Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Special Bond...

© Vincenzo Chiofalo

A Special Bond

You are the shadow waiting on the edge of my awareness. A sweet angel who watches, part of me always, like the air that I breathe.

We share a special bond, you and I, one that is stronger than any friendship or simple love. We are tied together by the past and the promise of tomorrow, and though we are not together, we are never really apart.

To the heart that loves like this, a week can be an eternity and a lifetime will never be long enough… Those who love from their souls understand this in a way others can never see, but it is an eternal truth. A bond that can never be broken.

© 2008 Denysé Bridger


  1. As always, simply beautiful, Denyse!

  2. Hello Denyse,

    This sounds like a very "Mysterious Love Awaiting" for the two of you. And like the saying goes "Absence makes the heart goes fonder".
    This is so true in what you just wrote in your blog. Happy meeting between the two of you will soon happen I just know it.

    Your friend always,

  3. Achingly beautiful, Denyse.
    It triggers a story idea even.:)

  4. Heart touching! Thanks for sharing, Denyse!

  5. This is gorgeous - the photo and the prose!

    Magic from the soul....

    Lisa xx

  6. That was so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Absolutely beautiful Denyse ! and very very true :)



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