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Today it's my pleasure to welcome author Kate Brady. Kate's given me a short interview and a look at a couple of her excellent novels, so I hope you'll all enjoy meeting this talented writer, and learning a bit more about her!

How long have you been writing?

I wrote my first novel about eighteen years ago. But then I stuffed it in a closet, finished my Ph.D, got a new job, moved cross-country, bought a house, got married, had two kids, and worked at my career for the next several years without giving it (or writing) another thought. Much later, when the kids were in school and I had traded the fulltime work force for part-time, I started dabbling again. I dabbled for a few more years before I decided to get serious and join a writers group, enter some contests, and see if this writing-thing was really for me. Even then, it was years before I got up the courage to seek an agent, and when an agent did ask for a full manuscript I waited another two years before sending it to her! (It’s not a path I recommend…) I just couldn’t get my courage up, or conceive of myself as a writer when my whole career had been as a music educator and conductor.

How long have you been a published author?

I’ve been published now for a couple of years. Once I actually SENT a manuscript to an agent, things started happening!

What titles do you have available?

One Scream Away (Grand Central Publishing, 2009) was my first book. It was a double RITA-award nominee (Best Romantic Suspense and Best First Book) and won Best First Book. It has sold in six countries and five languages.

Last to Die (Grand Central Publishing, 2010) is the second book in the series. It came out in September and has sold in four countries so far.

Do you have any new titles coming soon?

I am writing a new series of three more romantic thrillers for Grand Central Publishing. But I don’t know the pub dates for them yet.

What is your favourite genre and why?

Well, of course I’m a fan of suspense and romantic suspense. I’m a sucker for a good cop-story and like good versus evil – especially when the evil is downright creepy and the good is a kick-butt heroine paired with a hot, protective hero. And, I love historicals. I’m sort of a history nerd.

What, to you, is the most exciting part of the writing process?

For me, the exciting part of writing is discovery. Because I’m not a plotter or planner, writing a new story is like opening a Christmas gift, one fold and one corner, and one ribbon at a time. I never know what I’m going to find. I love coming across characters I didn’t know existed, or plot twists I didn’t anticipate. I know it sounds crazy, but if I knew what was going to happen in a book, I think it would take the fun out of it!

Where can readers find you on the web?

Visit my website at:


  1. Hi, Denyse and Bloggers! Thanks for having me. I know it's an extremely busy time of year for many, but it's always a pleasure to chat with people about books and what they're reading and discovering. I'll look forward to checking back on the blog throughout the day. And happy holidays!

  2. I love romantic suspense...will be stopping by to take a closer look.

    Morning D! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful author with us.

  3. Nothing better than romantic suspense! Good luck with your series!


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