Saturday, September 25, 2010


Book 2: The Four Brothers Clan
By CJ Elliott
ISBN: 978-1-60088-586-0
Price: $3.99
Available from Cobblestone Press

I’ve waited anxiously for the release of CJ Elliott’s latest tale of the exciting and mysterious des Quatre-Frères brothers. THROWN TO THE WOLVES was very much worth the wait. What began in Hour of the Wolf has grown with this latest installment, details are richer, the story more complex. Yet the hints that there is much more to come are well in place. So much so that you might not want this book to end, even while you can’t stop turning the pages – yeah, eBook or not, I do print them out!

Book Two belongs to Sébastien des Quatre- Frères , and in this story we see more details about the rift that exists between the Alpha of the pack, and the brother who was groomed for a destiny he then lost to his younger sibling. Resentments and old jealousies come to the surface when Sébastien’s love is taken from his side, and tradition is challenged by the proud and passionate brothers.

We learn more about the strengths of the brothers, and are also given glimpses of their weaknesses. The Alpha fears the very thing his younger sibling controls, another of these strong men suffers night terrors (which could be a problem if you’re a wolf-shifter in charge of your own territory). Amid the search for Sébastien’s beautiful mate, wounds are opened, and others healed. The threat will unite the des Quatre-Frères brothers, even as it brings the past back in unhappy ways. Destinies may yet reorder traditions that have held for thousands of years.

Book Two contains all the elements of a perfect paranormal romance, it is rich in passion, sexy love scenes, a dangerous threat to what means most to Sébastien, and the shadow of something very dark and inherently deadly. Already I am anxiously awaiting the next story in the set, and as with book one, I am enchanted with the world CJ Elliott creates with such rich imagination. This is an author who will deliver on all fronts if you are a lover of werewolves/shifters/paranormal tales. Attention to detail and intensely real and strong characters, this is one of the best series’ I’ve encountered in many years.

Available from Cobblestone Press, LLC – you really should check out The Clan of the Four Brothers! Another winner for CJ Elliott!!

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  1. Thanks so much for the beautiful review, Denyse! *Sniffle* you've made my day :) HUGS!

  2. Aw, Cindy.... you know how much I love your books, and this series is so wonderful!! I hope it sells and sells for you...

    Love and HUGE hugs to you, my sweet friend.


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