Monday, March 31, 2008

Guest Blogger: Mary Eason

Welcome to today's special guest blogger, Mary Eason. Thanks so much, Mary, for being my guest today!

Confessions of a Sex And The City Fan

Okay, I admit it. I desperately miss Sex and The City. Sure, there are reruns on just about every channel you see and then of course there are the DVDs, (I have them all by the way, every season,) but still, it’s not the same is it.

All week, I looked forward to that little thirty minutes on Sunday evening when I could laugh and cry right along with Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte as they dealt with the many trials of life with humor, savvy and not to mention an amazing wardrobe.

Since the success of SATC, there have been lots of movies, books, and TV series that have tried to emulate the show, but they just don’t come close and I think it was because the show allowed us to see pieces of ourselves in each of those four women.

Carrie was the slightly scattered, somewhat obsessive, but eternally hopeful one.

Samantha the no hold barred, go for it one.

Miranda the tough as nails, no nonsense one.

And Charlotte the naive and innocent one.

All characteristics that we see in ourselves from time to time.

So, you might ask what I do with my Sunday nights since the show ended? Well, there’s laundry, and dishes, and housework and….yikes!

Please, someone tell me, how long before movie!

All the best..
Mary Eason
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  1. Hi Mary, Great to see you over here!

    Not much of a SATC fan myself, I prefer Couples, has my quirky sense of humor :)

    Nice post though, and who knows maybe Santa will bring you a movie for christmas.


  2. Hi, Mary!

    The post was so cool. Thanks again for coming by and being my guest.


  3. Thanks to everyone for stopping by.



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