Monday, July 25, 2011


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Welcome to the “Vampire Kisses - Foxworth Coven” necklace contest. You can find the full details on Wiccan Wear Jewelry’s WEBSITE.

"Vampire Kisses - Foxworth Coven" is composed of blue beach glass and black faceted hand-cut Czech crystal. It has Victorian styled filigree spacers and cross that have been artificially blackened with age. The lobster claw and chain are made to adjust in length. Burgundy freshwater pearl droplets on an aged chain complete the piece, a symbolic impression of a vampire’s kiss.

To enter the contest, answer the following to questions, by going to Wiccan Wear Jewelry and Kayden McLeod’s website to locate the answers. Once you’ve found them, E-mail HERE

In your entry, please include your full name and e-mail address, so we may inform the winner after the drawing, and obtain shipping information.

Contest Drawing Date: August 13th 2011

Question One

Answer found on Wiccan Wear Jewelry’s WEBSITE

On WWJ’s website find the piece named Necklace of the Dreamer, and tell us what the past wearers of this necklace series have commented on.

Question Two

Answer found on Kayden McLeod’s WEBSITE

How long has the Foxworth Coven resided in British Columbia, Canada?

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  1. Ohh that sounds like a read up my alley! Love Paranormal! And what a lovely piece of jewelry.

    I am so entering!


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