Thursday, March 27, 2008

Guest Blogger: Clover Autrey

First, my thanks to Clover Autrey for joining us here today - Welcome!! The cover is gorgeous, and this is a great post!!! Thanks so much for sharing your time and talent with us!!!

Why I love fantasy.

First, because fantasies are character driven. Yes, there is also always a quest, whether it is to find something, destroy something, or save the known universe from an evil about to take over it from a previous generation that failed to get rid of in the first place. Bad previous generation. Bad. But the main character always, always changes and grows or learns something about herself, sometimes not always pleasant, and then deals with it or makes a sacrifice somehow.

And then when the fantasy also has the components and happily ever after of a romance. Drool factor big time. Now there are two characters, a heroine and hero that have to deal with their own individual trials or quests, usually in opposition, and mesh that together for a satisfying ending. Mix that in with fantastical and magical elements and what more could you ask for?

In my fantasy romance, I got to create Eaglekins, a people that have psi abilities with eagles. I based their entire culture on the behavior of eagles. Eagles have one mate for life. The female is also dominant in the relationship, so of course, I had the Eaglekin females be more dominant. At least they are supposed to be. Then I had a blast having a heroine who is trying so hard to prove herself worthy of being bonded with an eagle that she’ll adhere to every strict tradition the Eaglekins have, including being mated to whichever man her eagle chooses for her. Which would be fine, except her eagle chooses a man who, because of tragedy, wants nothing to do with Eaglekins anymore. They each see the Eaglekin culture from their varying perspectives and experiences and then have to go from there, each sacrificing, each growing. So much fun to write.

Clover Autrey

The Sweetheart Tree * One life turned the Battle at Sunken Bridge. Can history be rewritten?
Upon Eagle's Light * Mated to a man who wants nothing to do with her, Hydeia will do whatever she must to save her people. And aren't Eaglekin males supposed to be more submissive?


  1. Great post. I love the concept for your story.


  2. Hi Clover,

    Yes, this explains more of what your story is about. I love birds, and eagles are magnificient creatures.

    Sounds like a wonderful story!

    Miss Mae

  3. Hi Clover,

    Just stopped over to say Hi. Loved your post. Since I first discovered your story, Eaglekins seemed a facinating story line. I must read this when I finish edits. ;o)


  4. Thanks guys for stopping in and thank you, Denyse, for having me here.

  5. I love fantasy for so many of the same reasons! Cheers!


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