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It's going to be a mega-busy day here, so I'm going to just jump in and spread the love.... and I hope there will be something for everyone here!! So, let's start with today's "treat" - a sweet FREE READ from LASR called "Ancient Magic" that you can find here:

My next release is March 1st, from HEARTS ON FIRE BOOKS - a non-erotic thriller, with a vampire twist. Part horror, part romance, and part mystery, this is what advance readers have said about SHADES OF DEATH:

An absolutely amazing story that will bring the reader to a depth they may have never been before. Shades of Death will grab the reader, bring them in and hold them. (Brigit Aine, author & editor)

The characters draw you in so much that you have to keep flipping the pages. The storyline kept me flipping the pages until the very end. With this book it is easy to forget time you have to keep flipping the pages until the end. (Patsy Marshall, reader)


Deep within the ageless Carpathian Mountains, an ancient evil wakes. Imprisoned many centuries ago, she has waited, patiently, for the one destined to grant her freedom.

Arienne Lereaux has studied the preternatural menace called "vampyre" for most of her life. She is an expert in the field. Loosely affiliated with a secretive organization called The Institute of Paranormal Research and Investigation, she turns to them when she unearths what may be the first representation of the vampyre ever to exist.

Head of the Institute, Adam Raven, has spent a lifetime tracking the clues left by his mother's disappearance in the mountains of Romania nearly twenty years past. When Arienne arrives at the secluded island headquarters of the Institute, he wonders if she holds the key to finding his lost mother. But before too many days pass, the city of Vancouver is rocked by a series of grisly murders. As it races to find the culprit, the Institute faces an evil unlike any it has encountered before...


Once you have read "Ancient Magic" drop by the blog and tell me how many of the Gods are named in the short story. All correct answers will be tossed into a hat and my sister will draw a winner for an ARC (in PDF format) of the novel SHADES OF DEATH. So, don't forget to leave your email address, or check back on Sunday, Febraury 28th, when the winner will be posted!!

Recent Reviews to tempt you:


FOUR reviews to tempt you - all vampiric in theme.

Whom Gods Have Favored: 4 tombstones
Average reader rating - 5/5 stars

Heartache and pain are the threads which draw the main characters together in this beautiful saga. Denyse does a wonderful job of describing her world and the characters, allowing you to feel as if you know them like a close friend. Though not for younger audiences, this is a story that is sure to enrapture the historical reader as well as those who just love a good happily ever after.

Passionate Kisses: 4 tombstones
Average reader rating: 5/5 stars

I am going to focus on the paranormal stories, but trust me, the other stories are quite entertaining as well.

In the story “Perdition”, the first paranormal offering of the collection, Alexander finds himself part of a fading sect. His fascination is with a female pupil who comes to him to study the history of Egypt. She entices him into a desire for power and prestige that he happily accepts. Too late does he has second thoughts about the full implications of what her power will cost him.

“The Hunt” is the story of two vampires and their desires that send them to hunt each other through town. A sexual hide and go seek. Passions run HOT, and a few humans are drawn into the heat but can they handle it?

In this offering of short stories, followers of Denysé’s paranormal stories can get a taste for her hetero romance and erotic and they won’t be displeased. These stories are for mature readers - no youngsters, please - but definitely share with everyone you can!

Descent Into Darkness: (novel) 4 tombstones
Average reader rating: 5/5 stars

This story is darkly intriguing. It explores the mental status of an older vampire who finds he has lost something very important to him, but only after the fact. Denyse is amazing in her ability to bring across to her audience such intense feelings in such a short time. As always, I have thoroughly enjoyed her current offering and will definitely suggest it to others.

Blood Wine and Pale Roses: 5 tombstones
Available from The Wild Rose Press
(LASR finalist for Best Book of 2008)
Average reader rating: 5/5 stars

It was easy to feel both Eden and Sean’s sorrow through the pain and heartache they have suffered. Also it was flaming to feel the connection between them. I would definitely recommend this story to my friends!

4.5 stars for The Devane Files - OUT OF HELL
Available from Liquid Silver Books

The Devane Files: Out Of Hell is a darkly atmospheric, emotionally charged mystery. I was immediately pulled in and swept back to London, 1892. The characters are vibrant, from the tortured and addicted Inspector Devane, his friend Sgt. Goodwin, and the headstrong Bethany Bradshaw to her extremely hateful father Davenshire. The peripheral characters are just as defined as the leads. The words and structure beautifully suit the Victorian setting. I vacillated between the person(s) I thought responsible for the murder of Robert Bradshaw but finally settled and was gratified to learn I was right. The culmination and ending were eminently satisfying. The second in the series just became my next “have to read.” If you enjoy a richly depicted historical mystery with wonderful characterization, I highly recommend The Devane Files: Out of Hell, it possesses it all.

4.5 stars for The Devane Files - AN UNSPOKEN BETRAYAL
Available from Liquid Silver Books

Once again I was transported to London, 1893, a year after the start of events in Out of Hell. The story is as compelling, the characterization just as defined, living up to the standard previously set. An Unspoken Betrayal is equally atmospheric but the darkness is interspersed with light. Bethany has lightened Devane and it shows. The mystery is layered, circuitous and different. It’s an excellent sequel that stays true to the spirit of Out of Hell. If you’re looking for resolution as in the previous Devane File you’ll look in vain. This in no way detracts but only whets my appetite for more. I’m sincerely hoping there will be a book three and sooner rather than later, please.

Available from Hearts On Fire Press

Review: A vivid look into the pirate life complete with chases, cannons and booty;)

I totally enjoyed Captain Jack and Katheryn. A nifty tale about these two that made me wonder what would happen in their future. When I reached the end of their tale (s) I found myself hoping that the author has future tales of mischief and adventure to share with us.

All in all this 3 story collection was interesting, descriptive and held me till the end :)


  1. 10 Gods and goddesses were named and one demi-goplease enter me into your contest.

  2. 12 if you count Herc as a God, rather than a demi-god. Otherwise 11 Gods and Godesses were named plus Hercules as the demi-god.

  3. If you count hercules, who was named as a demi-god, there were 12 gods named; without Herc, there were only 11 gods named.

  4. 11 Gods & 1 demi-god..

  5. You have eleven god/goddesses and one demi-god there.

  6. The answer is 11 Gods/Goddesses and 1 Demi-God.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  7. I counted 12 - 1 demi-god and 11 gods/goddess.

  8. I counted 12 total Gods & Goddesses, 11 are Gods/Godesses and 1 (Hercules) is a Demi-God.

    Mindy G.


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