Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Guest: Bob Brooker and Kaye O'Doughtery

In this case, 'the author' is two people: the writing team of Bob and Kaye. Our motivations and our paths to become authors are decidedly different. Actually, it's rather amazing that they could have converged at all. But like sweet and sour pork, it somehow works.

For each of us, what we do is what we are, and what that is has been clear to each of us from childhood. As you might expect, that was writing. But only for Kaye. She's been scribbling poetry and short stories since kindergarten. Beyond a voracious reader, she will read cereal boxes if nothing else is available.

For Kaye, the written word – her own and the words of others – has always been not far short of obsession. She felt that was how one could learn the whole world – and speak to it as well.

That is to say, Kaye's road to writing was pretty traditional.

For Bob, it was always about singing. First on his father's choir. Then in a group – the Gay Jays – with three of his brothers. Later, as a recording artist and, as he puts it, a 'saloon singer.' Where Kaye was content to read about the world, Bob travelled all around it as an entertainer.

Then, unlikely pair though we are, we met at a recording studio on 42nd Street in New York City. And unlikely or not, the affinity was there from day one.

The thing is, Bob had already found his voice as a singer. But, as a writer, Kaye was still searching for her own.

The collaboration began as naturally as the writing had for Kaye and the singing had for Bob. But now, Bob's skills as an entertainer began to bring to life Kaye's skills as a writer. Together, they began to create songs and skits and scripts. Kaye was still the reader, doing the research, drafting the material. Bob still the entertainer, editing the written words until they were ready to burst out onto a stage.

We had a blast together for a lot of years!

Then Bob had a stroke. The need to re-learn the basics, like walking and talking, made life upon the wicked stage no longer an option.

But the need for creativity – the need to entertain – was alive and well. In both of us.

Moreover, for quite a while, our collaborations had been leaning toward comedy. We both love to make people laugh.

Only now we had to find a way to do it sitting down and with our mouths shut.

We believe that's called 'writing a book.' So we did.

Football is for Lovers is our first, and we intend to write many more.

Hope they make you laugh.


Can learning about football be sexy? According to Football is for Lovers, when it comes to your love life, football can be better than oysters.

The good news is that Football is for Lovers makes the basics so . . . well, so basic that learning the game is easy as eating an ice cream cone. And just as much fun.

With anecdotes, illustrations, and a lot of laughs, Football is for Lovers not only makes it easy to understand the game, but also shows you how to put an end to the TV clicker wars, improve your relationship, and spice up your love life.It just takes looking at the game of football a little bit differently.

Then again, since Football is for Lovers contains references to football great Jerry Rice in a pink tutu, images of paintings by French artist Jean Dubuffet, an alert about the dangers of speaking Northeastern Mandarin, an explanation of the value of M & M's in a relationship, and a Burma Shave sign, to say it looks at football "a little bit differently" may be something of an understatement.But if your football-obsessed partner has been making you a 'football widow' from August NFL pre-season through the February Super-Bowl, thus convincing you that you hate football, this little book may be just the 'different look' you need to discover that, after all, Football really is for Lovers!


  1. Just wanted to say thank you for hosting us on your very sexy website!
    As ever -
    Bob and Kaye
    Football is for Lovers

  2. Bob and Kaye - it was wonderful to have you here, I'm just sorry more people didn't leave behind comments.... it was a very slow week.

    Thanks again for being my guests.


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