Tuesday, August 03, 2010

GUEST: Jackie M. Smith

Today my guest is XoXo Publishing Best-selling author Jackie M. Smith! I think you'll enjoy getting to know Jackie, and hearing about this special novel. Welcome Jackie, and thank you for dropping by today.

A Soldier’s Vow
XOXO Publishing, June 2010

What inspired A Soldier's vow?

I can’t remember what inspired me to write this story. It must have been after watching a WWI documentary. I wondered why not have a woman take pictures of the front. Although in my story, the heroine doesn't go near the battlefield, I wanted her to experience the horrors and the courage of the war.

What does this book mean to you personally?

This book has a Canadian flavor. It means so much for me to recognize our Canadian heroes of the First World War who we have forgotten a bit over the years.

What is your favorite genre to read? What about that genre attracts you to it?

My favorite genre to read is historical romance. Its like going back with a time-machine. I like discovering interesting facts about different time periods like how they dressed, what they ate, how to acted.

Do you have a favorite book of all time?

My favorite book of all time is Jewels by Danielle Steele. It was the first historical romance I read by her. I saw the movie first. After that I had to have the book. I love the way the author brings us into the characters' lives.

How do you become inspired to write?

Movies, documentaries and everyday life inspires me to write. I carry a notepad with me everywhere. Ideas come to me like scenes from a movie. Sometimes, just a word comes into mind like a flash. Then I write the idea down and develop.

What does your work space look like?

My workspace is pretty organized. I write shorthand so I always have a notebook and a pencil nearby. I don't have a big place so I write in my livingroom. The noise around me doesn't interfere with my concentration. Once I get writing, there's like a bubble surrounding me.

Tell us five random facts about you.

Well, first I love ice hockey. Second, I have a university bachelor's degree in Sociology. I have three younger sisters. I love the Indiana Jones movies. Finally, I'm from Acadian descent.

Are your books more sensual or erotic?

My books are more sensual. I would like to write an erotic story. But nothing hard core. I prefer writing sensual stories.

Where do you see yourself in five years (for your writing career?)

In five years, I hope to have written at least a dozen of books.

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  1. Nice interview! I love Ice Hockey too

  2. Hi, Jackie. You're answers on inspiration sound so similar. bet you have a notebook beside your bed too.

  3. Larion

    If I had a nightable I would have a notebook beside my bed. Hmmm I think I should get a table(smiles)

    Thanks so much for your comment. I really appreciate it.


  4. Hi Jackie,
    Congratulations! Great interview.


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