Sunday, May 07, 2006

Business stuff...

My next book release was supposed to be June 1st, a pirate fantasy title that would complete the paperback collection called ROGUES. I don’t know when/if the book(s) will be on schedule or not, but I have been trying to get things straightened out and in order. Once I have a tentative date for some of the material, I’ll post things here, of course. For anyone who missed earlier posts, the REBEL KNIGHT project is up and running, and the back-story was published a few weeks ago at Amber Quill Press. If you enjoy the “modern-day Western” serial that is being sponsored by the American Motorcycle Company (, then you may very well enjoy the short erotic romance novella that tells more about the hero’s past. The serial is a FREE download from the AMC1902 site, and the URL is:

My first contract with Liquid Silver Books is pending. Along with this being my first contract with them, it’s also my first novel-length erotic romance. The book is called Simply The Best, after the Tina Turner song, and it’s about the leader of a team of mercenaries, and obviously, the woman he falls for. Like all good adventure/romances, things hit a few unexpected snags before the happily ever after, but I think this one is going to be fun for everyone. At least I hope so. Check out their very impressive website at:

I’m also at work on a new fantasy adventure novel for Canadian publishers Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy. This is the publisher for my first non-erotic contract, and it was a long time coming! One thing anyone who’s writing should really be aware of is the LONG time it some times takes to get that first, exciting contract. This one was several years in the making, but it paid off. I believe this book is probably one of the very best things I’ve written at this stage. I hope the readers will agree once it’s available. Meanwhile, if you enjoy good sci-fi and fantasy, you might want to look at their current catalogue:

Anyway, that’s enough for today, I think. As usual, I have a ton of stuff to do, and many writing projects to continue working on so I can dump more on the unsuspecting reading community! Remember the FREE eBook contest is on again, so don’t forget to pick a book and drop me a note with your entry, okay??

Oh, last note. The first book in Lucy Monroe’s Scorsolini Trilogy is officially available this month, so if you want to read a romance novel that will leave you smiling for hours once you’ve finished it, pick up a copy of The Prince’s Virgin Wife. It’s from the Harlequin Presents imprint, and should be readily available since it’s a May title. I can’t recommend it enough, it not only made me feel good inside, it left me smiling every time I thought about it!! If you don’t believe me, check out other reader comments at: Enjoy…

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