Friday, September 11, 2015

11th Day 9th Month - 14 years Later... #RB4U #MFRWauthor

Fourteen years ago today, this world froze for moments forever suspended in time. For some there was triumph, perhaps even satisfaction. For most, there was horror of a magnitude seldom seen or felt. Thousands of lives were lost in heartbeats of time while the world watched, helpless and struggling to cope with what they were witnessing. I remember watching, with millions of others, as the towers fell... the sound of the CNN crew's voices as they reported the unimaginable horror they were witnessing... all of it... surreal at the time, it is indelibly printed on our minds in those seconds.

As with all tragic and life-altering experiences, the imprint of those hours is branded on the hearts of all who were touched by what happened on September 11th, 2001. From all over this vast planet came prayers for the fallen, their loved ones, and those whose courage defines what is best in the human race. We honour those who fought to save lives, for those who sacrificed and paid the highest price of all to fight for peace in the years that have followed.

Each person will carry their own scars, be stained by grief, and uplifted by restored hope–all emotional realities forged in the pain of those first hours after the twin towers overlooking New York City fell in flames. While we grieve for the lost, pray for those who remain, and seek understanding, never lose sight of hope. In the darkest recesses of the human soul, hope must exist and breathe, or we have all lived, and died, for nothing–and that would dishonour every life that was taken too soon, or given to defend what is good in this world of ours.

May God’s blessings touch the hearts of all who walk in faith, in hope, and seek the light of understanding. May His Grace be such that we can one day breathe free again, without fear. Remember those who fell, and those who remain, always.

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