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GUEST: Jenny Gilliam

An exciting and sexy new read from author Jenny Gilliam...

AVAILABLE Friday, June 20th from Amira Press


When Lucy Hollister tried to drop-kick her personal computer out her second-story window, she had no idea it would eventually lead to the seduction of her very hot, very yummy best friend, Rory Carlisle.

After all, she’s the queen of passivity, and he’s the reining king of the non-committed relationship. When a sexy online flirtation leads the couple into some steamy situations, Rory realizes that his cute best friend is letting loose—in the best possible way.

Can this couple get past old hurts and guarded hearts to embrace the passionate love that awaits?


“Who did you do it for?” Rory asked.

Lucy’s heart thudded in her chest. She couldn’t quite meet his eyes. His velvety voice, rough yet smooth, caressed nerve endings strung tight like piano wire.

“Lucy,” he said softly. “Who did you wear that dress for?”

Oh, he was good. He knew damn well she’d dressed up for him. In a sudden flash of insight, she realized she wasn’t fooling anyone, especially Rory.

“I know you,” he said, his voice whispering over her. “ScorpioCutie.”

Her breath caught, and her eyes moved to his face. He watched her with the single-minded intensity he saved for naughty co-eds and naughtier computers.

“What did you just call me?”

“You heard me,” he answered huskily.

Silent, her gaze skittered away from his, flying away like a nervous bird before landing on a spot a few feet beyond his shoulder. She considered denying it all. How much could he know, after all? He might be guessing. Then she thought of his heated gaze, those knowing eyes, that flash of insight.

Her skin heated with embarrassment. “How long have you known?”

God! Why couldn’t she just be ScorpioCutie? Why couldn’t she charge over there and throw him down on the grass? What stopped her?

Three words: Lucille Louise Hollister.

“A couple of weeks.”

“How did you find out?”

His heated stare burned her flesh. “You forgot to delete the chat logs.”

Duh! “Why didn’t you say anything sooner?”

“Why didn’t you?”

Good question. She didn’t know if he wanted to hear the truth. So she lied. “It was part of the game.”

He lifted a brow. “So this is just a game?”

Lucy nodded, but she couldn’t look him in the eye. He turned to her with predatory grace; stalking her, closing her in, forcing her to lean against one of the metal beams. The cold seeped in from the steel, saturating her skin as a prickle of goosebumps that spread across her body.
He looked like a large feral animal, and she was his prey.

With nowhere to go.

Rory stopped an inch from her. He was so big, towering over her. His hot breath fanned across her cheek. He lifted a finger and ran it down her neck. She couldn’t control the delicious tremor that ran through her...

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  1. Wow, great excerpt! I think I'll be checking this one out ;)

  2. That's a great excerpt. Now off to Jenny's site to find out more!

  3. Nothing like chat logs to heat up a conversation. Great blurb!

  4. i like the excerpt, i have to go over and find out more

  5. TRES juicy! Darn those dead giveaway chat logs!! LOL Great excerpt.

  6. Wow Hot To Trot!I Love it.

  7. Thanks, ladies, for all of your wonderfully supportive comments. Letting Luce will be available from Amira Press on Friday. I'm so excited! This was my first novel and my favorite to write. I love the characters and the premise.


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