Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Meet my Dark Angel - FREE!

I thought I’d do something different in the way of a post today… I asked a couple of friends if they were going to ask three questions of me as an author – what would they want to know. Here’s the result:

Penny asked:

What gives you such passion?

I think the passion comes from the desire to communicate and tell people stories to entertain them and allow them an escape from day to day reality. It’s a chance to dream, and to see the possibilities… to view love with the magic that can really only come from fiction, where everything is a little bit easier, and little bit less fraught with the small stresses that make us all crazy every day of our lives.

Where do your story ideas come from?

The story ideas come from everywhere. A song lyric can inspire an entire story, or an image I see can start my mind creating. Even an overheard bit of conversation from strangers can become the basis of a new story. Every taste, every sound, every vision… each one has the potential to become something special for a new work.

If you could have a "do over" which story would you like to re-write and perhaps change the outcome?

I think the only book I’d “do over” is my fantasy novel, AS FATE DECREES – because I think now I could do the whole story more justice. Characters would be deeper and more driven, the story itself more detailed – because I’ve learned so much since I first wrote that book, and it’s still one of the accomplishments I am most proud of, really.

Lisa asked:

What's your favourite book, and how/why did you first choose it to read?

My favourite novel is GONE WITH THE WIND, and I read it first when I was 17. I chose to read it because I’d finally seen the movie for the first time, and I was in love with the film. I have lost track of the times I’ve read the novel, all 1036 pages of it – and watched the four hours of movie... It never loses it’s appeal. The history and drama of the Civil War, and the incredible strength and drive of Scarlett O’Hara, because you want to beat her senseless over her blindness, and yet you also want to cheer her on and believe she does win back the heart of her one and only, Rhett Butler!

What makes the perfect character/hero/heroine?

Strength, honesty, passion... Those are the key elements of both hero and heroine. The heroine has to believe in herself, but more than that, she has to believe in the hero and see the good in him that he perhaps doesn’t see in himself. For the perfect hero, he has to have the depth and drive to be whatever is needed. Each set of characters possess these innate strengths, then as you work within the context of each story, the individuality of the people you have brought to life emerges to enhance their experience and make them suited to each other and believable and accessible to the readers. You want your readers to fall in love, not just with a hero, but with his life and the life he’s building with the heroine.

The job of author is now banned. What do you choose to do instead and why?

I think I’d have to stay in some kind of creative art. I can’t sing, except to make dogs howl, and I am a crap artist, but I’d still be searching for some way to touch people’s heart and imaginations. Failing that, I’d bake! I’d be creative with food...

Very cool questions from two great friends – and I hope you’ve enjoyed this bit of fun! If anyone else has questions, feel free to ask, ok? To wrap up, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about the short story that is launching a new program with XoXo Publishing™, the FREE READS program. Here’s a quick look at that one:

A hot and deadly vampire tale that comes with a stunning Kayden McLeod cover, and though it's a short read, it packs a punch!


And death shall walk quietly in the shadows of night,
stealing dreams, betraying hope... leaving silence and dark truth...

She approached the darkened club with a feeling of excitement and abject terror, certain she was walking into a nightmare, but drawn as a moth to flame, unable to resist the inexorable pull of desire. How many times had she come to this place with the intention of talking to the owner? How many times had she fled before he found her waiting, and knew her secrets….

Tonight would be no different. The honest part of her soul recognized that as fact. Yet, she still sought the nightclub that had become an exclusive place filled with the most striking men she'd ever seen. Tall, powerful, deadly males who moved like the world was theirs and they were comfortable with the balance they held in their hands.

The owner of this dark and dangerous place was like them, but also different. He was, she suspected, even more lethal than the ones who drank and relaxed in the club, a place aptly named The Underground Cavern. He was tall, breathtakingly handsome, his brilliant jewelled eyes shrewd and sharp with intelligence. More than once, she'd felt him probing the shadows, seeking her enthralled presence...

So, dark, wild, and sexy as sin - meet my dark angel.... this one is dedicated to the fabulous character of Rehvenge Rempoon from JR Ward's "Black Dagger Brotherhood" series.... it's short, and powerful.... and it's FREE! Drop by and pick up your copy HERE!

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