Friday, April 11, 2008

César Mesa: Romance and Passion

Listen and fall in love... This man is simply breath-taking... Click on his image and you'll soon discover the magic for yourself....

César's MySpace


  1. Thanks for sharing your friend's awesome talent Denyse. Cesar has a voice like satin, just beautiful. And his songs are so filled with passion. Loved hearing him, Betty Ann (BA)

  2. Bravo, Cesar! What a wonderful, passionate voice. I loved all the songs, but I especially liked the adorable hint of accent in 'Mad World'. A memorable version of a great song, for sure.

    Thanks for sharing, Denyse.

  3. We had dinner last week. He IS amazing!
    Then I woke up!

  4. Might I add... if sex had a voice then it's Cesar.
    Phew- another hot flash!

  5. Stunning. Fabulous voice.
    What else is there to say??

    Thnak you for sharing this wonderful talent with us!

    Lisa xx

  6. Well, we obviously all agree on this one!! Cesar is a wonderful, generous man, and his talent just takes my breath away every time I hear him. It's an honour to be his friend, and to share his incredible talent with you in this way.

    Love, Denyse

  7. There is something when a man sings in Spanish. I adore Spanish performers. Placido Domingo not only sings opera, he performs the story. Alejandro Fernandez, Juanes, Marc Antonio, etc. and if you want to hear why Antono Banderas was nominated for a Golden Globe for the movie version of Evita, listen to his singing. One of the things I love about these men and others is their ability to convey without us being able to understand the words, the passion they feel.
    Thanks for giving me another performer to add to my list!

  8. Thanks for sharing. I love his smooth, silky voice, and of course, Spanish turns me on.

  9. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Wow. That is just lovely. Very moving.

  11. I'm melting right now! He is great. I think I'm ready to go write my sex scene now. :) I'll have to keep it in my bookmarks so I can come back and listen. There is just something about a man singing in Spanish.

  12. That's awesome! Does he have any CDs available? I'll have to check out his myspace...



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