Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blood Games


The hunt begins...

You are such a fool, Nicholas. You never saw that she belonged to me long before you tried to 'save her'. Your beautiful Amanda had sold her soul to me; the devil in your dreams, Nicholas. She's as wild and untamed as she is lovely, Nicholas. Did you know that, dear boy? Did you want to know that? Her passion is as savage as her hunger, now. She sleeps in my arms, Nicholas. Does that haunt you? Does it anger you to know that she willingly comes to my bed -- that she cries my name as I possess her. My blood flows through her veins, Nicholas. She loves me as you never did. As I will never love her.

Blood games...

They fall before her, Nicholas. Young fools clamour for her attention, and she laughs at their weakness. I've taught her well, Nicholas; she has a flair for the game. You found one of hers last night. Did you know that? The boy in the park was Amanda's destruction of you. Didn't you see the resemblance, Nicholas? She hates you as you once loved her. Do you understand why that is, my Nicholas? She despises you, because you hurt me. The irony is so sweet, is it not? She drank until the boy had nothing left to offer her, then she turned another, stronger hunger to me.

After the kill...

The nights are a madness all their own, Nicholas. She thrives on the terror we incite -- and the lust we share after the kill. You never knew that thrill, did you, Nicholas? She writhes in exquisite agony, consumed by a need she cannot control. I hold that key, Nicholas. She does my bidding, whatever it may be, and she begs for reward afterward. I bring her to her knees, Nicholas, and she thanks me for it. She loves me as you never did. As I will never love her.

She loves me as I once loved you, Nicholas.

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