Sunday, November 12, 2006

Descent Into Darkness review

Title: Descent Into Darkness
Author: Denyse Bridger
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 1-59578-284-2
Reviewer: Morgan Grey,
For Just Erotic Romance Reviews
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Heat level: S

Alexander’s story unfolds over the centuries and settles in during a time in his life when he was most wistful. It is the early 1700’s and Alexander and his “children” have come across an inn where they meet Amberlaine. Forlorn and despondent, Amberlaine wishes to end her existence as the wife of the ruthless and harsh inn owner, Thom. Her greatest desires are about to come true when three strangers appear along with the dark of the night. Her allure to them is unwavering and it is about to be reciprocated.

Alexander is quite the seducer! His powerful and commanding presence had me weak in the knees. But make no mistake, he is a vampire and is therefore characteristically evil. I absolutely loved this about him. He has so many layers. He has a dark side and a seductive side. I couldn’t help the fear growing in my heart as I devoured Amberlaine’s unfaltering devotion for him. Given her current, unforgiving circumstances, I found myself supporting her ultimate surrender to Alexander and it was highly fascinating to witness her personality transformation. Julian and Diana, Alexander’s children, are also riveting characters. They harbor conflicting emotions towards Alexander. They both love and fear their master, and are sometimes weary of his decisions. The plot of this dark and deadly tale had me quivering from head to toe, but unfortunately, the sex in this book left me still. It was seductive and plentiful, but didn’t live up to what I would have expected from characters of this caliber. The ending was a little frustrating with plenty of strings left tangled, leaving me to wonder if there will be a follow-up book. Nevertheless, the characters in this story were fascinating and I was hooked on the haunting, memorable evil that was portrayed. Descent Into Darkness is a twisted look into the dark side of vampires and was nicely executed.


  1. D,
    This sounds excellent! And what a great cover and review. CONGRATS! I'd like to enter your ebook monthly giveaway and if I win I want this book. *g* Thanks.

  2. Very nice review, Denyse. Congrats hon.


  3. Thanks so much! For a book I don't like much, it seems to be popular with readers, so that's great!!


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