Sunday, June 12, 2011

FUN STUFF to celebrate new Best-sellers!

It's been a wild week, and I thought we'd have a bit of fun, so a contest, some questions for everyone, and we're in business!

First off, as many of you already know, NEW DAWNING INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR has its Grand Opening this past week – and there's a lot of cool stuff going on, so check out the site and join the growing list of Book Fair Buddies HERE

To celebrate the Grand Opening, and the fact that my two books with them have been in the Top Ten Best-sellers, I thought we'd do a fun thing and have a BOGO sale! It's simple. If you buy either of these titles: Glass Slippers and Jeweled Masques or Retribution: Silent Death from Noble Romance Publishing - between now and midnight Tuesday – US Eastern Time – and send me the receipt, you can select a second eBook of your choice from my catalogue – absolutely FREE.

So for the next 2.5 or so days – the offer is valid!

You can purchase the books here:

Glass Slippers and Jeweled Masques


The second part of our crazy day is this. I've chosen to write a story based on this image.

I'm thinking a sexy genie tale – so I'm asking you for thoughts for a title – and if yours is the one I use, then the book will be dedicated to you, and you'll get it free from me the day it's released later this year. So, let's here those suggestions, and have fun!


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