Saturday, May 06, 2006

Chit-chat, the eBook contest, and just plain silly stuff

Okay, first off, the free eBook contest has gotten off to a rocky start, but it's being reinstated as of today. Since the first month went oddly, I awarded prizes to everyone who entered. I hope things will go better in future, and book selections will have to be selected from the Amber Quill Press author page rather than my website, since it's not been updated and the newer releases aren't listed there as available. So, if you want to enter again, feel free to select anything but a trade paperback.

Also, a nifty blog that you might want to look at is:
Laurie's a neat lady who reviews for Romance Junkies, and is really a terrific person with lots of interesting stuff to chat about. So, drop in a see her via the blog!!

I'm in the process of finishing up a couple of fun stories at the moment. One of them is a return to fan fiction, and if you like Pirates of the Caribbean, you might enjoy it! A new Jack Sparrow tale that I'm writing for a friend's fanzine. Will keep you posted, but if you're interested in the book and/or back issues of previous volumes, visit: and have a look around at the Marketplace! LOTS of cool pirate stuff here.

And, to everyone who's been sending notes about the Rebel Knight serial, thanks so much for all your enthusiasm! I'll be passing along comments to Branscombe, too, as soon as he's back from Hawaii. The second chapter is on my work list to be done by the end of the month.


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