Tuesday, August 04, 2009


The new novel by Douglas Carlton Abrams, EYE OF THE WHALE, is officially released today. For those of you who are familiar with me and my blog, you’re well acquainted with this man’s name. I’m a fan of his, big-time. God has also Blessed me with the privilege of calling Doug my friend, as well. He is a rare and special person, one of those people I admire as an artist, but more importantly as a human being of exceptional talent and integrity.

EYE OF THE WHALE challenges us to reach inside ourselves and see our planet in a way most of us don’t consider. We are, as a whole, one being, one people – and this world is our home. The actions of each individual impact the whole, because all it takes is an impact to the planet, and every living being on it, feels in some small way, the ripples of those actions. Doug’s book makes us think on a global scale, as well as a personal one. The ecological balance of our existence is tied to the earth we walk on. Yet how often do any of us think about the questions and their implications when disasters strike, or greed dominates decisions that should be based on wisdom and foresight? An awareness that there is more at stake than JUST today, and all of today’s choices will foreshadow tomorrow’s realities.

This book makes you think; about many things. The passion in Doug’s voice as he speaks to us about our planet resonates with his personal passion to leave behind a legacy that shows us love and positive hope. He reminds us that every small action we take to make our world a better place for those that come after us is important. We can make a difference, however small, and all the small steps become great strides in time, don’t they?

EYE OF THE WHALE is a work of fiction based strongly on factual science. Like Doug’s first book, The Lost Diary of Don Juan, it is written in lyrical, poetic style that draws the reader into his vision. The style flows, and the words become embedded in your heart, as they are meant to. This book, is designed to make you think, and it does, with great success. The key to it, is to not forget. Remember what you are being taught by this beautiful story, and let it stay in your awareness and give you hope. Ultimately, this is a story of positive impact and importance. It reminds us that even in the darkness there is a light, and hope coupled with love, can give us the courage to accept the challenges and turn them into good things.

Like Don Juan, EYE OF THE WHALE is about love – love of our world, and all the creatures that inhabit it. There is wisdom and vision in these words, as well as a passion for life. I think you’ll discover as you read that this is a book you experience as well as read, and isn’t that just the best kind of novel there is?

I’ll be doing a full review in a week or so, once I’ve finished my copy. I do HIGHLY recommend that you visit Doug’s website, take in all of the vast information and beauty that went into this special book. It’s all there, and so much more with it. Buy the book, and share its message!



  1. I LOVED Don Juan; I bet this is at least as good!
    It sounds a really interesting book, and one I will certainly be checking out!!

    Thanks for sharing another showstopper!!

    LJ xx

  2. In light of the troubling changes going on in our world, and the ignorant actions of people (commercial whaling in the name of science), maybe these works of fiction will make people stop and think about what they are doing to our poor little planet. I pray for that every day.

    Sounds like a wonderful book! Wishing it all the success in the world. :)


  3. Denyse, Lisa, and Colleen, I'm so grateful to you all for you wonderful and kind words. This book did come from my deepest love, and it is a joy to share it with you. Please do let me know what you think once you've read it.

  4. Congratulations on the new release! If it's only half as good as Don Juan, it will be great!

    Kudos to you for reminding us how very precious our surroundings are.


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