Saturday, June 12, 2010

Scandalous Books and other things of interest!

Recently, I was checking out a friend's website - it's always filled with stuff that enchants me - and I came upon one of her new blogs! Scandalous Books - sounded too good to miss, so I clicked and became immersed in yet another of Mirella Sichirollo Patzer's adventures! Apart from the fact that the first discovery was a FREE eBook called A Sicilian Romance - had to have that!! - I began scanning posts only to discover that she has very generously been taking the time to format other fabulous novels - and she charges a nominal fee for the downloads - when was the last time you bought an eBook that was over 500 pages in length, and all it cost you was $1 - yes, you did read that right, only ONE DOLLAR.

So, if you like historical fiction, from many eras, you just might want to stop by this site and the first treat you can get is for free... Can you resist this:

A Sicilian Romance
by Ann Radcliffe


A Sicilian Romance is one of my all time favourite classic novels. It is one of the first, if not the first, gothic novel.

The story is about the the turbulent history of the fallen aristocrats of the house of Mazzini, on the northern shore of Sicily, as related by a tourist who becomes intrigued by the stories of a monk he meets in the ruins of their doomed castle.

The novel explores the "cavernous landscapes and labyrinthine passages of Sicily's castles and convents to reveal the shameful secrets of its all-powerful aristocracy." You can download it for free here: A Sicilian Romance

You can visit Mirella's sites here, she's a talented author, and a keen historian, and I can guarantee you will love exploring her many projects!

Mirella Patzer
Mirella's Website
Historical Novel Review Blog
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  1. Wow Denyse! What a treasure you've found!! Looks like some great reading, I'll have to get on board with this too!

  2. Denyse, I just noticed you haven't put up your Follower's Gadget yet. I want to follow!

  3. Hi Denyse! I went to this site after I read your post last week. I don't know why it didn't show up! But anyways it was great to find that! I downloaded A Sicilian Romance. And have a list of more I want to get after reading this one. Thanks so much for finding and telling us about this one!

    Its great to be back too!!


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