Sunday, September 06, 2015

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Words dazzle and deceive because they are mimed by the face. But black words on a white page are the soul laid bare.
~ Guy de Maupassant

I read that quote this morning and it lingered, making me think about the truth of the words... when we write, we often DO open part of our souls to the world. Writers are intensely committed to the words they put on a page, the dreams they present to the world as their work, and the parts of their internal selves that are revealed in ways non-writers can’t begin to reveal.

Why do we do it? I’m sure the answer to that is as diverse as the people who’ll read this, and the authors who publish books every day. For some of us, it’s a drive as natural and primal as drawing breath. We are born storytellers, with a knack for making worlds come to life for others. Since I am one of those people who’s been classified by many as being a “natural writer” I’ll go with that as my reason for continuing in a business that has taken more from my soul than it’s ever given back.

Curious now, with so much author/reader interaction every day with the advent of social media, how many of you feel authors are sharing pieces of their souls with you through their books? Is this something that makes you want to read more, know more? Is any fiction entirely fiction, do you think? Or is it another facet of a complex mind coming out into the open? I don’t know anymore where half my stories are born, but they are constantly changing. Genres blur, get mixed together, the time/era for those stories has been across the span of known history, so it’s always been an adventure in one way or another.

I suppose everyone writes for different reasons, just as readers read for different reasons. So, what pushes you to write? And readers, what lures you back to certain authors over and over?

I have a great gift pack for one lucky winner - a five book eBundle of Western themed romances, mostly historical. So, if you'd like to sample some of my best writing, enter away - 4 of 5 of these books are best-sellers on Amazon and ARe Romance eBooks.

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