Thursday, September 30, 2010

Brigit Aine and "Red" return....

Welcome back the lovely Brigit Aine, who's début novella has just been re-released to commemorate the release of new books set in the world of Torrent. So, drop by Decadent Publishing, grab your copy, and see where it all began... More titles are scheduled to be released very soon! Now, over to Brigit...

Sometimes life takes startling turns. When “Red’s Wolf” was first published (as my first book) I was in awe and amazement that anyone would want to read something from my head. That publishing company went under and I got Red back…by then however I had written Book 2, “Cassie’s Awakening”. I thought I may as well try again…so off “Cassie’s Awakening” went to Eternal Press. It has done phenomenal over there…again I am surprised…I love all my characters, but never did I imagine that others would as well.

Book 3 was a niggling idea… “Kraig’s Kat” and it is due to be released with Decadent next month…again I am in shock. I truly hope I never get over the shock of having a book accepted somewhere. What fun it is every time a publisher says yes… I mean these are the thoughts in my head…I always thought I was just crazy.

When Decadent Publishing took Book 3, I offered for them to read Book 1 so that they were aware of the background. The e-mail I got back asked if we could clean it up, give it a new title and re-print. I cried. I’m not embarrassed to say that. I think the first book is always special and they wanted mine.

This is an updated version of the one that was printed earlier. It has more detail, has been edited within an inch of its life, and I am proud to say that “Red’s Return” is worth every tear both happy and frustrated that has been shed.

Please enjoy!

Brigit Aine

Red's Return Book One of Torrent's Talents is out today with Decadent Publishing for 2.99



  1. Thank you so very much my darling D for allowing me to be here today...release day.

    The kind words mean a great deal.

  2. Hey B!!!

    Fabulous :) I am so excited for you!

    Congratulations, and many, many sales,



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