Sunday, July 12, 2009

What the Romance Novel Industry has been waiting for...

In the works since April 2008, it's finally here! No more seeing the same novel cover images over and over again from stock image websites! No more surfing through pages and pages of images just to find skinny boys or lifestyle poses! No need to search for models, photographers, schedule photo shoots and wait months for your images!

FINALLY... Download images instantly, choose from hundreds of images, various genres, and be the only one with that image! A stock image website specifically made for romance novel covers...

I do photo shoots regularly to post on, so new images will be uploaded frequently. Over my 11 years of modeling, and being involved in the romance novel industry for the past 7 years, I've shot with 50 Photographers, 75 female models, for 105 portfolio and stock shoots... that's a lot of romance novel images ;) Since the fall of last year I've been setting up and shooting specifically for and still have hundreds more to upload.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Cover Model Jimmy Thomas (, Personal Trainer, Self Defense and Kickboxing Instructor, Sci-fi action-thriller screenplay writer, Architectural Designer, Humanitarian, and Entrepreneur.

Feel free to send any suggestions, comments or image style requests, to the contact link at the bottom of the home page, as this site is made for all of you publishing companies, art directors, authors, agents, graphic and website designers, and fans/readers.

Please feel free to spread the word on any and all online forums, blogs, twitters, Facebook, MySpace, etc., and if you'd like to swap links, please send either your website's banner or link with a title description for your link and I'll add it to my links page on

And don't forget to stop in Barnes and Noble to pick up the novels of my latest covers, on shelves as of July 1st:

Jimmy Thomas


  1. Hi Jimmy,

    It's your friend LaVerne Thompson from myspace, just stopping by to say hi and tell you what a fantastic idea this is. Denyse and I met because we share one of the same covers, exactly. But it worked for us, we became friends over it. LOL

    But I do love the idea of creating covers with you. I've already told ya I'm gonna abuse ya. I'm already signed up. LOL


  2. Hi LaVerne :)

    Thanks, lets make those covers happen then :)

    Jimmy Thomas


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