Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Busy, busy... TWO things...

OK, I need a favor - nothing major - just read this and take a moment to vote? This is a special friend - and he is fabulous!! You know him (well, you've probably heard me babbling about him anyway, right?) - EMANUELE DABBONO!!

THANKS so much. This is directly from Emma himself:

The song is "IO RIMANGO MIO" - it's in the final part of selections for the most important contest in Italy (maybe in Europe): Festival di Sanremo.

You can listen to the song and tell it as many friends as possible. There is nothing to do except to listen and maybe vote if you liked it or not.

The link is:

or http://www.sanremo.rai.it/

then click on Sanremo Nuova Generazione
and go to page 9, TERRAROSSA "IO RIMANGO MIO"

See - easy. PLEASE DO THIS??

OK, since the entire page is in Italian... I'll add this....

Voting is easy - click on the song, and a bar appears under the player... it has a row of stars.... click on the last of that row of stars and you will see a message pop up - it's thanking you for your vote.... you're done!


And: MY Schedule for today and tomorrow:

Today Interview: http://www.longandshortreviews.com/WC/interviews.htm

Blogging with Laurie D.: http://lauries-laudanum.blogspot.com/

Tomorrow: (December 16th)

ALL day chat at Whipped Cream group:

Christmas In Italy - Part Two: http://twrpblackrose.blogspot.com/

MY blog guest: Pat Snyder, here at Fantasy Pages!

So, let's have some fun!!!

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