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What’s Your Fantasy?

Long Haul, my first Ellora’s Cave For Men, focuses on a fantasy. Having sex in public is a common one for many. Often, young lovers experiment in the back seat of a car. Usually, though, that car is parked in a darkened parking lot or lookout point – not barreling down the highway.

For Randy, Sallie Mae has been his fantasy for a long time. Being confined in a small space for an extended period of time with her ups the ante. Her overt willingness to participate in said fantasy, well … what can be better than that?

Everything one would hope takes place during this high-speed excursion, does. The twosome is in for a frolicking good time.

Now tell me, what’s your fantasy?

Long Haul: A road trip takes an unexpected erotic turn.

Between California and Arizona, there’s a sweet patch of highway that encourages a man’s mind to wander. Randy’s mind always ends up in the same place—traveling the smooth planes of Sallie Mae’s tanned legs and following the line of sweat that snakes down her neck and disappears between her breasts. It’s all too easy to imagine her naked in the seat beside him, flirting, stroking, even straddling his legs and daring him to find a better way to go than at eighty miles an hour with a hot blonde in his lap. The fantasy alone makes concentrating on the road a struggle. He doesn’t have a clue how he’s going to manage to drive Sallie Mae home from college while keeping his mind on the road and his hands to himself. Especially with Sallie Mae all too willing to flirt, stroke and blow the lid right off his fantasy.

Available now via Ellora’s Cave, Amazon and coming soon to other eRetailers!

Enjoy the Ride!

Louisa Bacio


A Southern California native, Louisa Bacio can’t imagine living far away from the ocean. The multi-published author of erotic romance enjoys writing within all realms – from short stories to full-length novels.

Bacio shares her household with a supportive husband, two daughters growing “too fast,” and a multitude pet craziness: two dogs, five fish tanks, an aviary, hamsters, rabbits, hermit crabs and rolly pollies. In her other life, she teaches college classes in English, journalism and popular culture.

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NEW RELEASE: Pirates!! #RomFantasy @DenyseBridger

Almost a year ago, my pirate collection, ROGUES, vanished from my catalogue. I wanted to rework it a bit, improve things, and give it a more visible home, so to speak. One of my best publishers, New Dawning International Book Fair, agreed to re-release it once it was ready. Thanks to my exceptional editor, Penny Barber, it's been whipped into shape and has just be released again with a whole new look. If you like Pirates, and romance, and a touch of paranormal and erotic, this collection should appeal to you just fine! Watch for an exciting new contest with some gorgeous pirate jewelry up for grabs next week! In the meantime, have a look:

Formerly called ROGUES, revised and reedited
New Dawning International Book Fair
Genre: Adventure Fantasy/Romance (mildly erotic)
Cover by: Kayden McLeod

Three stories, one kind of hero, pirates anyone? Includes the short stories Angel-Fire, Storm-Singer, and The Phantom’s Lair… Historical adventure, and the darker mystery of an ageless vampire who keeps a witch at his side, his protector and his lover through eternity...

Angel-Fire: A short intro to the world of Captain Jack Stanton, an honourable man with a tarnished reputation. Stranded in Nassau, caught up in a pleasant interlude with a barmaid, Jack has a vision that will lead him to his past and his future, if he can survive to get back Tortuga to discover what it all means…

Storm-Singer: The Isle of Nyx has become the dread of all sailors who must dare the waters surrounding the mythical island. Local legends say a vampire prince resides in the ancient castle that can be seen from the harbor of the island. At his side is a powerful sorceress whose song can control and summon storms.

In a desperate attempt to end the eternal threat looming over them, the people of the Aurora Islands sacrifice their greatest treasure, the princess Sarita, entrusting her with the task of seducing and destroying the dark prince who has been plundering their wealth and their people for centuries?

The Phantom’s Lair: Upon her arrival in the pirate port of Tortuga where her father is acting as Governor, Katheryn Hollinsworth is determined to choose her own path, and follow her heart wherever it may take her. On the streets of Puerta de la Plata, she encounters the mythical buccaneer known as The Phantom, and very quickly loses her heart to the handsome rogue.

Jack Stanton is a man who has never fully come to terms with his past, and in the Governor's pretty daughter he finds a most unlikely champion. But when his past threatens her life, and any chance of a respectable future, The Phantom must face the demons of his past, and accept the dictates of his own reawakened heart...

Previous Reviews for Storm-Singer and The Phantom’s Lair:

The Phantom’s Lair:

4 Stars - A fast-paced story in what I hope is the first of a series. This is the perfect book for all the pirate lovers out there. Jack Stanton is a handsome rogue that can’t but help the innocents and downtrodden. He is honorable, quick witted, and to die for in bed. Katheryn is a strong-willed young lady that will not let convention rule her. The sparks fly between these two from the first meeting and each encounter gets a little hotter. It is probably a good thing that there wasn’t a volcano on the island or it might have blown up. As I said in the beginning, I am hoping that this is part of a series since the book ends in a way that leaves lots of questions unanswered.
—Oleta M Blaylock, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 Cups - A wonderful tale with the sea as a backdrop. Full of action and seduction, this short story will have you riveted until the very end. A wonderful story.
—Laura, Coffee Time Romance

4 Angels - Denyse M. Bridger has written a short story about facing the past in order to have a future. Katheryn's desire to live her life as she chooses adds a nice twist to this story. Jack is an honorable man whose life has become something other than he planned. Jack will find himself making some hard decisions in regards to Katheryn's safety and their hearts. The chemistry between Jack and Katheryn is instant, but the passion that follows is both breathtaking and touching...A touching pirate story for anyone that likes one about the slightly bad guy getting the good girl.
—Jessica, Fallen Angels Reviews

4 Roses - Jack is a yummy hero and Katheryn is my type of heroine-feisty and not afraid to go after what she wants! Denyse M. Bridger has written a very enjoyable read!
—Pam L., A Romance Review


4 Cups - A tight story full of the undeniable lust of vampires. Their violent couplings add a sense of passion harnessed by sheer will. The hero is dark, but needy, in his pursuit of life's essence, while the heroine aids her lover by seeking that which could destroy him. They are both master and slave to each other in their love. The storyline captured my attention and would not let up until I had finished.
—Katherine L. Hunt, Coffee Time Romance

4 Angels - A very quick journey into the Isle of Nyx with a vampire to lust after. Jaden is a very hot, sexy man who easily takes his victims while pillaging for more wealth. Sarita is a brave young woman who knows her people's fate rests in her hands. Arrah is protective of Jaden but allows him to play with his victims, although she would never permit harm to come to him. All three characters are brought to life in this short tale...Denyse M. Bridger definitely packs a punch with this short, erotic story and this reviewer would love to read a longer tale about Jaden and his illustrious Arrah.
—JoAnn, Fallen Angel Reviews

Facebook: The conclusion of the tale #RomFantasy

For those who have been watching this little event unfold, here's the conclusion - as of three hours ago, my account has been reactivated, but it's still blocked until Saturday:

Hi Denysé,

Thanks for verifying your identity.

After investigating this further, it looks like we suspended your account by mistake. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. You should now be able to log in. If you have any issues getting back into your account, please let me know.

User Operations

I wrote a personal note to them this morning, so who knows? Maybe it reached them, maybe it didn't. At any rate, this moved quickly, but I sure as hell hope this is an end to it! Thank you to everyone for your support and friendship!!

Love and Blessings to you all ~ D

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The Facebook Saga continues...

Got this from Facebook in response to my Appeal:

We sent you a message.   2 hours ago


The Facebook Team has received your inquiry.

In an effort to maintain a culture of authenticity on the site, Facebook requires users to provide their real first and last names. Impersonating anyone or anything is prohibited, and fake accounts are a violation of our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

Our systems indicated that your account may not be authentic based on a variety of factors.

Please note that the only way we will be able to verify ownership of this account is if you attached a scanned image or digital picture of your government-issued ID (e.g., driver’s license, passport, etc.). This identification must meet all of the following requirements:

- Must be government-issued (e.g. passport, driver's license)
- Must be in color
- Must clearly show your full name, date of birth, and photo

If you did not upload the requested image, please respond to this email with the proper file. If possible, please save this file in JPEG image format. In addition, please black out any personal information that is not needed to verify your identity (e.g., social security number). Rest assured that we will permanently delete your ID after we resolve your issue.

Also note that writing in and submitting your ID multiple times will not result in a faster response. We reply to each request on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you have already uploaded a picture of your government-issued ID, we apologize for any inconvenience you may experience in waiting to have your identity confirmed. We will get back to you as soon as we’ve processed your request.

In the meantime, we encourage you to review our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities for more information:

Please click on the link to view status of your case
Thanks for your patience,
The Facebook Team

This case has been closed, so you don't need to do anything else. Thanks for contacting us.

Stay tuned... who knows how this one will wrap up??

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Facebook strikes again - I'm a Fake! @DenyseBridger

Just when you think you’ve heard it all….

After five years of activity, and networking–someone reported me to Facebook today as a fake profile. And once again this amazing social network chose not to look at the page, where my official websites, blogs, and other social media accounts are listed and linked. They deactivated my account in the middle of a conversation with a friend, and have requested that I provide my passport and other identification information to prove I am a real person.

This comes on the heels of a block over an image, and the backlash of some petty people who don’t like my stance on role-players and their ugly antics. So, apparently almost 9000 people have been interacting with a figment of their imaginations for the past five years.

I wish I could say this doesn’t upset me, but it does. There are people I have met through Facebook who mean the world to me, good people who are real friends now, people I talk to daily and love, and this was our way of communicating. I am more than a little bit upset.

So, be aware folks, doesn’t matter if you’re real or not–you can be shut down without warning, or being given a chance to prove yourself to be a real person until AFTER you vanish and friends are left stunned and confused.

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Victorian Mystery with a touch of the erotic...and a Giveaway @DenyseBridger

There was no winner among the comments on this post, so I'll hold another contest soon. Thanks everyone. The answer was on the Extras page of my website.

Many years ago when I was in school, a very smart English teacher noticed my boredom and decided to cure it with a book. I was handed a worn copy of “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” and a love affair was born. I’d long been fascinated by this particular era in North America, via television Westerns, etc., but I’d never given a lot of thought to the same era elsewhere. Reading about Holmes and Watson and their adventures in the atmospheric world of Victorian London was like a new world opening up, and I was well and truly hooked on the whole thing. I’ve since lost track of how often I have read all the Conan Doyle stories and novellas, as well as countless other authors’ take on this most erudite character.

So, along comes a film called “Murder By Decree” that marries Holmes to the Ripper murders – the other on-going intrigue of the era for me. Imagine my delight, and so well acted with Christopher Plummer as Holmes, too! The intrigue deepens.

By the time Johnny Depp emerged to play Inspector Frederick Abberline in FROM HELL, I was already well and truly taken with the concept of a story in which there were clairvoyant ties to someone connected to the case. London of this era was filled with opium dens, and the aristocracy of the time were among the frequent visitors, despite the areas that housed the worst of the dens.

So, where did I begin when I decided it was time for me to submerge myself in all of these wonderful aspects of a new set of stories? Well, the Ripper murders was the logical starting point, because if your main character is someone who’s worked that case, you’d better have your facts in hand, and not make errors than are spotted by the most casual observer. I began reading, and found an incredibly good resource in a book called “Jack the Ripper: A to Z” – which is simply a quick reference in alphabetical order, with a basic breakdown of facts surrounding the murders, the victims, the dates, and maps of where they were found. Watching documentaries, many from British television, helped get the sequence of events clearly mapped in my mind.

I watched a lot of Sherlock Holmes to absorb the atmosphere of the city at that time. PBS was doing the Jeremy Brett series at that time, and believe me, I was cataloguing every minute detail when I watched those shows, actions, attitudes, manners... all of it. This was also when I discovered author Anne Perry and her Inspector Monk series, which of course then led to Thomas and Charlotte Pitt Mysteries. Ms. Perry’s factual knowledge and attention to detail is amazing. So I made copious notes while I read, or while I watched. Small things like mourning rituals, etc., all things that enrich a story, even if the reader is only aware of it on a subtle level.

The internet resources are too numerous to catalogue. Wikipedia is an endless and wealthy resource for everything! Then I found the VICTORIAN LONDON site owned and operated by author and historian Lee Jackson. It’s like finding the treasure for a pirate! I don’t think there is anything this man hasn’t got an article for, or an answer for – either on his site, or in his head if you write to him with a specific question. He is gracious and helpful, and even if all you want to do is look around... you really should visit his amazing website! The link is:

Maps of the city in the year 1888 were easily found, tracing the steps of the Ripper also relatively easy. So, then came the research into prostitution of the era – that wasn’t pretty, let me tell you. Photos are great, but the best thing about writing this era was that it is so well filmed for all the movies and shows set in the late 19th Century. In the Devane Files, the atmosphere itself is like a character, so it had to be brought to life for the reader. I hope I have done it some justice.

Odd movies also added fragments of “feel” to the layers within these two stories for me. Van Helsing – believe it or not, because it has a timeless yet Gothic/Victorian feel to it in places. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Dorian Gray as played by Stuart Townsend almost made me faint, because I’d never seen Townsend before and there I was staring at “Inspector Michael Devane” whom I had created shortly before... So, lots of influences. Even the original black and white Dracula has enough spooky atmosphere to have played a role in shaping my descriptions of London.

The drug of choice for Devane is a mix of Opium and other toxic and potentially lethal things like Absinthe and Laudanum. The process I describe for Devane is very like the scene in FROM HELL when we see Johnny Depp’s Abberline inducing his visionary sight. Again, research unearthed that it was well-documented that this was the practise and procedure for it in some cases, so that’s the way it was written.

I consulted a lawyer for the legality of having a woman inherit at that juncture in history, and the boundaries I laid out in the books are within accepted legal structure for the era. Again, the small details come into play.

The police force of London was never in the public eye quite so glaringly as it was during the investigation of the notorious Jack The Ripper reign of terror. From that first accepted series of killings – serial murders – has emerged a timeless fascination with the people who investigated and failed to bring to justice the bloody killer. In the two books of my Devane Mysteries, I have once again used these gruesome killings as a kind of eternal haunting of my hero, Police Inspector Michael Devane. Devane is haunted, clairvoyant and an opium addict in a time when such things were common but rarely talked about openly. If you would like to read the books, please visit Liquid Silver Books for excerpts and purchase links:

From The Devane Files: OUT OF HELL

London 1892

Whitechapel was disturbingly quiet as newly appointed Inspector, Michael Charles Devane walked the streets in contemplative solitude. His eyes missed nothing as he strolled, absorbed with the turmoil inside his head, yet acutely aware of all that was around him. It was instinctive, like so much else about his nature. His promotion had come at a difficult time in his career, his friend and mentor, Chief Inspector Fred Abberline had only retired weeks earlier, and Michael frequently wondered if it was Abberline’s influence that had tipped the scales in his favor when it came time for his Superintendent to consider this promotion. His career before Abberline’s friendship had certainly not indicated he would rise in the ranks to this level. He shivered against the sudden chill of memory, drawn inexorably back to the evening a few years ago when he had been recruited into Abberline’s elite H Division unit of investigators hunting the notorious killer who would become known as Jack The Ripper.

Devane had been a mediocre police officer, but several small cases that had baffled other investigators had been solved by his unorthodox and admittedly questionable methods. Like Fred Abberline, Michael Devane knew the district intimately, and he spent long periods of time actually living in Whitechapel. The locals trusted him. The prostitutes had laughingly befriended him in the first years of his adult life, and subsequently, the early days of his career with the police force. He had contacts that even Abberline didn’t have access to, and the then Inspector in charge of the ground forces, wanted Michael on his team. Strings had been pulled, and his transfer had been made in the space of days. If he’d known then what the events of the coming months would bring to his life, Devane might have chosen a more peaceful method for destruction of his mind, his emotional balance, and his life in general.

Mist curled around his feet; the thick, cottony clouds of fog that were uniquely London clinging to his pants with cloying wetness. His footsteps, lost in the swirl of sickly white on the cobble-stoned ground, sounded vaguely muffled. He pulled the collar of his overcoat a little higher and glanced around. There were still people brave enough to walk the streets, but fear lingered behind the boldness of the gazes that met his stare, then slid away too quickly. He shuddered as he spotted The Ten Bells tavern, and the chill of the night sank deeper into his being. Almost four years since the Ripper murders, but it might have been yesterday to many. It felt like yesterday to him. Every time there was a particularly messy murder, it was attributed to the infamous Ripper; and there had been several that did, indeed, look like the madman’s work. After all, the police had never caught the notorious Jack the Ripper. Had they? A great number of people blamed Chief Inspector Fred Abberline. Others were not so specific and targeted anybody who was even remotely associated with the nightmarish case. Few people knew the truth. It would always be that way, too, he knew, truth being subjective, and loyalties as eternally ambiguous as the evidence. Conspiracy theories had abounded at the time of the killings, and many more had been formulated and put forth since those grisly days in the latter half of 1888.

Devane’s sergeant, David Goodwin, chided him often for his penchant for inviting death, whether it was walking the Whitechapel streets, or caught in the limbo dream-world created by his continued use of opium. ‘Chasing the dragon’, as Goodwin, (and a few others), noted with his worry-tainted contempt of the practice. Devane knew the bursts of anger were born in concern, and he frequently ignored what another police inspector would have disciplined in his “junior”. That irony never ceased to bring a flicker of wry amusement to the younger man’s handsome features, and it did so now; Devane felt the telltale twitch of movement at his mouth--just beyond his conscious control.

A hand touched his arm, tugged less than gently, and he turned to look into the lascivious smile of a local whore. He saw a multitude of things in her pale eyes as they looked at each other, among them was the ever-present fear. Her gaze dropped for an instant as she took stock of him, a potential customer. His expression remained passive, and when her head rose to meet his stare a second time, she was apologetic.

“Beggin’ your pardon, sir,” she mumbled, and ran off before he could utter a word.

Inspector Devane was not typical of her customary clientele, in any way. He was young, exceptionally handsome, and dressed like a gentleman. His eyes were dark, intelligent, and if anyone peered too closely, the shadows of perpetual pain and deeply-rooted loss would become visible. Few people were permitted that privilege, of course.

Devane continued his interrupted walk, and eventually the worn sign of Mitre Street caught his attention. Again, the icy breath of past death caressed his insides. Just beyond the Street was Mitre Square and the ghost of Catharine Eddowes, Jack The Ripper’s fourth victim. He turned away, unwilling to go further in that direction. Abberline had been quick to see the value of his gift of near-clairvoyant insight, and had quickly given him the rare opportunity to be among his men on the streets. It had been a mixed blessing, indeed. He’d gained invaluable experience working with Abberline’s team, but the horrors he’d seen had never quite faded safely into vague oblivion.

The Ripper had been haunting him anew recently. Devane’s dream-vision had once again been filled with gore and terror. Not entirely unique in his experience, but the horror of the attacks, and the violence in the residue that remained with him throughout the day, was vividly reminiscent of the Ripper murders that had occurred over a period of several months. He knew that it was not the work of Jack The Ripper, yet something was drawing him back into that macabre nightmare world that had cost him a piece of his soul, as well as his faltering marriage, and then threatened his very sanity in ways about which he tried to avoid thinking.

His footsteps quickened slightly, and it took only a single heartbeat for him to recognize the reason for it; behind him, the sound of a carriage approaching, moving fast and with purpose. Pulling his thoughts inward, cloaking himself in cultivated control, Devane turned to face the nearing vehicle. Repressing his annoyance, he went to join Goodwin when the sergeant’s broad face appeared in the window and he beckoned.

“Good-evening, sir,” Goodwin said quietly, once Devane was seated next to him and he’d told the driver to continue onward to their destination.

“What is it this time, Sergeant?” Devane enquired, gazing outward, seeing nothing.

Goodwin winced at the resignation in the younger man’s strong, quiet voice. He didn’t really know what to say to Devane a great deal of the time now. Goodwin had worked with Devane for a number of years, and they’d become friends. But, things had changed after the Ripper case. Not in overt ways, but the more subtle undercurrents had shifted into a murky grey area where he was no longer always certain of Devane’s dark genius. Fred Abberline had hinted it might happen, but Goodwin hadn’t believed it; he’d known Devane for such a long time, and his faith had been unshakable, until that terrible case. And, this new one was going to put more pressure on a personality that was fraught with edginess on the best of days.

“Sergeant Goodwin?”

Goodwin started visibly and tried to look away from the intensity of Devane’s expectant gaze. It was impossible. It always had been.

“There’s been a murder,” he imparted cautiously. Devane released him by turning to look out the window again, drinking in the night and its secrets.

“What of it?”

“It was messy, Inspector. They’re already whispering about The Ripper being back at work. Though that makes little enough sense in this case, since the victim is a man, not a Whitechapel bang-tail.”

Devane closed his eyes and leaned back in the safe confines of the jostling carriage. He was suddenly drifting into lethargy, tired beyond weariness. His head fell back and a hiss of breath escaped from between clenched teeth. Before he could hold back the images, blood spattered his mind’s eye and held him in the semi-consciousness of familiar dream-scapes. A scream, deafening yet soundless, split the silence inside his head. He turned, and a graceful, eerily beautiful arc of liquid fire sprayed upward, glistening drops of crimson life held suspended against the stark glow of gaslights. A sliver of silver glimmered, vanished, then returned again, covered in scarlet gloss. Then the screaming amplified and enveloped him for timeless seconds, until it slowly pulsed to a soft, steady heartbeat. Through the haze of red, a face tried to take form, and failed. Devane inwardly twisted away, eager to escape the marred beauty that pleaded with his tortured soul...


Goodwin’s concerned shout penetrated the fog, and banished the siren and her song. Devane nodded, opened his eyes, and peered out to look at the pale grandeur of a Kensington townhouse. Two uniformed constables flanked the massive double doors that were the entrance to the place, and Devane knew Goodwin would have two others positioned at the rear of the house as well. As he descended the steps and felt solid ground under his feet again, his equilibrium reasserted itself. Goodwin waited until he led the way, and they approached the house in resolute silence.

Before they had reached the landing at the top of the stairs, the huge doors swung open and an immaculately dressed, somber butler awaited them. They presented an incongruous pair, and the butler’s flickering gaze did a quick inventory of the two policeman. Goodwin was a big man, half a head taller than his companion, and twice his bulk. He was older, with a friendly, broad face that was deceptive about its owner’s perceptiveness. Sharp eyes belied the illusion of a cheerful bear of a man, and his stance was faintly protective as he stood next to the smaller man. Goodwin’s clothes were less stylishly cut and less expensive, as well. But, there was no denying his imposing presence.
“This is Inspector Devane, Mr. Carstaires,” Goodwin said, apparently having already met the typically haughty servant.

The Inspector was a slender man, dressed in a deep midnight blue suit and pristine white shirt with black tie, the knot very slightly askew. He was pale, features fine and angular, very striking in quiet demeanor and possessed of a forceful personality that wasn’t evident until you met his startlingly dark eyes. He wasn’t six feet tall, yet this was the stronger and more dangerous of the two men, the butler realized instantly. Whatever Devane lacked in physical strength was more than compensated for by his quick, agile mind.

“Lady Bradshaw is waiting for you in the Library. The family physician has been sent for,” he added in explanation. “I will inform you upon his arrival.”

“I’ll need to see the body and the crime site first,” Devane inserted quietly. “Then the family.”

Carstaires digested the request, nodded slowly, then changed the direction they’d been going in and stopped at the foot of the long, curving staircase that dominated the huge foyer of the house.

“I believe Sergeant Goodwin can show you which room,” the butler said with a faintly questioning look at Goodwin. The sergeant smiled and nodded, and the expression turned to a soft chuckle as he indicated the stairs.

“Shall we, sir?”

The Devane Files: Book One - OUT OF HELL
Available from: Liquid Silver Books

The Devane Files: Book Two - AN UNSPOKEN BETRAYAL
Available from: Liquid Silver Books

~ ~ GIVEAWAY ~ ~

For anyone who is now intrigued with the whole idea, I’ll give away a copy of the two books to one of the visitors who leaves a comment. Somewhere on my website is a gorgeous ad that features the first Devane mystery on it – tell me the name of the magazine that did that feature, and I’ll choose a winner from the correct comments. Winner will be announced Monday afternoon.

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GEM CITY GYPSY by Kristin Kuhns Alexandre

The Story Behind GEM CITY GYPSY
by Kristin Kuhns Alexandre

Twelve years ago my brother and sister and I met in Dayton, Ohio to bury my father at the extraordinary Woodland Cemetery in our hometown. Five generations of my family are buried there and it was as though ghosts were everywhere.

I decided to take a walk through the gardens and walkways.  Suddenly I came upon the huge memorial to a woman named Matilda Stanley. The memorial used the words “Royal” and I’d never heard of gypsies in my hometown. I was overwhelmed with curiosity and I began researching the history of gypsies and the pre World War One period. Characters began to emerge in my mind and a love story came to life. I remembered my own desire to leave Dayton and have a “larger” life in New York City and Europe. Soon I had created a love triangle with Neci and an aviator and a wealthy young woman of German extraction. And then I found that the KKK had been active in Dayton right before the war.

In my mind Neci is like any other teenage girl trying to find herself and trying to carve out a life for herself. She also has baggage because she must care for her mother and deal with her cruel, abusive stepfather. She is insecure and angry that people look down on her. These are feelings all of us deal with on a regular basis. And while my story is based in history, it’s mere chance when we are born and what outside elements and wars we must deal with.

About the Author:

Kristin Alexandre was raised in Dayton, Ohio where she worked as a feature columnist for The Dayton Journal Herald and the Kettering Oakwood Times. She has written two previous books: Nuncio and the Gypsy Girl in the Gilded Age,  a graphic novel that was featured at the 2011 NY City Comic Con; and Find a Great Guy: Now and Forever. 

Alexandre was a co-founder of Earth Day 1970 and worked on staff with House Beautiful Magazine and as a contributor to Town & Country Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor and The Daily News. Her celebrity luncheon series for the Chairman of Ammirati & Puris Advertising at The New York Yacht Club was acclaimed, and she has also worked as a co-host and producer of Enough Is Enough a syndicated talk show for WLIW-TV, a PBS affiliate in NYC. Alexandre has worked as a publicist for The Economic Development Association of Puerto Rico and Champion International U.S. Plywood. She is a NJ Board Member of The Humane Society of America and resides in Delray Beach, Fl. and Nantucket, MA with her husband DeWitt.

Her latest book is the new adult fiction, Gem City Gypsy.

You can visit Kristin’s website at: 

About the Book:

When you read “Gem City Gypsy” you must conceptualize a whole world. Gypsies. Socialites. The Wright Brothers. The KKK. Industrialization leading to WWI. So many vivid elements. The story is about a gypsy girl who must leap over bodies to survive the sinking Lusitania and escape murderous Germans who kill her mentor in Ireland. She later returns to her hometown, recreated as a wealthy woman trying to meld into the upper class.  Neci Star captures our imagination and heart as she claws her way out of one class and into the abyss of another. 

Purchase your copy at AMAZON

"We take books to the virtual level!" 

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In the Spotlight at the Vampire Book Realm @DenyseBridger

Today begins a month long Spotlight over at The Vampire Realm. This chat is called Night Songs, and as you'd expect, it's about my approach to writing paranormal romance starring vampires!! ;)  So, if you have time, please do stop by!!

New life for an older title, As Fate Decrees @DenyseBridger

Once in awhile, it’s a lot of fun to revisit the past–that’s especially true for authors and the books in their catalogues. We often get so caught up in the new releases, we don’t pay due attention to the stories that have been around for a few years. Recently, my very first major novel was released to eBook, and in the short time it’s been out in this new format, it’s been discovering a whole new life. As you can see by this screen cap, the ranking at Kobo books is phenomenal. A week ago, it broke into the top fifty best-sellers in Historical Fantasy, and well into the top 500 for Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I was stunned stupid, and totally thrilled.

So, for those readers who have never really seen this novel before, here are a few of the testimonials and reviews it received shortly after publication, and in the years since. There’s also a list of links, including one direct to the publishers site where you can read the first chapter of the book, and a very cool Intro/Trailer. If you enjoy Greek Mythology, you just might enjoy this one a lot! (Plus, it’s an excellent price if you’re a Kindle user, or a Kobo user, just under $3)


"If you enjoy the world of classical mythology, you'll love this novel." - Margaret Carter, author

"Ms. Bridger brings new life to the Greek gods and to any human with the mixed luck to cross their paths, including an unusual warrior woman who might be Xena's long-lost sister. Part II in particular is a page-turner, interlocked with what has gone before in a millennia-spanning clash of mortal versus immortal love." - Patricia Hodgell, author

"As Fate Decrees is well-written and has an interesting core concept." - Dru Pagliassotti, reviewer, The Harrow

"The characters Bridger creates are intense and believable..." - Carolyn Cooke, reviewer, Surrey Now

"One of Burnside's best-kept cultural secrets is about to take the international literary stage..." - Stephen Clare, The Burnside News

"Romance, adventure, time travel, magic, and conspiracy theories all get intertwined in this one, which sets its sights reasonably high and reaches most of them." - Don D'Ammassa

"Both tales, and how they merge are masterfully done. The mythology is excellent and the story of timeless love, and fealty to the Gods is amazing. Am and Ares are together until the Fates decree she is to go and champion them at another time..." - Ellen,

"As Fate Decrees by Denyse Bridger is a rip-roaring yarn that keeps you reading right to the end." - Elizabeth Patterson, journalist

"This historical fantasy should appeal to readers who enjoy the Greek setting, complete with sword-play, warrior women, romance, aloof impetuous gods and modern-day terrorists." - Ronald Hore, CM Magazine

"As a concept for a story, I found the novel completely different from anything I've read in a long time." - Fantasy Book

"Here is a first-rate piece of writing. It's very readable, the characters are well done, and it is an interesting look inside Greek mythology. This gets two thumbs up." - Dead Trees Review


The gods of ancient Greece must find a mortal champion to defend their fate.
“Go and seek the one I have told you about, she is frail and in need of help. Look not of upper blood, for I have seen her down in the dirt. She is held against her will. Find her and you shall find your savior.” — The Oracle of Delphi

In ancient Greece the young maiden, Amarantha, is captured and sold in the slave market of Athens.

"What fates await?" she wonders. "And what divine design will the Olympian gods have for me?"

As unexpectedly as she had found herself placed in chains, Amarantha finds herself purchased by a mysterious master who refuses to reveal his true identity.

But he is no ordinary man, nor she an ordinary slave.

Under her master's tutelage, Amarantha is trained as a fighter and challenged to prove herself in battle after battle until her skills are perfected and she is granted the right to know his true identity.

He is Ares, god of war and the son of Zeus. And she is to become Champion to the gods of Olympus; bound forever to serve and vanquish all foes until the gods themselves grant her peace.

But even gods are not immune to the fickle twists of fate, and Amarantha is soon ripped from her quiet resting place and cast through time itself to do battle with a modern day reincarnation of an old foe - a madman bent on rewriting history to suit his own twisted desire.

She must act quickly to win this battle, for the fate of all Olympian gods hangs in a delicate balance between immortality and the realization that even the gods themselves may be returned to the dust from which they arose.

For further information please see:

Media Kit (PDF) (USA) (Canada)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sultry Summer Reads Blog Hop @DenyseBridger

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Writing historical fiction that is based on factual events is sometimes difficult. When you choose Victorian London as the setting, and the genre is erotic romance, things can present special challenges. I’ve always loved this era, a holdover I think from my utter love of Sherlock Holmes. A few years back, I wanted to do a series. As things sometimes happen, my timing was not great. The Devane Files only survived two books, a long novella and a short one. I wanted to write more, but there was little interest. Who knows? I love the Inspector, so it’s likely I will revisit him one day soon.

One of the interesting things about writing in this era is to keep the tone correct. Victorian society was very proper and in many ways quite repressed on the surface. The heroine in these two books is a young widow, accused of murdering her abusive husband. Michael Devane is an opium addict and a very unorthodox investigator. So, instead of choosing the blatant for the eroticism, I went with a more subtle sensuality. The readers who have discovered these books have given them consistently excellent reviews, and I have to admit, they are rare for me in the sense that they’re stories I genuinely like myself. So, if you’d like to discover a mystery with sensuous edge, and ties to Jack the Ripper, you will probably love The Devane Files!

I’ve chosen a very simple excerpt for this blog, Bethany and Michael’s first real kiss, catching them both by surprise:

“My carriage is outside,” she said, “Percy will take us to the Café, if you are willing to be seen with me, Inspector,” she grinned as she spoke, a teasing challenge in her tone.

“I think I’ll risk it, Lady Bradshaw,” he replied, matching her tone.

Once they were underway, he looked across the carriage and saw she was still watching him, a wistful smile softening her features. When she saw he was observing her interest, the expression changed, and became one of polite warmth. He was exceedingly disappointed.

“Why did you want to see me?” he asked, finally coming to the reason for their present meeting.

She opened the small bag she carried and offered him the handkerchief he’d given her in the library of her home, after the torrential storm of her tears had passed and left them bonded much more intimately than was wise for either of them. He accepted the freshly washed and pressed handkerchief, tucked it in his pocket, and waited.

Bethany?” he prodded when she seemed inclined to remain silent. He leaned forward, and saw the ashen features that had been so animated mere minutes prior to his query. He took her hands in his, felt the chill through her lace gloves, and his chest tightened painfully. “What is it, darling?” he coaxed, sincerely anxious when her agitation grew more evident.

“Last night,” she started, choosing her words with obvious difficulty and care. “Do you believe dreams show us things, Michael?” she asked, attention erratic, switching topics so swiftly, he blinked.

“Yes,” he answered her honestly. How could he not believe in dreams as visions of truth when much of his investigative brilliance was based on the abstract images of dreams and drug-induced vision.

If it was possible, the answer upset her further. He left his seat and settled next to her, keeping her hands held tightly between his.

“What have you seen?” he asked, filtering the probable answers through his brain even before she could reply. When she spoke again, she offered him the one possibility that he would never have guessed.

“Your death,” she murmured, voice heavy with dread. “Last night, in my dreams, I saw you die, Michael! You were alone, lying on a dark street...” She shuddered violently, closed her eyes, and tears slid from beneath the veil she’d hidden behind. “I know it is highly inappropriate, but I cannot help it,” she looked at him again, and finished, “I do not think I could bear your death, dearest.”

Devane was speechless for a few seconds, stunned by the revelation of both her nightmare and the depth of her sincere affection for him. Bethany clearly misinterpreted his silence; she pulled her hands from his grasp and stared at the other side of the carriage wall.

“You must think me a complete fool, Inspector,” she murmured bitterly. “Please accept my apology for the embarrassment I have...”

Devane reacted purely on instinct, cutting off the apology that hit him as an offense, not a deference to his feelings. He touched her cheek, turning her to face him.  Before reason could censor his action, he touched his lips with hers, covering her mouth with a tenderness that had been missing from his heart since the early days of his marriage. Back when he and Evelyn had been in love and filled with hope. The kiss had been meant as a brief caress of reassurance, but the tentative touch slowly caught him and held, making him deepen the kiss further, turning it into a sensuous exploration of her mouth. The taste and scent of her filled his awareness and he leaned closer, holding her head, guiding her willing response as she sighed quietly and melted into his embrace.

It was several minutes before he withdrew, and seconds more before he knew what had pulled him out of the erotic languor that had seeped into his very bones. The carriage had stopped moving. He looked at Bethany, and she stared back, her expression a combination of wonder and confusion. He was puzzled by the emotions, but decided not to ask.

“Lady Bradshaw!”

Percival Vaughan’s anxiety laden voice reached them a moment before the carriage door was unceremoniously opened and the footman peered inside. Devane caught his attention instantly and was startled by the burning resentment that sizzled in the other man’s light blue eyes.

“I’m fine, Percy,” she said, sounding slightly breathless. “Really. Thank you for your concern.”

“I told you we was here, ma’am,” he stated quietly. “When you didn’t answer, I thought you’d fainted again.”

She winced at the reminder of the last time she’d ridden in a carriage with Devane, and he tried, unsuccessfully, to keep the smile from curving his lips upward. She pretended not to notice his amusement.

“I’m sorry, Percy,” she apologized, quite unnecessarily. “The Inspector and I were discussing Robert’s death, and I truly didn’t hear you.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he bowed his head in deference, and held the door open while Devane stepped from the carriage then turned to assist Bethany.

Devane caught the anger in Vaughan’s eyes again the instant his hand touched hers, but he made no outward appearance of having noted the emotion. Bethany stepped daintily onto the cobble-stoned walk, and asked Percy to return for them in approximately an hour. He nodded, slammed the carriage door shut with needless force, then climbed back into the driver’s seat. Devane felt the prickle of ice at the back of his neck as they approached the door to the café, and he glanced back, long enough to see Vaughan glaring at him with open hostility. The vehemence of the resentment struck Devane like a blow, then he entered the building and turned his attention to Bethany as she spoke quietly to a young man, asking for a private room. He clearly knew her and was happy to accommodate the request.

The Devane Files: Book One - OUT OF HELL
Available from: Liquid Silver Books

The Devane Files: Book Two - AN UNSPOKEN BETRAYAL
Available from: Liquid Silver Books

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