Thursday, April 03, 2008

Guest Blogger: Annette Snyder

Welcome to my special guest today, Annette Snyder! It's a pleasure to have yet another amazing and talented author here to chat with you, so I also want to say thank you to her for being here! I know you'll enjoy her company, and she is offering a very cool prize to one lucky reader at the end of the day, so do leave us a comment!! Now, over to Annette...

My life has been a strange trip. I’ve known people from all walks of life and every income bracket. Clergy to hired mercenaries to bankers and homeless from diverse cultures and countries when I look back, even I am amazed that I’ve never lived anywhere but Nebraska and Texas. I can’t tell you how many times someone told me, “You should write a book.” So, one day, I did. It was terrible. Ten years later, I decided to write another book, and another and another. At the time, my youngest was in the second grade and he’s a junior in high school so I guess I’ve been seriously writing for about ten years. With six published books, two coming soon and another I’m working to finish, not counting the stacks I have I haven’t had time to go back and refine, I’ve got scores of pages.

My newest release, Albert’s Rain, December 2007, is a story of survival and strength. Albert plans to escape slavery until he meets Rayna. When Rayna is attacked by Master Bristol, Albert offers the support of friendship. When Albert’s life is threatened, Rayna forces him to run. This story chronicles their flight toward freedom and love and follows the pair as they struggle with life choices that accompany independence.

You can find the reviews for Albert’s Rain and all my other novels at my website or at the publishers

My next release comes out May 2008. Arpetta Honor was to be the last story in the Travis Pass Series but I got a letter from a reader the other day who said she wanted to know what Sashay, one of the characters from Albert’s Rain, received from the plantation owner. A really great idea for her story came to me so, after I finish the book I’m writing, I might work on Sashay’s story.

Which leads me to my next comment: I write whatever strikes me. My first novel was born from something a friend conveyed about her family. I mixed that with the stories my great-grandparents told me about their migrations and got Travis Pass, a historical based in the late 1800’s. I just contracted a story which starts during the Depression years and ends in the 60’s titled Viveka’s War. I didn’t grow up then but my two grandmothers, who are both over ninety, were a wealth of information pertaining to survival during times when nobody had anything to spare. I also sold my first contemporary about a hunky fireman and a convenience store clerk, Intimate Flames. That idea that came to me once while I was pumping gas. I also write essays and newspaper articles based on everyday life. Some are available on my website

Also on my website are blurbs and reviews of all my novels along with anything else you’re curious about including a link to contact me. And feel free. I always answer all my emails--make sure to fill in the subject line.

As a thank-you to Denyse for letting me blog, here’s a chance for participants to win a cool Pocket Book Tote and your choice of one of my Paperbacks. Just comment here about which novel you’d like to read from my published list on my website

Denyse will draw a name from the Blog comments and let me know. I’ll contact the winner for mailing info. Just a note if you choose Whiskey Shots Volume 1 it’ll be an autographed E-copy CD.

Good luck and read, read, always read!


  1. Well Albert's rain looks pretty interesting :)

    Thanks for the cool blog Annette.


  2. "I write whatever strikes me."

    Ditto! I've occasionally envied authors who can throughly 'brand' themselves, but I figure, hell, if I'm not entertaining me, ultimately it likely won't entertain someone else.

    Great post, Annette.

  3. I'm so glad I visited here today. You sound a lot like me. I think your vast and varied relationships help you to be the well-rounded writer you are, plus the invaluable asset of knowing grandparents and great grandparents can add the depth of realism to your works. If I win, I'm going for Albert's Rain. My own novel, Windwalker has that same kind of fighting for freedom, but it follows more the path the Native Americans took as they lost their lands.

    Great to get to know you.


  4. Hi, Annette ~~ Nice to see that your post is drawing such thoughtful and interesting comments. I loved it when I first read it, so this is great.

    Will check back later...

    Hugs ~ Denyse

  5. Wow, you have had an interesting and exciting life. I can't wait to see what you write next.

  6. You certainly entertained me. This sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

    Kissa Starling

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your writing and your background. It has been a fascinating journey. Thanks for this insight. Your books look wonderful. I am interested in Sally Murphy.

  8. Your background certainly has provided you with many diverse experiences which are invaluable in conjunction with your writing. How fortunate to have your own background and history to write about from your own family. Lovely books which I would choose Liberty Road. Thanks for this chance and the interview.

  9. Your interview has been enlightening and I loved perusing your book selection. They are all delightful and great novels. You are certainly talented and with the added benefit of family memories this makes the writing process so authentic. Today's post was great.

  10. I will grab a winner at the end of the day! I thought I'd leave it to today and give more people a chance to comment.


  11. Your unique interview and blog today has given me a glimpse into your life and writing process. Thanks for this interesting peek. The choice of books on your website is interesting and entice me greatly.

  12. Again, thank you Denyse for having me! In May, maybe we can do this again with my next release, Arpetta Honor.
    It's the story of Lorenz Arpetta, the lawyer who found Sally Murphy and put her on the orphan train. Sally Murphy was my first published novel.

  13. Annette!! I would LOVE to have you back, it would be wonderful. We'll plan that, okay?

    Also, do you want to pick a contest winner??? Let me know, and we can wrap the post!!



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