Sunday, February 21, 2010

Meet my talented friend Scott Lang...

So, this my friend Scott,
who has written a very cool book he is here to tell us about... I posted a trailer and intro to this one a couple of weeks ago, then asked Scott if he'd be interested in a proper guest spot, since I pretty much just went and stole his material off his webiste. I've been forgiven and he's here to chat with you, so enjoy.... over to Scott now.... :)

I had been challenged. The gauntlet had been thrown down by my good friend Ellen to write a book. Can you believe the audacity of such a thing? My blood was boiling and my gander was up as I bolted to my feet and accepted her challenge in a loud blustering fashion. By God, I shall write a book! And it shall be good! Now all I needed was a story! Drat, I knew I was forgetting something. I put on my most serious face and my thinking cap as I pondered about what to write. I figured I could always write about vampires, especially a tall, dark, brooding vampire who hated what he was and just wanted to find love and acceptance in the arms of a high school-aged female. No, I decided, that concept would never sell. Then I watched spellbound on February 28, 1993 as the Waco, Texas Compound thing went down, just as so many of you did too. My friend, the same one who challenged me, turned to me and said, "I wonder what he (David Koresh) was thinking," and I thought, "Yeah, what was he thinking," and an idea started to form in my twisted little mind. What if I combined the concept of a secret and ultra-powerful society, like Dan Brown did in The Di Vinci Code, with the warped religious zealot-like mindset like Koresh employed in his compound? I thought that was a very good start, but I wanted more. I wanted to write about something that hadn't been pounded into the ground ten million times, and that's as easy a task as it might sound. By this point everything has been done before. Hell, Hollywood is now making movies about old Saturday morning cartoons and comic book superheros. My solution -- Internet Adult chat rooms. When is the last time you read a book about chat rooms? Exactly, yet everyone knows what LOL is. Over three million people visit Internet chat rooms everyday, yet nobody is writing about them. That worked out well for me. So now I had the secret society, the religious mindset, and adult chat rooms as my main plot ideas -- the initial concept of my debut novel, Original Sin was born. Fee free to add an evil maniacal laugh here, I did when I wrote it. Really, it's all right. I won't think any less of you, I promise. I knew I wanted the secret society to be the antagonist, I mean come on, it's just so much fun to make them the baddies (besides, if you weren't doing something wrong you wouldn't have to conduct your business in secret.) That meant I needed a hero to counter them, but I didn't want a tried-and-true larger-than-life, James Bond type of guy. You know, the kind of stud who blazes his way through an army of gun-toting baddies and doesn't even mess up his perfectly combed hair, or spill his Martini. No, I wanted my hero to be somebody that every man could relate to, yet still has the guts and means to take on the bad guys. Making him have the means to stop the big bad meant he needed to be a cop, thus Detective Dallas Holden was created. Now all the pieces to my novel were in place. The result of those pieces was Original Sin. In Original Sin, I blend everything together to make a unique murder mystery novel. OS is not a story you've read before, though it has all the components you are familiar with. There's plenty of shoot-'em-up action for the guys, pulse-pounding adventure and a touch of romance, and yes ladies, there's even sex in it. Calm down guys, I put the action in the book for you, the ladies deserve to get theirs too. Original Sin is bold, fresh and sometimes a bit edgy, just like life. Real everyday issues like troubled marriages and temptation stand side-by-side with the grandiose storyline in Original Sin. No matter who you are, male or female, you will see yourself in at least one of my characters. I don't want to give too much of the story away, though it sure is tempting to really dive into the plot here so you can see what makes Original Sin so special and unique. Instead, I think I'll give you all my web address where you can order a personally signed copy of Original Sin.

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Huge thanks go out to Denyse for allowing me to ramble on about my book on her blog. It's always nice when you find somebody with a heart as big as hers.


  1. I am so there...just give me a few minutes to track down a credit card :D

    This sounds fabulous and I am so glad you picked up the gauntlet.

  2. Hey Scott,

    sounds very intriguing, glad you shared with us


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