Saturday, September 12, 2009

The World Writes A Book!

New Website - - A Global Grassroots Submit-erature Project Co-write the next great novel with 6.7 billion of your closest friends - is a central hub where the collective imagination of the human race can converge to complete a worldwide historical achievement - Snippet by Snippet!


Los Angeles, CA, August 19, 2009 - On August 5, 2009, was officially launched. is a global literary project which invites the world to co-write the next great novel. Anyone with an internet connection can review the up-to-date ongoing story, and submit a "snippet" (140 characters) which they believe should be the next segment of that story. will review the submissions each day, and append the continuing and unfolding prose with the best entry.

Everyday, it will be up to the world's writers (i.e., anyone who wants to flex their proverbial creative muscles) to move the story along on its developing path.

This is not just literature . . . it's Submit-erature.

Everyone who participates in this evolving project will have the opportunity to affect the plot, setting, storyline, dialogue, character development, and every other aspect of the story, but only with 140 characters at a time. No one, including, will know the direction of the story until it unfolds on a daily basis.

Once the novel is complete, will explore the publishing potential of the finished work. If successful, each person who contributed an accepted entry will be recognized in the book as a partial author. Even better, the individual who submitted the highest number of accepted entries will be awarded a Grand Prize of up to $25,000 (depending upon the terms of the publishing contract with a third party, if any.)

It costs nothing to contribute snippets, and no personal information is required.

You know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but the question you must ask yourself is, "How many snippets is a book worth?"

Ultimately, this novel will be written by many thousands of people who don't know each other, but who will share in the knowledge that they participated in the greatest literary achievement in world history!


We are hopeful that will spur the collective imagination of humankind, and that the world will be excited by the prospect of creating a work that reflects the global drive, imagination, and creativity that the human race possesses. We also hope to generate a spark of interest in the compelling art of writing fiction.

The insight of Arthur Ashe taught us that - "Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome."

Let's view this global experiment as an exciting journey, regardless of the outcome, and enjoy the passing landscape. Whether we ultimately reach our destination is not as important as "the doing". Hopefully, you will board the train, join us on this adventure, and help us to make our combined vision a reality.


Since the launching of on August 5, 2009, public reaction has been phenomenal. During the short time since its inception, the growing list of participants has increased exponentially. Also, we have received very positive comments from Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy, during his recent broadcast on KFI 640 AM Radio Los Angeles. We look forward to further accolades from the public, as well as from the media.


This is not a publicity stunt. We are not a large corporation looking to promote a product or service. We are a husband and wife team trying to initiate a grassroots campaign to accomplish a spectacular feat of global proportions. Help us to achieve our immense goal, and be a part of the process. You may just find that 15 minutes of fame, and possibly be awarded up to $25,000 as a Grand Prize.

Tel: (818) 433-4768
Fax: (818) 532-1214

About was started by a husband and wife team who love to read fiction novels. They decided that an experiment, on a grassroots basis, to determine whether the world's population could write a better novel than any one person would be interesting. is the product of their curiousity. Their passion arises not from any potential financial rewards, but only from their love of great literature, and their belief that the collective imagination of the human race can produce wonderful results.

We look forward to the combined genius of the world's population.

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