Saturday, September 05, 2009

A Ravenous Rendezvous!

My new release!

An erotic tale set in the mystery of Venice, Italy.

Available NOW from Ravenous Romance

The misty evening air of a winter in Venice cloaks many things and many people. Some are passionate lovers meeting secretly, hoping for stolen moments. Others are merely the cutthroats and thieves that plague any city filled with the wealth of visitors and citizens who reside in palaces…

But what else lies hidden in the mist? Cloaked and dangerous, lethally alluring… One woman is determined to find out.

Driven half mad by the death of her lover, she is drawn into the night… The voice of an angel lures, and each perfect note beckons and promises untold pleasures…. until, finally, a broken heart succumbs to the vampire…. and Fate weaves a new thread into the tapestry that is the mystery of life itself.

Discover the mystery and magic of forbidden passion.... HERE

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  1. oooooo looks spooky! where do I get it again???

    Lisa xx


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