Thursday, May 22, 2008

Guest Blogger: COLLEEN LOVE

Often in this world we are Blessed with amazing people; kind hearts, gentle spirits, and the beauty of special friendships. I have these things in abundance, because of the presence and support and love of people like this wonderful lady: Colleen Love...

It's finally my turn! Yea!

Well, since today is Denyse's Birthday, I thought I would have a special Birthday Celebration for her!! After all the kindnesses she has shown me, it's the least I can do to show a friend some love.

So, today, I would like everyone to contribute and tell their funniest or most fun time they've had on their birthday to help Denyse celebrate her magical day!

Happy Friday Eve!!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DENYSE! *waving to you from Arizona where we've finally had a break in the 100 degree heat the last couple of days* I can't believe I beat everyone to the party this morning! Even so, I am such a boring person, I don't have one funny story to tell. LOL. It is probably because my birthday is in December right before xmas and I'm always the last one to be remembered amongst the busy holiday cheer. I even forget! LOL.

    Enjoy your special day! Will pop over to see all the great stories a little later.

  2. I don't have a funny memory to share, but do have a sweet one. I was at a church camp two hours away from home the week of my 15th birthday. On the evening of my birthday we were putting on a musical presentation, complete with formal gowns and an orchestra. I wanted so badly for my parents to come but they regrettably said they couldn't make it. About an hour before the show, it was announced that I had visitors - of course it was my parents, complete with a birthday cake to share with everyone in the lodge - I was on cloud nine! They loved me so much - I can only hope that I've shown my daughters a portion of the love my parents had for me.

    Sending you love on your birthday, Denyse - I hope you can feel how special you are to all of us, your friends.

    Thanks, Colleen!


    (blowing raspberries at Kathleen for complaining about heat while I sit here in polar fleece listing to freezing rain bounce off my window!!)

    Cool idea Colleen. Always nice to have the opportunity to revisit special days. Being a January baby, my BD has never been a big deal either. People are always broke and burned out from Christmas and New Years.

    The year I turned 30 was like the worst period of my life. Gas (my DH) had major back surgery out of the blue. Because we're self employed no work and no long term coverage. We were beyond broke, I had 2 toddlers and was looking after other peoples kids during the day and working nights in a greenhouse supply shipping warehouse to make ends meet.

    Gas isn't one for big romantic gestures at the best of times, so when I'd looked after him and six kids all day, made dinner and laced up my steel toed boots to head out for the night and hadn't had so much as a "happy birthday, hon" I wasn't all that surprised. But lets be honest, I was bitter and bitchy!

    Got to work and discovered Gas had arranged for the guys in the warehouse to decorate. They'd done the ribbons and streamers and made me an enormous tree out of faux greenery and chocolate bars. They all sang like morons, we drank champagne at 4 a.m and then I got a delivery of helium balloons with a jewelry box tied to the bottom. New gold hoops for the ones I'd lost a few weeks before. Needless to say, I haven't changed my ear rings in ten years! =)

  4. Hi Kathleen!
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Well, at least you don't have anything bad that's happened!! : )

    Oh, and just to tell you, I have ducks that have moved into my yard, I have that much standing water! : )


  5. Hi Laurie!
    I guess I should have specified, something to make your day special.

    What a lovely thing your parents did. I can only aspire to do so well by my children.

    Thank you for commenting!!

  6. Hi Lainey!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    I hear ya. It might get up to 50 today, : ) but then I'm not complaining either. I have a ton of yard work to do, and no descent weather to do it in! Oh well, at least I get to write guilt free then!! hehe

    See, my husband is the same way. You just wanna smack 'em for not paying attention. But they are, in their own way, and then they go and do something sweet. I think it makes it much more special and remembered that way. I wouldn't take them off either! : )


  7. Well Denyse's b/day seems to have gone doen well.
    A past memory for me in the distant past .........i was going out on a first date with a young chap, i had taken forever in choosing what to wear, hair & make-up.
    I was meeting him at a restaurant, and i didn't want to wear my glasses...( god i was vain!), so before i went into the restaurant i took them off.
    I spoke with the manager and told him i was expected, gave him the name and he pointed to a table.
    Well there was only one table that had someone sitting at it, so i went over, sat down said hello and started chatting away.
    As i am as blind as a bat, i didn't notice the mans' puzzled expression, and as i was nervous i babbled away ten to the dozen.
    I was vaugely aware of other people begining to sit down at other tables.
    After a few minutes i did realise that the man hadn't spoken.
    I was slightly taken back and sat quietly for a moment.
    The man finally began to speak, and the penny dropped, not only was he not my date, but the poor man didn't speak much english.
    I took my glasses out of the bag, and there on the next table was my date, me was enjoying himself hugely.
    I hurriedly got up apologised to the man and sat on the next table.
    I was mortified, but it worked out well in the end, we shared a bottle of wine with my "wrong" date and set him up with the waitress in the resestaurant ( he married her six months later).
    Sadly things didn't work out like that for me and my real date, but we're still good friends and every few months or so visit the restaurant.



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