add them in. For another, Emily, my heroine, needed a very large car for a special reason, and they’d stopped making the car I had chosen for her. This was before the advent of SUVs.

So I had to go car shopping for her, which was great fun, actually, and sparked many a friendly argument with another friend, a car buff. Also, the hockey team Eric plays for was in Minnesota. When I originally wrote Thin Ice, the North Stars were the only NHL team in Minnesota. So I created the St. Paul Saints, to be their arch-rivals. But by the time I was sending out the manuscript a second time, the North Stars had moved to Dallas. Then, this last time I re-wrote it, the Minnesota Wild was in St. Paul, where my original team, the St. Paul Saints, had originated.

So I had to go back to the original concept of two teams in Minnesota who were arch-rivals, but this time my team was the Minneapolis Saints, instead of the St. Paul Saints. And in between, the national hockey league had added and moved teams and re-structured their divisions and added new Stanley Cup champions, and so all of that had to be re-written to reflect the most recent situation in the NHL—which I’m sure has changed again since then.

It took about a year, but I eventually got it done. Right around that time, Rhonda Penders and RJ Morris were opening the doors of their new publishing venture, The Wild Rose Press, (which turns two years old today, May 1, and boy are we having a party…so head on over to for details!) and it was one of those serendipitous moments in life. I sent the manuscript in to Rhonda, and within days she’d offered me a contract. She later told me it was the first book she personally contracted. It was released nine months later, and since then has won a NJRW Golden Leaf Award and an EPPIE for best contemporary romance.

Proof positive that persistence pays. So if I were to have a message for today, that would be it. Persistence pays. Never give up on your dreams. Ever.

Thanks again for hosting me here today, Denyse. It’s definitely a day to celebrate. If not for Rhonda and RJ and The Wild Rose Press, Thin Ice might still be collecting dust bunnies under my bed.

Liana Laverentz:
Thin Ice (NJRW Golden Leaf and EPPIE Award Winner)
Jake's Return - Available in e-book, print, and on Kindle Ashton's Secret (coming in 2008)

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New postcards

Happy Monday to everyone!

I've updated my postcard service, so I wanted to tell everyone to drop by and have a look, send a greeting!! My wonderful partner, Vincenzo, has graciously and very generously allowed me to use some of his breath-taking photos for my service, so you have seven stunning new cards to use!! Pop over and have a look, okay? His talent is truly amazing...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


(Previously published/REVISED for reprint)
Genre: Contemporary erotic (HOT!!!!)
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 978-1-59578-421-6
Date: April 14th, 2008
Cover Artist: Jax Crane

When Kristy signed on to be John Smythe's executive assistant, she never imagined falling in love with the coldly handsome and ruthless CEO. Yet, that's precisely what happened. In Smythe's hands, the company prospered, even if his partner didn't. Wheeler Enterprises is in the middle of a fraud investigation when Douglas Wheeler dies, and his only daughter is all that stands between Smythe and complete control of the Wheeler company.

When Detective Peter King comes into the picture, and accuses Smythe of more than corporate dirty-dealing, Kristy's life is suddenly a lot more complicated than she wants it to be...

This one was a finalist for the 2006 Eppie Award, and I've added some HOT new scenes!!!!

So, if you want to read Chapter One, click HERE

Reviews? Check out my website page HERE

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Guest Blogger: Loretta Rogers

Welcome to today's special guest, Loretta Rogers....

Thanks, Denyse for inviting me to guest blog today. Rather than pitching my novels, I decided to voice a few thoughts about an irresistible urge that perhaps affects other authors.

Why do I write stories that in all likelihood few people will read? Why do I sit in my isolated office, at a desk overflowing with paperwork and file cabinets that won’t shut? These are questions that I occasionally ask myself. On unproductive days, I secretly fear that I chose writing in order to foster my aversion to housework. I mean, it’s scary when the mounding piles of dust bunnies don’t affect me. On creative days, I know with unwavering conviction that I write because I feel called to do it from deep within my heart.

I remind myself that many of these pesky distractions from writing, like cooking, folding laundry, paying bills, and grocery shopping afterward, have been inspirational. For example, it’s Spring and my hands itch to dig in the dirt. I love the feel of cool, sandy Florida soil in my hands as I planted new geraniums and potted caladium bulbs. Last night I listened to a symphony of owls calling across the swamp in back yard, and later the screeching of feral cats sent shivers up and down my arms, but I sat and I listened. This seems “unproductive” but each opened my soul to writing in ways I wouldn’t have foreseen.

I write because images and characters and rhythms swirl about in my head, wanting to be written down. I’m so overcome by springtime around me and thoughts of past springs that I scribble thoughts in an old spiral notebook I keep beside my recliner. Or maybe I open my grandmother’s music box and recall sitting at her knee, as a child, while she plaited my braids.

I write because I love language. Words persuade; words heal. Words convey the heart’s passion in ways that touching can’t. Words are like a puzzle-- some fit together at the oddest places to create a picture of beauty or violence or love, while others don’t fit at all.

A little over a week ago, I underwent a bilateral mastectomy. Cancer is never a word a woman yearns to hear. I decided to embrace the disease, to rewrite my will, and to keep a journal of all the beautiful words that lure me to write. I thought about revising my living will, and decided that if I were to lie dying, my family could withhold food and water, but not books of poetry, or books on tape. To me words are like water in a desert and food for thought.

Most of all, I write to embrace other people, people staring at computer screens, bent over laundry baskets or kitchen sinks or tomato vines or pea patches, struggling with love and loss and growing old. These connections make me feel less alone and afraid, and more alive and infinite. I will keep writing, because writing makes me feel as though I fit into a larger verse than a spare bedroom over looking a spring-fed creek.

Loretta C. Rogers who also writes under the pseudonym L. W. Rogers is author of best-selling novella and winner of The Wild Rose Press through the Garden Gate contest, Cactus Rose category, Isabelle and the Outlaw, and The Twisted Trail published by Avalon Books. Loretta would like to invite all of you to visit her website:

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary (Sweet/Sensual)
Reviewer: Alisha
Rating: 4 lips

In Bella Signorina, Denyse Bridger tells a sweet short story of two people falling in love, despite silly arguments, and stubborn refusals. This tale reads like a romantic poem. Bianca is a frequent visitor to an art gallery, and is surprised to discover it is Stefano's. Stefano, in turn, understands Bianca's quest to find peace in her dancing, something that no man has recognized before. Both fear they are moving too fast and that this depth of feeling will not last, and Stefano very nearly lets Bianca walk out of his life. This tender story speaks to the heart of the quest for love and how unexpectedly it can overtake us…and how best to trust in it when it comes.

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Historical/Paranormal
Series: The Devane Files Book Two
Reviewer: Frost
Rating: 5 lips

…In London of the late 19th century, the Whitechapel District is both sleazy and dangerous. Only a few years ago, the vicious and brutal serial killer known as Jack the Ripper terrorized Whitechapel and all of London. Now Daphne's missing "artist" has surfaced through blackmail demands, and Devane's hunt turns up connections to the never-captured Ripper.

An Unspoken Betrayal is a fascinating look at London in the late 19th century, weaving paranormal elements with clever characters, hot intimacy, and heart-warming romance. Once again Denyse Bridger delivers a captivating tale which will impel the reader to hunt out other stories from this very special author.

Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Western (Erotica)
Reviewer: Aviana
Rating: 4 ½ lips

Another Man’s Wife by Denysé Bridger is an engrossing short story based on the premise of coincidence. Elizabeth Davis just happens to be on the same stage as Federal Marshall Chris McQuade. It’s a coincidence that over the course of many days all the rest of the passengers disembark, leaving the two of them alone in the coach to surreptitiously stare and speculate about the other. Although the story is fairly brief, author Denysé Bridger packs in plenty of romance, action and gunplay – frontier justice style. Bodies fall left and right but the violence is essential to the plot and fortunately not graphic. There’s a great scene of McQuade and Elizabeth getting busy on the bedroll that brings new meaning to the phrase, coitus interruptus. If you like a good Western tale like I do, you’ll enjoy Another Man’s Wife.

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Contemporary/Suspense
Reviewer: Frost
Rating: 4 lips

In The Domino Effect, Denyse Bridger once again demonstrates her vivid imagination and keen grasp of plotting. Her characters are empathetic and well drawn. The plot convolutions will keep the reader's attention throughout the story. Daniella undergoes a development process of emotional maturity during the story that will amaze and gratify the reader as well.

Friday, April 11, 2008

César Mesa: Romance and Passion

Listen and fall in love... This man is simply breath-taking... Click on his image and you'll soon discover the magic for yourself....

César's MySpace

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Meet Marquete Williams!

Today, it is my pleasure to introduce you to new romance author Marquete Williams. Marquete is in the process of creating a fabulous website that will be launched soon, and polishing her first full-length erotic Action/Thriller, Jewel of the Sea. I've asked her to reveal an excerpt to you all, so you get the first look at this wonderful story, as well as talk about herself and her thoughts on this exciting new career venture! Ladies and gentlemen, Marquete Williams...

Hi Denyse! I am so excited to be here. It’s an honor being your guest today. Thank you so much for giving me this wonderful opportunity to tell everyone about my upcoming new adventure, Jewel of the Sea.

I love anything with suspense, fused with a good love story that makes the blood pound in my veins and my backbone rigid with expectancy. The great adventure thriller movies with old time favorites, like Chuck Norris; Clint Eastwood, and Harrison Ford. Unforgettable plots and action scenes call to mind, such as one particular action scene I watched several years back with Chuck Norris and the heroine running through the city streets; the drug kingpins were in relentless pursuit of them. Running into a dead end alleyway, they quickly climb the fire-stairs on the outside of an apartment building, when Norris spots an open bedroom window. He shoves the woman through, and he swiftly falls in. The kingpins are hastily gaining. With no time to spare, Norris rips off the woman’s clothes, and throws her on the bed and pretends to make love to her; the kingpins rushing past the lovers.

Other unforgettable action scenes are Eastwood and his woman prisoner running from the police; Harrison falling for the determined ladies in death defying adventures. Retrospectively, such action flicks with their perilous dangers and provoked wild passion, has inspired me to write about gutsy, quick tempered women, and take charge, larger than life heroes.

My journey in writing my first action thriller novel has been quite tremendous. Based on years of periodic hard work, rewrites and re-visiting my characters and villains; I’ve engaged myself in the intense intrigue storyline and lived through my characters wild and turbulent venture. Along the way, I met two very dear and expressive authors, Gracie McKeever and Denyse Bridger. Both hugely inspirational through my precarious progress, as well, my husband, mother and father, siblings and friends have been heartening and encouraging.

Here’s Jewel of the Sea, and how it advanced into an action thriller...

Jewel started out as short story for a contest I entered. Cal Mallory lives in his summer home on the beach, and finds a woman lying unconscious in a wooden boat. He carries her back to his place to care for her. Cal somewhat believes Toni’s story when she says she is being chased.

Simple enough, but how do I create suspense at a beach house? Was Cal Mallory a convict, a Hells Angel on vacation? Or is he just a normal muscled and rugged professional man living by himself? Why was Toni being chased by thugs? The story ‘as was’ didn’t have enough suspense; I wanted something intriguing, emotional and explosive. Then it came to me: diamonds and Mexico, Cal’s yacht anchored in the Gulf, and a head boss named Rattlesnake that will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants.

Toni doesn’t know why she is being chased. Through her frightening venture the pieces come together when she discovers they are after a rare diamond. Rugged, well built, hard as nails, Consultant, Cal Mallory doesn’t like surprises; but when a young woman literally crashes into his life and turns his life world upside down, all hell breaks loose. The next thing he knows he’s on the run with the tenacious wild beauty protecting her from her assailants and coming face to face with the man who wants her.

Through their perilous venture, passion and emotion ignites and differences spark between Cal and Toni. A diamond is disclosed, but it isn’t the one Rattlesnake is after. The diamond he wants is hidden in a most unusual place. Getting to the diamond before the Rattlesnake does, to him in to the authorities poses a greater challenge, raising the stakes. Until Toni is taken, the stakes get even higher.

Danger explodes. Hearts and emotions are shattered and their venture turns fatal. Can Cal make it to Toni before it’s too late?

Time is running out.


They both hurried through the parking lot towards the wharf. Cal carried the knapsack hobbling beside Toni; the cat cage bouncing off her shapely legs, her jasmine fragrance emitting an untamed trail driving his senses crazy.

Glancing past the bustling vendors, Cal looked over at Benito’s Bar. “Shouldn’t you leave a note for Benito telling him you won’t be in?”

“No worries. I penciled myself off for the next three nights. Who knew,” she said stuffing a stick of gum between her white even teeth.

Minutes later Cal and Toni quickly gaited along the pier. In the distance a few boats cruised in the gulf, while Cal Mallory’s yacht floated placidly at anchor. Overhead a seaplane soared across the blue skies.

* * * * *

Out of nowhere, gun shots shrilled the peaceful air. Vendors and shoppers screamed, scurrying.

“Hay ellos see – There they are!”

Toni’s insides gelled, her legs buckled. Gasping, she looked around, her whole body pounded, watching the people bustle and disappear.

This can’t be happening, she despaired.

Another gunshot shrilled, splintering the floorboards. Toni screamed. Cal glanced over his shoulder, and nudged on Toni’s back. “Get to the safety boat, now!” he barked. Both broke into a run.

“Now do you believe me?” Toni rasped.

“They’re not firecrackers,” Cal hobbled fast beside her.

“Alto!” “Stop!” Pancho yelled, piercing the air firing more shots.

Toni screamed, instinctively looking back.

“Don’t look Toni! Just run!”

All of a sudden an explosion battered the air. Cal watched in horror while balls of flames blasted from his yacht. The space around them hissed and thundered; tremors knocked Toni down flat. Burning shards sprayed in the air and showered them both, drumming the wharf and boats like hailstones. Cal descended on Toni like a soaring hawk, slumping over her body to shield her from the falling debris.

Glass shattered and crackled from the combustion. Toni shuddered under the enormity of Cal’s weight. Both stared at the horrific sight through squinted eyes at the wrath of black smoke and fire rolling upward. The surreal scene provoked Cal nerves.

Sorrowfully, he hung his head, feeling the weight of what just happened, his heart heavy mourning his loss. A flashback of memories of the old man and the day he adopted Gator. His insides quaked, looking back up at the yacht, the smolder stinging his eyes. Seconds later, through the haze, Cal saw a safety boat and the silhouette of a portly man and a wagging tail.
Relief welled through him.

Agony and horror squeezed Toni’s heart. Helpless tears fell watching the blazing gulf. “Oh my god, Patty and Gator,” she shrieked, and struggled under the big man.

“They’re okay,” Cal staggered to his feet. He lifted Toni to a standing position, hastily brushing her bare arms and face, making sure she was alright. She coughed and nodded, “I’m fine.”

Cal groped for his transceiver, but he lost it on impact. Through a fierce clenched jaw he quickly glanced around, and shot his gaze upward and beyond, when he spotted a conspicuous looking black limousine sitting in the parking lot. His heart convulsed. Fear waged in his gut. Cal snapped his attention to Toni.

“Get to the safety boat!” he roared; throwing the knapsack over his shoulder, his hand clutched the crate.

“What about you!”

“I’m right behind you,” he pressed her to move. “Just go! Run!” He flinched with each stride.

Gun blasts punctured the air creating sparks off the aluminum boats. Toni screamed again. Her heart pounded fiercely, her breathing intensified, trying to make her legs go faster. She had no idea the night before would be a recreation. What the fuck do they want?

Cal hobbled to keep up, when he suddenly crashed down hard, thudding on both knees. He instantly put his good leg out to balance himself. Searing pain spiked through him. His breathing grew rougher as he glanced back at the two men jogging through the waterfront pointing their weapons. Surrender their ammo and put them in a boxing ring, he growled inwardly – wondered what they would be like. They must be the same goons that chased Toni last night. His fists tightened.

Toni felt the heavy rumble beneath her, and turned. Her breath caught, and fear pierced her insides at the sight of Cal staggering to lift himself up. Toni ripped her horrified gaze between the goons firing their hand guns, the shots splintering the wharf behind him, Cal flinching with each awkward stride.

She started to run towards him.


“Get in the boat, Toni. I’m right behind you–”

She looped his big arm over her shoulder, and grabbed crate from his grip, and hurried for the safety boat.

“Not without you.”

ADDENDUM: We're going to have some fun and at the end of the day, too. Marquete is going to randomly pick a comment, and we'll send off a little surprise to whoever she picks. I'll offer up a prize pack of a Wild Rose Press bookmark, pen, and a PDF download of any eBook on my catalogue! Marquete's throwing in some sinful chocolates to complete the decadence....

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Guest Blogger: Sarita Leone

Another week kicks off with another wonderful, talented guest for you all to meet... Sarita has even given you a yummy sounding recipe to try out! So, without further delay, over to my lovely guest... Sarita Leone....

First of all, I'd like to thank Denysé for letting me visit Fantasy Pages. Thank you for having me! (My pleasure, thank you for being here!!!)

I'm thrilled to be here—so thrilled, in fact, that I spent hours staring at the ceiling last night, wondering what would be the best topic for today's post. Writing? Maybe. Life? Possibly. Vineyard Mambo, my new book? I'm so excited about its release it's hard not to talk about the book. Characters? Might work. Something totally unrelated to writing, like the state of the world, politics or whether or not pop stars should wear underpants? Um, definitely not. There's way too much to say about any of that stuff in one blog post, LOL!

In the end, I decided to combine my first few thoughts...writing Anna, the heroine of Vineyard Mambo, to life. First off, I'll share a secret with you: I'm a real stickler for smart, steel-spined female lead characters. No hand-wringing, namby-pamby, what should I do? ladies for me. Not that those types of women don't have a place in the world—I’d just rather they didn't inhabit the pages of my stories. So Anna Romeo is an intelligent woman with a family she loves, living in a small town she adores with a cat that, she's sure, understands four languages. All is as it should be in Milton Falls—until someone is murdered. Then, Anna's life goes topsy-turvy and she does what any savvy woman would do. She decides to catch the killer and restore order to her world.

Bringing Anna to life was actually pretty easy. I think most characters have traits from either the author or someone the author's acquainted with. I'll confess, Anna has a lot of me in her. I love to garden; Anna gardens. I read voraciously; Anna's a librarian. I'm happy and have a great family and an adorable cat and...oh, no.


You don't think?, couldn't be...could it? No, definitely not. Uh uh. All I'm saying is, Anna and I have a lot in common.

Kidding aside, I think almost every character I write is embellished with bits and pieces of my personality. I lend those tidbits (quirks, according to my husband!) to my characters, hoping to breathe a little life into them with silly idiosyncrasies, everyday interests and professions readers can relate to. I hope it's working. I want my characters to feel real enough that readers see themselves, or someone they know, in them.

Me? I see a lot of myself in Anna—in all my characters, actually—but believe me, now that she’s on the page she’s on her own. Because really, once a character is written the author—at least this author, anyhow—moves on. A new round of writing, life, characters and, hopefully, a new book.

The book I’ve just begun writing features a demon-chasing car saleswoman with a penchant for wearing red thongs, so let’s not even go there. I don’t even want to think about what this one divulges! I’m sure there’s a bit of me in there somewhere but we’ll leave that for another time, another place…maybe.

Again, thanks to Denysé for giving me the chance to visit with all of you today. It’s been fun. If you’re in the neighborhood I’d love it if you checked in now and again at my blog, From the Heart. My website is Vineyard Mambo and Snowdance, my first novel, are available from Whiskey Creek Press.

Anna is big into baking so I wanted to leave you with one of her recipes. Early in the story she knows Tony, her husband, will come home from work in a grumpy mood so she whips up a batch of brownies. They work their magic on Tony, and they’re a big hit in our house. I hope they are in yours, too.

Brownies for Lovers

3/4 cups melted butter
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
2 eggs
1/2 cup cocoa powder
3/4 cups flour
1/2 t. baking powder
1 t. salt
1 cup chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease a 13x9-inch pan.Combine butter, eggs, sugar and vanilla until light and fluffy. Add cocoa, baking powder, salt and flour and stir until mixed. Then add chocolate chips.

Pour batter into prepared pan. Bake for 25 minutes. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

P.S. from Vincenzo

Hi, this is Vincenzo again, sorry for the few mistake I made on writing to you, sure it is not my language. But the true thing is that I love to make mistakes, mistakes are part of our life and life is part of our mistakes. I love the people who are making mistakes, have so many things to say and many things to do, love it. The following are the translation of the words in my introducing mail, that I did not translate: cerchero = I try, darvi = give you, poiche = because, panorama = beautifull view.

Bye bye for the moment and talk to you soon

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Meet someone very special....

As promised earlier, a letter from my amazing partner, Vincenzo Chiofalo. He's been nice, he even gave you an English translation of his Italian!! For those of you who are part of my newsgroup, you will have seen this already, and know about the fabulous project we are doing together, Amore Senza Confini. For those of you who aren't familiar with this special book, drop by the Amore Blog and have a peek at the first official glimpse of the project as we intend to do it. I also have not "edited" his English, because this is his voice not mine, and the beauty of his words is unique.... (You can't really tell that I adore him, can you? He is a special, special person with so much talent, I am so proud to be his friend, and his partner in this amazing endeavour.)

Ciao a tutti, sono Vincenzo, vi ringrazio per i vostri commenti sinceri e puliti. Vi prometto che cerchero di darvi il meglio con Denyse che è una scrittrice fantastica, la quale possiede un gran cuore, una gran mente e tanta voglia di costruire un mondo migliore. Tutto cio che l'essere umano fa e un qualcosa di speciale,anche se pensa sempre di non aver fatto abbastanza. Noi ci confrontiamo ogni volta con il mondo e a volte persone sensibili non ci si ritrovano, al mondo sembra mancare il coraggio di essere romantico e sincero, poiche si pensa di essere messi da parte e di non far paura abbastanza. Io penso che le persone abbiano messo da parte il romanticismo, la dolcezza, la bonta, l'altruismo in un cassetto e abbiano paura delle loro reazioni rispetto al cassetto pieno di sorprese. Avendo un animo puro, aprendo un cassetto di fantasia, poiche questo e rimasto nel nostro mondo, un ricordo sbiadito di tutto cio che puo farci paura e cioe tutto cio che ce nel famoso cassetto. Ti faccio un esempio io ti rispetto come persona e tu mi guardi con quegli occhi increduli, ok usciamo. Ti vengo a prendere in auto, scendo busso alla tua porta, ciao come va? Tu mi chiedi, dove si va? E io dai e una sorpresa, ti porto su una collina dove ce un panorama fantastico, poi stasera ce una leggera brezza che ci accarezza. Tu mi dici, ma perche mi hai portato quassu? Io dico fidati, mi dai 10 minuti e poi ti faccio scendere, tu mi guardi e dici con voce debole,ok ma dentro di te pensi questo e matto. Io scendo dall'auto, tu rimani con pensieri e curiosita ma attendi di vedere come va a finire. Apro il cofano dell'auto,comincio a portare giu il tavolo e lo metto sul balcone naturale della collina, metto la tovaglia, preparo la tavola con semplici cose e un buon vino. Metto su un ottimo disco di musica classica. Raggiungo il cofano dell'auto prendo le rose, ti apro la porta ti tendo la mano, ti do i fiori,ti porto verso il tavolo illuminato con lampade ad olio, ti faccio accomodare sulla sedia, appro il vino. Tu mi guardi incredula e non essendo abituata a cose nuove non ti fidi. Se tu lo avessi fatto a me, io sarei rimasto colpito e folgorato da tanta bellezza e semplicita. Nel mondo bisogna sorprendere con cose semplici e inaspettate, sono le cose che clpiscono di piu e ognuno di noi ha delle belle cose da dare e ricevere, speriamo che il mondo ce ne dia la possibilita e che creda in noi. Scusate questa e la mia presentazione a presto e spero che i regali della nostra mente possano piacervi, sinceramente Vincenzo.

Hello to all, I am Vincenzo, I thank yourselves for your sincere comments and cleaned. I promise yourselves that cerchero of darvi the better one with Denyse that is a fantastic writer, she has a big heart, a big mind and so much desire to build a better world. All that the human being does and a something of special, even if hung always of not to have enough fact. We confront ourselves every time with the world and to sensitive times persons do not us find themselves, to the world seems to be lacking the courage of to be romantic and sincere, poiche is hung to be put aside and of not to make enough fear. I think that the persons have put A drawer and have fear of their reactions with respect to the full drawer by surprise. Having a pure spirit, opening a drawer of fantasy, poiche this and remained in our world, a colorless memory of all than can to do us fear and all that there in the well-known drawer. I do you an example I respect you like person and you look at me with those incredulous eyes, ok we are going out, I come to take You in car, come down knock to your door, hello how goes? You wonder, where goes? AND I from the and a surprise, carry you on a hill where there is a fantastic panorama, then tonight there a light breeze that strokes us. You tell me, but what are we doing? I say trusted, myself give me 10 minute and then make come down you, you look at me and say with weak voice, ok but inside of you think this man is crazy. I come down from the car, you remain with thoughts and curiosity but await to see how goes to end. Open the back of the car, begin to carry the table and put it on the natural balcony of the hill, put it Classic disk of music. I reach the trunk of the car I take the roses, I open you the door I stretch out you the hand, I give you the flowers, I carry you towards the enlightened table with lights to oil, I make settle you on the chair and i open the wine. You look at me incredulous and not having gotten used to new things do not trust you. If you had done it to me, I can remain hit and folgorate from so much beauty and semplicity. In The world is necessary to surprise with simple and unexpected thing, are the things that touch more and everyone of we has of the attractive things to give and to receive, we hope that the world out there give us the possibility do to and accept simply things. You excuse this and my presentation to soon and I hope that the gifts of our mind can give you pleasure, sincerely Vincenzo.

The original post to SEx: Silver Expressions is found HERE

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Guest Blogger: Annette Snyder

Welcome to my special guest today, Annette Snyder! It's a pleasure to have yet another amazing and talented author here to chat with you, so I also want to say thank you to her for being here! I know you'll enjoy her company, and she is offering a very cool prize to one lucky reader at the end of the day, so do leave us a comment!! Now, over to Annette...

My life has been a strange trip. I’ve known people from all walks of life and every income bracket. Clergy to hired mercenaries to bankers and homeless from diverse cultures and countries when I look back, even I am amazed that I’ve never lived anywhere but Nebraska and Texas. I can’t tell you how many times someone told me, “You should write a book.” So, one day, I did. It was terrible. Ten years later, I decided to write another book, and another and another. At the time, my youngest was in the second grade and he’s a junior in high school so I guess I’ve been seriously writing for about ten years. With six published books, two coming soon and another I’m working to finish, not counting the stacks I have I haven’t had time to go back and refine, I’ve got scores of pages.

My newest release, Albert’s Rain, December 2007, is a story of survival and strength. Albert plans to escape slavery until he meets Rayna. When Rayna is attacked by Master Bristol, Albert offers the support of friendship. When Albert’s life is threatened, Rayna forces him to run. This story chronicles their flight toward freedom and love and follows the pair as they struggle with life choices that accompany independence.

You can find the reviews for Albert’s Rain and all my other novels at my website or at the publishers

My next release comes out May 2008. Arpetta Honor was to be the last story in the Travis Pass Series but I got a letter from a reader the other day who said she wanted to know what Sashay, one of the characters from Albert’s Rain, received from the plantation owner. A really great idea for her story came to me so, after I finish the book I’m writing, I might work on Sashay’s story.

Which leads me to my next comment: I write whatever strikes me. My first novel was born from something a friend conveyed about her family. I mixed that with the stories my great-grandparents told me about their migrations and got Travis Pass, a historical based in the late 1800’s. I just contracted a story which starts during the Depression years and ends in the 60’s titled Viveka’s War. I didn’t grow up then but my two grandmothers, who are both over ninety, were a wealth of information pertaining to survival during times when nobody had anything to spare. I also sold my first contemporary about a hunky fireman and a convenience store clerk, Intimate Flames. That idea that came to me once while I was pumping gas. I also write essays and newspaper articles based on everyday life. Some are available on my website

Also on my website are blurbs and reviews of all my novels along with anything else you’re curious about including a link to contact me. And feel free. I always answer all my emails--make sure to fill in the subject line.

As a thank-you to Denyse for letting me blog, here’s a chance for participants to win a cool Pocket Book Tote and your choice of one of my Paperbacks. Just comment here about which novel you’d like to read from my published list on my website

Denyse will draw a name from the Blog comments and let me know. I’ll contact the winner for mailing info. Just a note if you choose Whiskey Shots Volume 1 it’ll be an autographed E-copy CD.

Good luck and read, read, always read!