Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Birthday Book Bash!!


December is my birthday month and I will be turning 35! (OMG didI just day that out loud?) Yikes!! So....I have decided tohave a huge Giveaway, 35 Books, 1 Winner! I am putting somefrom my own collection, (no crease in spine, excellent condition)BUT this is the catch.... Since it is the holiday season & itis all about giving, I want to know from all of you what booksYOU want! What's on your TBR & Wish lists? New Releases, whatare you dying to get your hands on (up until Jan 05 for newreleases!), or even something from one of your favorite authors'sbacklist. Even ebooks count!!!!


One entry per person!

You can enter TWO books (w/Authors name if you want them tocount) under each genre. You DO NOT have to enter two for each,just genres you are interested in (it won't count against you)....whatever YOU want!

If you win, you will get ALL your books you listed, PLUS 15 others from Authors who have generously donated signed copiesor e-books .... tons of swag for ONE winner!!!! ..... PLUS 10books from me personally!

This is what I need you to do.... Visit: http://myfoolishwisdom.blogspot.com/2009/11/happy-birthday-book-bash-35-book.html, complete the form there, and that is it!

One winner will be chosen on Jan 01 via Random.org. Good Luck to all!

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