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Today we continue our week-long celebration of the authors featured in XOXO Publishing's recently released paranormal collection LOST TO THE NIGHT. We're chatting with the lovely Brigit Aine, who is familiar to many readers of paranormal romance. So, without further ado, over to the beautiful Brigit!

How long have you been writing?

For so long I don't remember? Since high school for sure...so a number of years.

How long have you been a published author?

I have been published for 3 years now.

What titles do you have available?

Torrent's Talents Series
Red's Return (Decadent Publishing)
Cassie's Awakening (Eternal Press)
Kraig's Kat (XOXO Publishing)

Justice for Leanne (Solstice at Night)

Just Another Paranormal Anthologies
A Pixie Holiday (Halloween) (Mojo Castle Press)
A Christmas to Remember (Mojo Castle Press)

Lost to the Night: Prince of Shadows (XOXO Publishing)
Halloween Triad: Marionette (XOXO Publishing)

Is dark fantasy/paranormal your favourite genre? If so, what makes it so appealing to you?

Absolutely. I just like the idea that I can create anything and it can become real. It whispers to me that there is a something out there that is dark but has the ability to change, or that can bring you over to the dark side.

Do you have any new titles coming soon?

I have a wonderful Valentine's Duet coming out with the lovely Denysé Bridger. And I am working on the second part of Justice for Leanne. As well the next piece to Prince of Shadows for Volume 2 of Lost to the Night.

What is your favourite genre to read and why?

I love Urban Fantasy and paranormal romance. For the same reasons they are my favorite to write. I can get lost in a world that is utterly fantastical and yet I can see it come to life.

What, to you, is the most exciting part of the writing process?

I love creating the characters. I am always excited when someone new starts jabbering away in my head to tell me their story.

If you could co-author a book with anyone, who would you choose and why?

Seanan MacGuire would be my choice right this moment. But if I could go back in time Milton. 'Paradise Lost' my favorite paranormal book.

Where can readers find you on the web?

My website is down right now for a bit but I can be found at:

An excerpt from Prince of Shadows:


“Well, you just accepted the position of Retrieving the murderer, you invite my son to stay with you, he leaves for a few hours, there is another murder and you are drugged so you can’t wake up to investigate. Who do you suppose everyone is going to look at for this?”

Keri turned her head and looked up at Draken, watching as his mother’s words hit him. “I would never hurt Keri.” His arms tightened around her. “I dare anyone to try and prove I would.”

“Calm down son. This simply means you have less time to find the murderer then you thought. I certainly am not going to tell anyone about what I found. But whomever left this for you might not be so quiet.”

Draken looked down at Keri, “It wasn’t me. I swear on it.”

Scrunching her face up at his words, “I never thought it was. Of all the things I know and all the things I don’t know, I believe that you would never hurt me.” She felt his arms tighten even more and smiled, “however, I do need to be able to breathe.” Fluttering her wings a bit against his arms she felt him relax his hold, not let go, just give her some space.

“Sorry. It bothers me to think that you are in more danger because of something I asked you to do.”

“We talked a bit about this last night. I am a Retriever, hell I’m The Retriever. I am in danger daily. This time I am actually in less because I have you by my side looking out for me. It will be okay.”

The Lady of the Shadows shifted a bit, catching Keri’s attention. “I am going to take the pillow to Underhill. I will keep it with me. Please be careful. You are my two favorite people both topside and Underhill and I would hate for anything more to happen to either of you.” With her words she faded out.

“I always love visits from your mother, they are soothing and cryptic at the same time.”

Draken laughed and kissed Keri’s head. “Well now that you are awake, as my mother mentioned, there was another murder. I think we might have a fighting chance if you can get to the scene and see what you can smell.”

Keri nodded. “Let me shower to finish clearing the cobwebs from my head and then we will head out. If you could start the coffee that would help tremendously.”

Draken let go of her and headed towards the kitchen, “Your wish is but my command.” Smirking he heard her lock the bathroom door. “Remember a locked door won’t keep me out if I want in.”

“Draken…don’t piss me off.” Keri laughed under her breath and stepped into the shower. Being as quick as she could she tried to shake off whatever sleep spell was left and got ready to Scent. Dressing in her work clothes, hiding her wings for the moment and centering herself with a quick chant Keri headed into the kitchen where she could smell the coffee. Walking in she saw it was already poured into a travel mug and waiting for her. Picking it up she took a quick sip and smiled. It was just the way she liked it, he really had been paying attention to her all these months. Taking it with her into the living room she saw Draken by the door, pacing. “Alright, I’m here. Let’s go.”

A collection of five short novellas that celebrate the magic that is the night!

There are more mysteries walking beside us in this world than we will ever suspect or know. For some, the greatest fears are also the sweetest thrills. Death walks among us, the unknown feeds our imaginations and fuels our dreams and our nightmares. In this collection of stories from a group of exceptional and talented authors, we'll look into the shadows, and shiver with fright and passion, until we are Lost To The Night… and all its magic…


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  1. Brigit is a wonderful author and I was honored to be apart of the Lost To The Night Vol.1 Project!


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