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Things sensual and romantic….

Things sensual and romantic…

We all define these two terms in ways as diverse and unique as our personalities. For me, one place embodies all of the elements I think of as traditionally romantic: Italy… Sensuality… Food… Romance – if you think about it, they’re all the same in many respects, aren’t they? Each resonates within us on some level…. They appear to go together. And, in truth, I suppose they do. You seldom have one without the other close to the heart. But, what is sensual, and what isn’t? That depends on where you are in this world and what you’re doing.

So, I thought maybe we’d chat about what people term “sensual foods” and see where that takes us! Hey, we all eat, don’t we? So, is it the food that is the magic, or is it the company we share while we go through this necessary to life exercise every day? Repeatedly. It’s as essential to life as the air we breathe.

A lot of foods are labelled as being “aphrodisiac” in nature. How can foods be “love potions” some people wonder? And why do they have such potent response in some, while others feel nothing when these exotic delights are consumed? Perhaps it’s the company and the psychological excitement that might make them wildly exciting for some and totally empty of reaction in others?

In countries like Italy, food is not just something to be eaten so we can get on with life. It’s an art, a social occasion, and an experience to be shared. It’s a well-accepted fact that the people of this amazing country have a zest for life that many of us envy, and their passion for “la dolce vita” is something we can probably all learn from. But, food and festival in Italy is a way of life – if you have any doubts, just look around and see the number of feast and festival days in any year!

We associate this country, in fact all things Italian, with romance. So much of the attitude is sensual and passionate, and very romantic. An entire culture that is built on the foundation that life is to be embraced and enjoyed, that romance and love are the most important things in the world, and the richness of life is to be shared by all. I don’t know about you, but I find that very sexy, very compelling, and very, very alluring…

If your dinner is one on one, chances are it’s a special occasion. Do you actually notice what you eat, or are you feeding off the company you’re in, and sawdust would taste good at that moment? Is it the music, always beautiful and classically romantic, is it the gorgeous countryside, or is it really the food that makes the whole thing such a sensory delight?

And why is this “passion” so different for all of us? It’s not hard to see where my heart lies in all this, but what do YOU find sensual in the foods you eat the dreams you keep close to your heart? I’d love to know!! I write in more genres than I can count, and my books reflect eclectic tastes in all things, so if you’re interested in finding out more, please drop by my website and check out some titles….

My current release is about an Italian man, someone very special to me. He, too, is the essence of romance – at least to me. If you’re curious, here’s a peek:

Publisher: Moongypsy Press
Genre: Erotic romance
View the Trailer:
Cover Art: Dawné Dominique

Blurb: What begins as a game between two people from opposite sides of the world quickly becomes an intense and all-consuming need to discover if the passion inspired by words can fuel a fire that will span an ocean and ignite a love unlike anything either of them have experienced before.... Discover what happens when the Game of Seduction is taken to the final play - and two lovers unite on New Year's Eve for the first time....

Read an excerpt:

It all began as a conversation, with a man on another continent…

Any man who can seduce a woman’s mind owns her body long before he ever possesses it….

It was a simple enough concept, but is so alien to so many.

He taught me that, in the space of a few hours…. From a man half a world away I learned more about myself in one night than I had from anyone I had ever been with. And I want more. I want to know how far hunger and need can be stretched before possession is all that matters, and surrender is all that remains to me.

He created a game that he says never ends… a bit like life and the learning we do each day. Truth is the name of this game, but it’s more accurately called Seduction. When one party wins, both claim the prize. Under his shrewd eyes, my truths have never looked so bare, and so small they make me crawl inside myself. He doesn’t intend to let me hide behind my walls, though. I wonder if I should be afraid, or entranced? Both, perhaps.

The first question: “what do you like in a man?”

How do I respond to that? I’m looking at what I like in a man, and I choke on the awareness of it… So, I struggle and reply with sublime idiocy that I don’t know the answer. To my great amazement, he doesn’t end the game, but does point out that stupidity doesn’t appear to be a problem, so why am I giving him stupid answers. At this time, any other man would be staring at a blank screen, but not this one, his honesty is enchanting.

What do I like in a man? What do I notice first? They seem like easy questions, I’ve answered them before – but they’re not usually being asked by the physical embodiment of the honest reply. I notice his eyes, and his smile, and his shoulders, and most of all, I notice his presence and the way he carries himself. The strength of his personality and his confidence. This should have been an easy thing to say – it wasn’t.

I felt like I was a love-struck sixteen year old in the throes of her first infatuation. I’d known him about an hour at that point… Can you understand how overwhelmed I was, how ridiculous I felt? He makes me blush like a school-girl, and that hasn’t happened in a very long time.

(So begins a dance as old as time.... and a new kind of love story has begun.... journey with me to the end, and let us see if it will be the stuff of dreams after all....)

Blessings to all!
Viva la dolce vita!!

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