Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Contest continues....

Harlie Reader was the winner of Day ONE - and a copy of HIDE AND SECRET has been sent. So, let's have a look at release number two!

A collection of epic adventure and paranormal short stories
Publisher/BUY: XoXo Publishing

A series of stories in various fantasy genres. There are vampires, sorcerers, and those touched by time and destinies they cannot escape... Venture beyond the gateways, and discover what magic awaits...


Star of Rhulenia
: A young Prince is entrusted with the quest to find the magical star that will say his world from being encased in the Ice Flow that threatens everything on their planet.

Transition – Darkhold One: Sorcery and betrayals lead to a curse that will resound through ages, and change history.

A Deadly Mentor: Historical Victorian London is the setting for this vampire tale in which a trio of the undead, companions for centuries, encounter an innocent who becomes the trusting student of the deadliest of their company. When he imagines she has betrayed him, the mentor chooses a new lesson to teach.

The Future Is Yesterday: When the Gateways of time are breached, a warrior is sent to close them, and destroy the woman who has threatened everything. The answer, centuries old, arrives from the future as the cycle of time corrects itself in an unexpected way.

The Hunter Trilogy: Lethal, malevolent, and hungry - the Hunter finds prey with each new host...

A Flash Of Blue: Two rival princes are imprisoned by a sorceress, if they expect to survive old rivalries must be left behind, and trust re-forged between the once friends.

Embraced: A single man stands in defiance of a prophecy, and as his courage fades, a visitor arrives seeking truth and understanding... as he speaks, a new age begins.

Darkhold – Part Two: All but forgotten, the ancient gods are called upon millennia after the witch T'lyn has been imprisoned in the Grey-Borders - only one remains behind to honour the promise to protect, and she has made mistakes before....

Night-Song: An introduction to the world of Destino, and the upcoming fantasy novel "An Alteration in Destiny" - a small village in the Sicily protected for centuries by a Roman Goddess - meet the Guardians, a breed of gargoyles who have been abandoned by the gods, but not the people of Destino.

Inshallah: A dessert, a curse, and a warrior driven by madness to seek the evil that beckons to him... and ultimately waits to destroy him.

Love & War: Ares is the god of War, but not all view him with hatred. In the purest hearts, love can grow for anyone...

Darkest Angel, Fairest Knight: Historical vampire vignette.... a nobleman's daughter catches the eye of a young vampire knight, and becomes his obsession.

Escape Beyond the Gateways and enter a world where nothing is what it seems.....


So, to win this book, just drop by my website and tell me the name of two other non-erotic titles on my catalogue, and you're in!! If you email the receipt of a book of mine that you've bought, I'll include an advance copy of my upcoming release, too! Winner will be announced tomorrow evening, and Day Three will be announced!


  1. Non-erotic books include two Christmas Anthologies and Dark Dream.

  2. Bella Signorina and As Fate Decrees - both of which are OUTSTANDING reads!!!

    LJ x

    [a bit of grovelling never hurt anyone ;-)]


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