Thursday, March 11, 2010

GUEST: Leonard Rosmarin

Getting Enough, by author Leonard Rosmarin, reveals a scandalous portrayal of a beautiful seductive Jewish Diva named Vera Rose, whose life is at a tipping point and ready to implode.

The story delves into the disheartened life of a woman trapped between a mid-life crisis and the affliction of an unfulfilling sexless marriage. Vera is compelled to escape her repressive existence after an explosive argument with her husband, Sidney. She reflects on her life and decides to unleash her true self, taking her niece’s husband, Boris, as her lover. As relationships begin to crumble around her, Vera is surprisingly struck by the realization that she has unfairly misjudged Sidney – in truth he is the despicable wretch and sexual failure she loves to hate. Together, they unexpectedly manage to work out a loving reconciliation making Getting Enough an irresistible read that leaves a melodramatic impression.


Leonard Rosmarin was a university professor for over forty years. He published nine books on various aspects of French literature, presented hundreds of papers at learned conferences and has written many articles. The French Government has also decorated him twice for exceptional service in the cause of French letters. He feels as though he’s been writing all his life and writes fiction to see more clearly into himself and the human condition.

The inspiration for this book comes from his fascination with the extended Jewish family he grew up in. Even though Leonard is currently retired, he has recently published two scholarly works and has translated one of the finest plays to come out of France in the past 50 years.

Leonard was an expert on the Advice.LoveDetour website and wrote The Ice Queen episodes for the site. He's a self-confessed opera addict and has written a book about the relationship between literature and opera titled When Literature Becomes Opera.

Leonard was featured in a video by Ontario, Canada's Mississauga News. Watch the video by clicking HERE. He pays tribute to his wife of 44 years, Beatrice, who has kept him on an even keel. He and his family lived in St. Catharines, Ontario for over forty years and presently reside in Mississauga, Ontario.

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