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Please welcome my special guest to start the week, the very talented and wonderful Nicole Morgan!

Isabelle first fell in love with Sean when she was fifteen years old. Six years her senior he only saw her as a gawky teenager. Years later, at eighteen years old Isabelle decides to act on her feelings. Panicking from his attraction towards her, Sean pushes her away refusing to give into his desire.

Over a year passes and Isabelle has tried to move on. She has found the perfect boyfriend. Justin is patient, kind and a complete gentleman. Sean’s feelings for her haven’t died though and he is tired of sitting idly by while she is with another man. Driven by desire and love he does everything within his power to get her back.

Justin, the once perfect boyfriend begins to fall apart at the idea of losing Isabelle. In a moment of rage and desperation he does something horrific, effectively changing their future forever.

Will Sean’s love be enough to get them through the pain? Or will Isabelle walk away from Sean forever? And does love truly know no boundaries?

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What is Love Knows No Boundaries all about?

Love Knows No Boundaries is a story about a love that forms between two people who meet when their widowed parents marry. Sean is older than Isabelle and tries to step into the shoes of her big brother. He does so rather successfully until she is older and begins to pursue him. Relentless in her pursuit he finally gives into her advances and into his own desires as well. After a night of passion Sean is overwhelmed with guilt over what he believes is taking advantage of the young and sweet Izzy. While she is an adult he can’t get past their age difference and his role as step brother. He pushes her away and into the arms of another man. A year passes and Sean is tired of his guilt and missing the only woman he’s ever loved. He goes after Izzy and vows to get her back. The other man in her life, Justin, is not ready to let her go though. Taking matters in his own hands, Justin commits an act that he is sure will bind Isabelle to him forever.

In this story, two questions remain throughout. Will Isabelle and Sean overcome their obstacles and find a way to be together? And will the acts of one man effectively ruin any chance they have at happiness?

That sounds like you've created a wonderful love story. How did you come up with the idea?

You know I’ve been asked this question before and I wish I had an answer. Sometimes I sit down to write a story with just the opening chapter in mind and wait for the story to tell itself. I wish I had a method to my madness that I could share with the readers, but unfortunately even I don’t know which way a story is going to go when I start it. I’m often just as surprised as the reader.

CONTEST thru September 9, 2009

Nicole Morgan has whipped up a special contest. From now until September 9, 2009 if you purchase a copy of Love Knows No Boundaries from any of the three sites listed below and email your receipt to you will be entered to win one of two prizes.

GRAND PRIZE: Both of Nicole’s books from her Sweet Series: Sweet Redemption and its sequel Sweet Salvation

1st PRIZE: Your choice of either Sweet Redemption or Sweet Salvation


* All prizes will be awarded in eBook format.
Prizes will be drawn on September 10th. *


  1. Hey there Nicole. Sounds like a great book... and like you enjoyed writing it. Hope it does well for you.

  2. Really nice write up ladies. I always enjoy reading about Nicole's books. She is such a HOT author! If any of you have not read one of her books you are missing out on some delicious fun!
    Kelly Abell - author

  3. Good morning, ladies. Congratulations on your new book, Nicole. It will be a huge hit!

    Love and hugs,

  4. Thanks guys! I'm just popping in to say hi. I should be working, but as an erotic author I find it best to not follow the rules. LOL.

    I'll check back later. (winks)

  5. Sounds like an awesome book, Nicole! Great blog.


  6. Sounds like an edge-of-your-seat kind of book!
    Awesome, Nicole! :)


  7. Hi Nicole, I like to hear how other writers go through the writing process. Thanks for sharing. I like the confict you have put on your characters in this book.

  8. Hi Nicole,
    just stopping by to say hi.


  9. The book sounds great, and I know exactly what you mean about the storyline forming as you go. I have to have a feel for the characters, too. I mean, really, it's their story!
    I can't wait to read this one. I LOVE books with teen backstories. Such potential for unrequited love and drama!

  10. Aww, you guys are so sweet. Thanks for all the kind words. And yes Heather I see you. (winks)

  11. Great blurb and interview, Denyse and Nicole! This sounds great and is going on my list to buy!

  12. Hi Nicole, nice blog! I will be getting this book. I have to help the trouble maker

    Seen any hot guys lately?


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