Saturday, October 02, 2010

MATT DUSK - Run for the Cure!

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month - and while most of us are aware, a lot of special people are taking part in Runs for the Cure - all over this world!! Here in Canada tomorrow, a 5K Run will be held in Toronto, and a wonderful friend is going to run - singer/songwriter and all-round special guy MATT DUSK. Doubt his sincerity? He's got this image posted in his Facebook page:

Here's his message:

Let's Raise some money for a GREAT CAUSE!

Look at me on the right! Don't I look rediculous! Well of course I do... but I'd do anything to raise money for the CBFC on October 3!!!

Every year thousands of women are diagnosed with this awful disease. Let's do our best to help find a cure!

I'll be running (litterally) to raise money for the CBFC. Every donation helps... big or small... It can be $5, $10 or 1 MILLION DOLLARS!!!! Choice is yours!

Just click on the button on the right that says "
SUPPORT MATT!" and follow the instructions!

If you want to run with me, click on the button that says "JOIN MATT'S TEAM!" We're running in Toronto...

Let's do it, Let's do it together!!!

So there it is: SUPPORT MATT and THE CURE!!


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