Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First Glance

I remember the first time I saw him, the effect of his presence, the striking beauty of his being. In my mind, I can catalogue the details, though I wasn’t aware at the time of how intimate my gaze must have been to him.

He stood apart from me, six feet in height, the heeled boots made him appear taller. He wore jeans, soft, worn, faded denim that fit like a comfortable glove, smoothing over lean, muscled thighs like a lover’s exploring caress. A dark leather jacket stretched across broad shoulders, collar raised against the chill breeze, a hint of black cashmere at the slightly open front of the coat.

I don’t know what sort of squeak I must have made, but he turned and looked at me, and my knees shook just a little. Everything hit my senses at once, the incredible impact of eyes so green they’re the finest jade; thick, well styled black hair, not quite perfect; and the slow upward curve of full, sensually sculpted lips. He took my breath away, or maybe I just stopped breathing?

To my absolute terror and delight, he turned and walked toward me, casual, graceful strides that telegraphed confidence, ease with himself, and the kind of power that is born in self-awareness. I looked up, memorized the planes of his face, the feathery tracings of lines that fanned from the corners of his beguiling eyes, the silken texture of his stubbled jaw. My fingers longed to reach up, to touch him.

When he took my hand and lifted it to drop a whispering kiss on the backs of my knuckles, I knew the tremor of response that rocketed through me was visible to him. When he spoke, voice accented, tone roughened with just the right amount of gravel, yet honeyed with seductive knowledge, he took possession of my soul and would own it forever…

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© 19th May, 2013

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