Monday, May 19, 2008

Guest Blogger: JAMIE HILL

Today's guest.... JAMIE HILL... Welcome, and thank you for joining the party, Jamie!!

First I'd like to thank Denyse for having me here today. Since I'm probably new to many of you, I thought I'd give you a bit by way of introduction.

I was born and raised in the Midwest, where I still live with my husband of twenty-seven years. We have two college aged sons, and I have a step-daughter who's married with two kids of her own. I'm just barely old enough to answer to 'grandma', but I don't suggest calling me that.

I started writing at about the age of ten. (What author didn't?) That early stuff was Dumpster-worthy but heartfelt. I resumed storytelling about fifteen years ago, and struggled with one manuscript, and the rejection of it, for many years. Eventually I discovered the online world of e-publishers and e-books, and from there my work moved from romance to erotic romance. My first novels and short stories were published in 2006. Oh, and that slaved-over manuscript with twenty-seven rejection slips? I chopped it down from a hundred thousand word monster-piece to a thirty thousand word erotic novella, and it was released this year.

I've been published in four anthologies with Whiskey Creek Press – Torrid and had short stories with Midnight Showcase and Forbidden Publications. My erotic novella trilogy, Unexpected Love, is being released by Total e-bound Publishing this year as three separate e-books or the complete series in trade paperback. TEB has also contracted several of my other novellas and short stories, in various genres. Phaze is the publisher of another anthology I'm very proud of, 413 Remembrance Lane: Diary of a House, and the 2008 Eppie finalist M/M anthology: Phaze Fantasies III. I have several other novellas with Phaze, and several titles with publisher Freya's Bower. (My chapter book Edge of Sanity is on sale at Freya's until May 31!)

My work has gone from vanilla m/f relationships to f/f, m/m and recently D/s stuff. I love the variety, and strive to push myself to try new ideas, and not get labeled as the author of one type of thing. I do write contemporary stuff, could never do historical, and sometimes there's paranormal. It's all so much fun!

When I'm not in front of the computer writing, I can often be found there anyway, tinkering with my website or working as a freelance editor. I also enjoy reading, watching scary movies with my family and tending to the fish in my large aquarium, including a foot-long Bala Shark.

I'll give away the ebook download of choice from my available titles to one random commenter on this blog post. So drop a note, and take a chance on winning!

Thanks again Denyse, and have a great week everyone!

~ Jamie Hill

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  1. Nicely done, Jamie! The midwest is a cool place to live, too, but the weather can really suck in the winter, lol.

  2. Hi Jamie,
    Nice profile on your blog today. I have a hard time reading ebooks. I get sidetracked. I can't stay on a site more than ten minutes at a time.
    I have three of four I haven't read and don't even know if I could find them on my computer. I've read some of your excerpts and I think I need to get something of yours. I like your style. Even this blog is enough to make me want to buy something. I need to check to see if you already have something I like in print.


  3. Hey Jamie girl! Uh, grandma! Okay, I'll hide now. LOL! Great blog and it was nice to read about your work and how it came about getting published.


  4. I had no idea you were this mature. (grin) I've always thought you were in your late 20s. Nice blog post. :)


  5. Yeah, wow. Thought you were young. Guess you're still young at heart, though...;D

  6. Great interview. I enjoyed it. I see you've been doing quite well.

  7. Hi everyone, thanks so much for checking out the blog. Don't know why everyone thought I was so young, must be my dirty mind. *G*

    Denyse has lots of great stuff on here, be sure to look around!

    The winner of the ebook of choice is Ashley Ladd. Congratulations Ashley, I'll email you with details.

    Have a great day everyone!

    ~ Jamie


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