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Guest Blogger: Ellen Ashe

So, this marks day one of an event that will carry through until June - twice a week until then I'll be welcoming some of the most talented authors around to share their thoughts, work, and whatever else they like with you! Tomorrow I will post a complete schedule so you don't miss anyone. But at the moment, the amazing Ellen Ashe, who also happens to be a very good friend. I'm delighted to have her here!

Now, over to Ellen....

This is a true story. It has affected me deeply.

The old farm house where I grew up dates back to at least 1843. It passed through four families before my father bought the property in 1953. In the 1960's there were four generations living there. Now, only my mother. It is willed to me. I have no children so likely my niece will take the house in years to come. I lived in a mobile home not far from the house. The two homes share the same lawns and the same driveway.

For as long as I can remember there have been eerie noises in the house. Footsteps on the stairs, floorboards squeaking to unseen weight, muted voices, the feeling of being watched, even a few notes played on the piano in the dead of night- all of these regular occurrences and to us, almost mundane.

What happened this particular week, however, has rendered my brother and I absolutely speechless and we are left struggling to come to terms with just how haunted our old family home truly is.

Here's the story:

Thursday, June 22, 2006. First thing in the morning I called Pest control-raccoons on my deck the night before is not the company I want. An appointment was made for traps to be set later in the day. I had to go out in the morning and my mom came with me. As chance would have it, the girl arrived only minutes after I had left.

She went to the house and since the inner door was open and the television was left on, she called out, thinking someone was home.

There was no answer so she stepped inside and called out again. "I'm here to set the traps," she said. Nothing.

As she walked back to her truck she thought maybe she had gotten the address wrong. And she was startled when a voice said, "May I help you, dear?"

Standing in the driveway was an elderly lady. Straight gray hair went to her shoulders. Bobby-pins held back the hair on her temples. She wore old fashioned black rimmed glasses. Her dress went to the ground, blue with patterned small white flowers. Her white apron wasruffed on the straps, two pockets in the front, tied in the back. Black shoes were open toed. Her arms were by her side but she held a cane.

"I'm looking for Mary Ellen."

"There's no one here right now," the old lady said. "Best if youdidn't set those traps."

The girl said she had thought to herself how this pleasant looking woman reminded her of her grandmother and complimented her on the pretty summer dress."Thank you, dear."

"Well, tell Mary Ellen I was here and I'll be back later to set the traps."

The only response she got was a smile. So she got in her truck andas she started to back up she said the elderly woman was walking backwards towards the house. Shifting gears she leaned to wave goodbye.

The old woman was gone.

By noon I had gotten home and when no one arrived to set the traps I called. "An elderly lady told us not to set the traps." Naturally I was baffled. The only elderly lady I knew was my mother and she was with me.

Not until yesterday did I hear the frightening story. My jaw dropped; my flesh crawled. I desperately tried to think of a logical explanation. But the more I heard the more I realized that this wasan apparition. There is no doubt at all.

"It was a…" the girl said after telling me what had happened.

"Yes," I said, dumbfounded. "The woman you have just described sounds like my great-grandmother. She died in 1963." I could barely talk.

Yet, this girl didn't seem upset. She nodded and said, "This has happened to me before."

She has the Sight. I looked at her in awe. I write characters that have such a gift. Never have I met someone who actually did!

I explained that we have heard noises in the house but never has anything appeared, let alone outside, in broad daylight. She had an answer- "I stepped inside. And she didn't know who I was."

It took me three hours to calm myself. I slept on the couch, with the light on. This morning at dawn I went out to the driveway where the old woman had appeared and said, "We're okay- you don't need tokeep watching us." Was the old woman still listening? She knows when I'm not home. She must know when I'm there. It is both unsettling and comforting.

And it is an incident that has changed me. There is existence after death. How and why I can only theorize. Except the house and her family must be a warm memory for this elderly lady- my greatgrandmother. That brings her back.

And if this is indeed true, I can accept that.

Ellen Ashe writes paranormal romance~ some of which is based on true stories!

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  1. I get the first comment! Yea!

    I love paranormal stories! I believe whole heartedly that often times when people are supposed to pass on to the next world, they cannot because of unfinished business, or worse.
    Not too long ago I lived by a grave yard and had lots of interesting experiences.

    What a lovely picture of your granparents. Thank you for sharing the photo and the story!!

  2. Neat story, Ellen! I haven't experienced anything concrete first hand, but I have had those 'brushes' of...something.

    The majority of things I've read re: ghosts is that people find comfort from the visits.

    Love the picture.

  3. I have had some brushes with the unseen realm, but not like this. It gave me goosebumps. I can see how it changed your life.


  4. So very cool, Ellen! I too got goosebumps, and am a firm believer in sprits watching over and wandering among us!

    Thanks for sharing!


  5. Wow! That story game me chills! Loved the picture of your grand parents. 63 years! There's hope for me, yet.

  6. Thank you!! My GREAT grand parents, actually. I was only two when she died so I don't remember her, but apparently she kept a watch over me for a very long time. When I go home this summer I expect she'll be there to welcome me... sort of!!

  7. My late wife used to SEE all the time, it was a combination of fascinating and scary.

    Neat tale Ellen and one I can totally believe.



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