Friday, October 23, 2009

Viper's Nest - Coming Soon....

This is the preview of my next, very special novella... the man you see in the video is real, someone who means a lot to me, and this story is to honour him; his courage, his dedication, and the job he does without flinching. I respect and admire him, and I do love him for all of the things he embodies, his bravery and his strength.

View the video directly from YouTube HERE

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sexy shoes....

Sexy Italian shoes...
A gift from my sister and her husband.... nice, huh??

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Today my guest is a wonderful lady called Nina Bagnall.... her book sounds terrific, and I'm very pleased to have the chance to introduce her to everyone who drops by on a regular basis, so.... here we go:

Looking Good Feeling Great Ladies 50 And Over is packed full ofsuggestions and helpful tips to inspire, motivate and help you gain control over the next chapter of your life. Author Nina Bagnall has written a book that covers everything from diet to alleviating stress. Do you feel bloated or lethargic? Are you suffering from sleep loss? Do you fi nd yourself sad or depressed for no reason? Nina provides the best, up-to-date information on how to stop lamenting over your age and start living life to its fullest. Her positive approach will have you celebrating what just may be the best time of your life. Inspired by her own experience, Nina gives advice on the foods that you should eat and the ones to avoid. Need a new exercise plan? Nina's energizing and fun workout will have you motivated to move. Not happy with your physical appearance? Through her research, she's come up with fantastic tips to smooth and take care of your skin so that the youthful glow you thought you'd lost is possible again. You'll also fi nd ways to relax through simple meditation practices. It's all here in LOOKING GOOD FEELING GREAT LADIES 50 AND OVER. Take a peek inside and take charge of your life-you'll wonder how you ever got along without it!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


* * Keta's WINNER is LISA J * *

Decadent Deceptions
Erotica / Historical Romance/Voyeurism

Decadent Deceptions is a 2008 Molly Contest Finalist – Erotica category

Daring and desperate to win Morgan’s love, Olivia Breedlove embarks on a reckless folly. But everything backfires when Morgan remains one step ahead of her and the game ventures down a path of duplicity and murder.

* * *
Where to find Decadent Deceptions: NOBLE ROMANCE

* * *

Author Biography
Keta lives in the Midwest on six acres of beautiful woodland. Here, she communes with owls, raccoons and loons (the winged version). When she’s not writing (when is that?) she loves reading and gardening.

The following is an exclusive interview conducted by Denyse Bridger with Erotic Romance author, Keta Diablo.

Denyse: Keta, first of all, I welcome you and Decadent Deceptions to the site. Tell us a little about yourself. What part of the world do you live in? Tell us about your background?

Diablo: Thank you so much for having me, Denyse. I’m happy to be here. I live in a part of the country where the summers are sultry and the winters, cold. I could do without the latter. I’m very fond of animals and spend as much free time at the local animal shelter as possible. I brought home Emma LaPounce last year, hours before they were going to put her down. She loves her new home; that is she rules her new home. I wish I could rescue all the neglected, abused animals, but my family threatens to move out if I bring one more home.

Denyse: Who are your favorite authors?

Diablo: Ah, this is a tough one. I’ve always enjoyed the writing of a husband and wife team from the 1980’s. Laura London wrote several romance novels, including my all-time fave, Windflower. It’s a pirate-based theme, where several of the secondary characters are almost as strong as the hero and heroine. Their writing is a little verbose and very descriptive, but I fell in love with scenes and the people in this book. I highly recommend it if you can get your hands on a copy.

I also read a little of Helen Kirkman and not too long ago finished her book, Forbidden. I don’t have a lot of time to read, so when I do I ask for recommendations. I just ordered Enchantress Mine by Beatrice Small, another oldie that came highly recommended. I’ll keep you posted.

Denyse: Why do you write?

Diablo: Keta clears her throat. Well, I’ve always been a rather obsessive personality. That is, no matter what I do, I jump in wholeheartedly. I discovered about six years ago that writing was immensely rewarding and played well into my creative side. I thoroughly enjoy writing, and can’t imagine how cranky I’d be to live with if all of a sudden something prevented me from being able to write. It has become like breathing to me. I also believe it’s good for the soul – allows you to escape to another time and place for a while, and how many of us need to do that these days?

Denyse: What is your writing regimen? How often do you work on a novel? Do you set daily time or word goals? What keeps you meeting your deadlines?

Diablo: Most afternoons and evenings you’ll find me at my computer in faded out jeans and a T-shirt pounding away at the keyboard. I say afternoon and evenings because this is when I’m at my best. Often I write into the wee hours of the morning if things are going well. Right now, I have three full-length novels I’m working on, and a short novella. This is not unusual for me, but I do question my sanity at times. What keeps me meeting my deadlines is integrity. Once you make a promise in the publishing industry (as in life) you must do your best to uphold that promise. Yes, life gets in the way at times, but it’s called “adjusting your sails”.

Denyse: Does the way you personally look at life reflect in your writing style?

Diablo: Oh, definitely, and any writer who says her personal beliefs, ideals or moral codes do not shine through is fooling him/herself. I think it would be almost impossible to not let this reflect in your writing. We are a combination of many events and circumstances in our lives and once those events happen, it’s pretty hard to discard them. These circumstances, meetings shape and form what we are from a very early age.

Denyse: What are the creative jumping off points for you? Are you inspired by dreams? Music? Nature? The occasional black nightmare? What triggers your imagination?

Diablo: I do keep a notebook by my bed and have been known to turn on the light and jot down some notes from my dreams. I am very much inspired by personal life events, particularly when writing historical. Land of Falling Stars came to be after I’d read a story about cousins who lived across the border from one another yet fought on opposite sides of the Civil War. That led me down a path of “what ifs” and soon a romance about two men who loved the same woman blossomed. One fought for the North; one for the South, and she was caught in the middle.

Denyse: Tell us about Decadent Deceptions. What was your inspiration for this novel?

Diablo: Decadent Deceptions is also a historical romance. I conceived the concept after reading a lengthy piece about bordellos in the 1800’s. I brought voyeurism into the story thinking we all have voyeuristic genes somewhere inside. In Decadent Deceptions I bring the reader right into the rooms of the bordello, but of course, the main theme is about the romance between the hero and the heroine. Toss in a serial killer, and suddenly you have a fact-paced romantic suspense too.

Denyse: What is your favorite scene from the book and why?

Diablo: You’d have to read the book to understand the complexity of it, but Olivia is in love with Morgan and Morgan is in love with Olivia. Olivia’s father forbids Morgan to even look at his daughter after a scandalous incident ten years ago. When Olivia’s father dies, both Morgan and Olivia plot to gain the other’s attention and love, but in a round-about way. The game goes too far, and soon Olivia’s life is in danger. Morgan must stay one step ahead of the game if he not only wants to win her admission of love, but keep her alive. My favorite part is when Olivia finds out who Morgan really is. Like I said, read the book.

Denyse: Have you written other books?

Diablo: Too many lately. I have nine books on the market right now with three more coming soon. I also write gay fiction which I warn you, is dark, intense and gritty. Occasionally, I write under another name, K. Celeste Bryan for The Wild Rose Press and New Concepts Publishing. Under Keta Diablo, I write for Ravenous Romance, Noble Romance, Dark Roast Press and Phaze Publishing. Whew! I’m tired just thinking about it!

Denyse: Tell us about your other books?

Crossroads, three novellas through Phaze (these are the gay fiction I warned you about above). Available here: PHAZE PUBLIHSING

Valentine’s Vindication through Noble Romance, (gay fiction) and a best-seller at Noble Romance and All Romance Ebooks.
Available here: NOBLE ROMANCE

Spank Me Twice, through Noble Romance, an anthology of erotica from four authors with four stories. Available here: NOBLE ROMANCE

Land of Falling Stars, an erotica historical, presently offered at Ravenous Romance and the Home Shopping Network. This book is available on Amazon and HSN in print. Go here to learn more about the wonderful venture with HSN: ESCAPE WITH ROMANCE - HSN

Decadent Deceptions available here: NOBLE ROMANCE

Dust and Moonlight, a time-travel/fantasy that has received many five-star reviews. Available here: ONE ROMANCE E-BOOKS

Carnal Cravings (gay fiction) available at the Dark Roast Press here: DARK ROAST PRESS

Denyse: How do you feel about the current publishing marketplace?

Diablo: The publishing market has changed drastically in the last five years, particularly in the last two. At one time not many people had heard of e-books, but not they’re storming the market. I think it’s a good thing. Although at times, I still love to hold a print book in my hand, I love the convenience of e-books. If I want to read something new right now, an enormous selection is available to me within five minutes. I don’t think paperbacks will ever be eliminated, but believe e-books will surpass them in popularity and sales within another year or two.

Thank you so much for having me here today. I really enjoyed your questions. You can find me on the Net at the following places, so stop by and visit me.


Email Keta Diablo,

Visit Keta's Website, AUTHOR HOME

Erotica Blog: KETA'S KEEP


NOTE FROM KETA: I will be giving one copy of Decadent Deceptions away for a contest after the interview is posted. A winner will be chosen from among those who comment, and will be asked to sign my waiver and e-mail it to me with the subject of the e-mail *WINNER FROM DENYSE BRIDGER'S BLOG* I'll make sure they receive a copy of Decadent Deceptions.

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Guest: Kathleen Cunningham Guler

On Books, Worms, and Voices

Thank you for inviting me to write a guest post. I am honored!

Between my bookshelves hangs a framed print of “The Bookworm,” by German artist Carl Spitzweg. If I had the space, my house would look just like that scene of wall-to-wall books and I would be the one teetering on the ladder and perusing armloads of choices picked from the shelves.

Well...I may not have the space but I’m working at getting close to recreating this scene.

Books fill shelf after shelf in my office, living room, bedroom, spare room, not to mention the storage trailer that houses the overflow and the books left to me when my mother passed away. Hardcover, softcover, electronic books. Someday I will have time to catalogue them all. I’m sure I’ll be astonished at how many there are.

To say I love to read is an understatement. I love the written form of communication, the way words and phrases flow together to create an image in the mind, how changing a single word in a paragraph can shift the whole focus of the narrative. Each book is a not just a story but a voice, a heart and soul with something to say.

In younger days, I felt I wanted to say something, too. But how? And what? I had been the kid in school, who, if I didn’t like the book assigned, I’d make up my own story when I got home. Television’s aspiring writer John-boy Walton was a hero. I faithfully kept journals like he did, wrote short stories, poetry, plays, but with little direction.

Then came the novel that inspired me to write my own. The book was terrible. Not to sound snarky, but in a moment of massive egotism, I muttered: “Bet I could do at least as good as this…” After all, the book was published!

A novel? Write my own? All because I’d read a crummy book? Was I nuts? How many people say they want to write a novel? Some start, most never finish. I’d had some basic writing classes. Was that good enough?

Well...time, patience, and that love of the written word all worked together to show me how to find a voice of my own. My inherent stubbornness saw it through, not only to finish one book, but to get it published then follow up with three more. A drawer full of additional story ideas awaits pursuit.

AH, books everywhere. On shelves all around. Some of them are mine now, sitting among those of my favorite authors. I wonder what Carl Spitzweg’s bookworm is reading today.

Sunday, October 11, 2009




What’s in a word? Anything you want there to be! D for daring, E for enchanting, L for loving, I for inspiring, C for captivating, I for intriguing, O for outgoing, U for unique, S for sophisticated: DELICIOUS.

"Tales for Delicious Girls" offers witty, refreshing, clever and ironic insight into relationships between men and women from all points of view. The book is a modern relationship manual, providing answers to the most pressing dating and friendship questions that strong, independent, modern women want to know. "Tales for Delicious Girls" deals with wishes, desires and dreams - as well as hilarious mishaps and dating disasters.

However, "Tales for Delicious Girls" is not simply a humorous book. In addition to entertaining the readers, the tales will inspire women to think about their own life and relationships, see themselves through different eyes and realize that they are their own best friend, the pillar of their own life, and the only person they can always count on. "Tales for Delicious Girls" encourages women to love, respect and appreciate themselves, to live the life they have always wanted, and become aware of their true uniqueness and deliciousness. For this purpose and to emphasize the important message delivered by her book, the author has founded the Truly Delicious Club that unites women from all over the world, helping them to realize their own strength and power and overcome difficult life and relationship situations.

This book will make you cry till there are tears in your eyes. It will become your faithful companion, and will help you find yourself. It was written for you because you’re delicious - the most delicious girl in the world.


Friday, October 09, 2009

Guest: Sylvia Engdahl

There have been only a few periods in my life when story ideas came to me. I always had plenty of ideas for themes I longed to express -- ideas about the future of humankind in the universe -- but usually not for action. And in my youth I was too busy with other work to write in any case. I first got the basic ideas for my Young Adult science fiction novels ten years before I had enough plot in mind to develop them into novels. Then in the 1970s, at a time when I was homebound while caring for my elderly mother, I was finally inspired with the ideas for six of them. They were successful, especially Enchantress from the Stars, which became a Newbery Honor Book (and later, in new editions, won other awards).

However, I stopped getting ideas for YA novels, and when after many years inspiration finally did strike again, it was for an adult novel. This presented several problems. In the first place, my reputation was in the Young Adult field and people thought of me as a YA author, thus my past success meant nothing from the marketing standpoint. In the second place, my books have never fit neatly into any genre. In the YA field that was okay because YA novels aren’t separated by genre in any case. When it comes to adult fiction, publishers demand that a novel appeal to mass audiences in a specific one. My fiction is set in the distant future, so it can’t be issued as anything but science fiction -- yet it tends to be liked best by readers who don’t consider themselves science fiction fans. It’s not “far out” enough to suit those with a lot of background in that field. So I was aware that my new novel wouldn’t meet genre marketing requirements.

For a long time I felt I was crazy to work on something I knew to be unpublishable in the present market. But I got wrapped up in Stewards of the Flame; on the rare occasions when I do have story ideas, I’m wholly absorbed by them. I couldn’t bear to set it aside. And then I realized that self-publishing is practical nowadays, and because I have desktop-publishing skills and professional copyediting experience, I could produce the book personally. It took me awhile to resign myself to this idea, since I was used to acceptance by major publishers -- but I’m glad that I did. I’ve enjoyed having complete control over the design of the book and its sequel. The only problem is that they’re still labeled “science fiction” and many of the readers most apt to like them don’t look for books under that heading.

To learn more about Stewards of the Flame, and read an excerpt, CLICK HERE

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Guest: Shobhan Bantwal

Shobhan Bantwal

Growing up in a small town in India in the 1950s and 60s, books were the only entertainment for my sisters and me. There was no television in those days and radio catered strictly to adults with serious news, music, and cricket commentaries for sports buffs. As a result, children had no other source of entertainment other than playing with friends and reading.

In our town we had a small library-cum-bookstore called Oliver’s that was a cramped room filled with books. Membership at the library cost a monthly fee for each member. My girlfriends, sisters, and I used to frequent Oliver’s all through our summer vacations. Copies of books were limited and everyone was scrambling around to read popular books while they were put on a waiting list.

My mother, who was married off at the age of 15 in an old-fashioned arranged marriage, was an avid reader and instilled the love of reading in every one of her five daughters. For that and for giving us a wonderful education in the English language I will always be grateful. Without that I could never have become an author.

I was a late bloomer – a 50-year old empty-nester, when I took up creative writing as an interesting hobby to ward off the loneliness of my weekday evenings while my husband worked on an out-of-state engineering project Monday through Friday. As my non-fiction articles and short stories began to gain attention, honours and awards, my ambitions started to grow. Why not write novels and become a published author, I asked myself. And thus began my quest for a literary agent and a publisher.

Finding a reputable agent and later a publisher was not an easy task, as every fiction author knows, but it was a challenge and therefore worth pursuing. After three published books, I have come to realize how much commitment in terms of time, money, effort, and perseverance it takes to become a published fiction author. But despite the tumultuous nature of the journey, it has its rewards. Every letter I receive from a reader who enjoys my books makes it a worthwhile adventure.

THE SARI SHOP WIDOW is available at all U.S. and Canadian bookstores and online booksellers.

To contact me or learn more about my books, author events, book trailer video, recipes, short stories, and sign up for my newsletter, visit my website

Thank you for hosting me on “The Fantasy Pages.”
Shobhan Bantwal

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Wisdom for today...

These illusions immediately lead you to believe that you are incomplete. Yet, far from indicating you are flawed, they reveal your brilliance by filling you with desire, igniting your emotions, fueling your passions, and catapulting you out into the world where journeys are begun, connections are made, and dreams come true... only to be replaced by new dreams as your divine sense of incompleteness persists.

This is by design, my friend. Feeling incomplete does not make you so. It's how legends are born, giants are made, and history is written. It's why you're here. To ever so briefly escape your true identity as you live with an unquenchable thirst that will lead into adventures of grandeur, discovery, and a realization that love is all there is.

I love fulfillment when it arrives!

The PRONote of the Day - Brought to you by Paul Oebel - Thoughts that come through meditation, something heard or something read.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Guest: Carol Sue Gershman

Finding Love After 50

I personally have had more love affairs after 50 than ever before. In fact, love started pouring in after 50.

How can I explain this...

As a 14 year old teenager I fell in love with a guy. I knew the moment I saw him that I wanted to marry him, and while I did date, I was more of a lady in waiting for him to come around. Yes, I did win him over and we had many, many happy years together and are dear friends to this day.

However, we ended up separating after all, and I began to date.

I had the opportunity of going back to when I was 19 in spirit, the age that I married and re-living those same years. It was at the time that the younger man, older woman came into focus so I had a slew of potential dates.

I travelled all over the world and met men; in fact I probably enjoyed the company of men in most countries of the world. Please do not get me wrong as I was not promiscuous. I was making up for my teenage years and having experiences.

I had shorter term relationships as I did not want anything close to marriage, but as I grew and got older, my relationships got longer. I can honestly say that fifty is fabulous, sixty in sensational and seventy sizzles all with passion and all by dating. My theory is to keep yourself in good shape, keep yourself healthy and stylish and stay up with the times. If you do that, it makes no difference what so ever how old you are.

I think on line dating is terrific. When I put up a great picture and smile and write something clever I am inundated with responses. I might do that for a month at a time, stopping and later picking it up again. I have met some great guys on the free sites like Craigslist, Google; there is no need to sign up for expensive sites that lock you in.

I imagine it is good to set your goals, rich man, poor man, handsome, charming, etc. but I am an independent woman so good companionship is what I look for. I also have no qualms about sharing expenses with a man. Unless if he is very wealthy, I am sure he is watching his money as well, and I do not take advantage. At this point of life men usually have a ex-wife or kids to think about, so sharing is fine with me.

There is nothing wrong with calling a man, in fact setting it up that way is a blessing. Nobody likes waiting by the phone.

The next time you are attracted to a man ask him for his card immediately!. How often have I made that mistake and sometimes the opportunity passes...

Love after 50 or 60 is more passionate than back then. And with the right partner it can be a lot more fun. We know the tricks.

About Carol Sue:

Constantly reinventing herself, Carol Sue Gershman attended the Miami Dade College memoir class and decided that she would turn her two and a half page “Adventure in Love Story” into a book. Never having written before, it was passion that drove her each day to write.

After spending 25 years in New York City, she was one of the first to arrive into the new phenomenon of Miami Beach (South Beach) She is presently writing her next book while working on laws to ban smoking in residential buildings.

Now at 73 she will take her completed book back on the road re-living the cities and states visited on the road trip. You might just see her driving her hot yellow mustang convertible packed with books, hats and what it takes for life on the road.

You can visit her website by clicking here