Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A look at the research....

Most of the people who read my blogs and interviews have some background on my latest paperback release, SHADES OF DEATH. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, and maybe those who do know it, I thought I'd tell you a little bit about the research that went into this book that I’m sharing with you today. The novel is called Shades of Death, and it’s a very different kind of vampire story than the traditional vampire romance.

When I began this book a few years back, I discovered that there are a wealth of fascinating vampire legends from all over the world. Every culture has a legend, and each legend empowers the vampire creature with different attributes and abilities. I’ve used those types and unique qualities to create both a mystery and a deadly killer who is attempting to evolve into an entirely new species of vampire. There are a lot of elements to this book that are outside the norm, and when I had two best-selling vampire authors tell me I should publish because it was an approach they had never encountered before, I thought it was worth finishing.

In the elements of this book you will also meet two special groups of people, at the Raven’s Eyre you will meet the people who comprise The Institute of Paranormal Investigation and Research. Run by a brilliant scientific investigator who is also psychic, the Institute is part of a worldwide network of professionals who study all realms of the paranormal and the beings who inhabit the shadows. Tied to them is a second group called S.I.G.H.T. – which stands for Surgically Induced Genetically Heightened Telepathy. The purpose of SIGHT is to enhance and enable investigations at all levels, and the team of scientists who work at that project are near a breakthrough when their team leader is drawn into the mysterious killings in Vancouver, close to the Raven’s Eyre.

I’ve tied legends, murders, and a romantic subplot all together to create a story that I hope entertains but also gives you some new information about vampire species. There is the possibility of a sequel here, so there are no total finishes. I’d like to know what your thoughts are before I go back and consider a sequel seriously.

Anyway, that's a brief glimpse at what's it all about. For anyone who would like to read the first chapter of this novel in its entirety, you can do that here on my website:

If you’d like to buy it, in print, eBook, Kindle edition, (or review it), here’s that information:

Genre: Horror/vampires/ thriller/ romance
Page Count: 305 (short novel)
Publisher: Solstice Publishing
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BLURB: Deep within the ageless Carpathian Mountains , an ancient evil wakes. Imprisoned many centuries ago, the creature has waited, patiently, for the one destined to grant her freedom.

Arienne Lereaux has studied the preternatural menace called "vampyre" for most of her life. She is an expert in the field. Loosely affiliated with a secretive organization called The Institute of Paranormal Research and Investigation, she turns to them when she unearths what may be the first representation of the vampyre ever to exist.

The enigmatic and attractive Head of the Institute, Adam Raven, has spent a lifetime tracking the clues left by his mother's disappearance in the mountains of Romania nearly twenty years past. When Arienne arrives at the secluded island headquarters of the Institute, he wonders if she holds the key to finding his lost mother. But before too many days pass, the city of Vancouver is rocked by a series of grisly murders. As it races to find the culprit, the Institute faces an evil unlike any it has encountered before...

In the middle of their hunt, another branch of their network is making a scientific breakthrough in genetically heightened telepathy. The team responsible may soon hold a weapon that will have world powers at their door—until their lead scientist vanishes after leaving Toronto to consult Raven and his people. Ancient myth is suddenly not myth, and evil may take many guises before the Institute can restore the delicate balance that was destroyed the night Arienne stumbled into a remote castle in the mountains half a world away...

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  1. great story D plenty of hardwork on reasearch will definitely appreciate it even more !!


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